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Typhoon Stainles Steel Oil Mist Sprayer

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Brand: Typhoon

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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2011 18:13



      Another fantastic kitchen gadget

      We have had our Typhoon Oil Mist Sprayer now for about eighteen months and we think it looks really stylish and professional as it sits on our workbench. It is made from glass and stainless steel and it looks really fabulous as we have placed some herbs in ours to add flavour to our oil. You can add whichever herbs you like.

      It stands about fifteen centimeters overall and someone who came to our house asked us if it was another air freshener - and we had to laugh! We paid about ten pounds for this direct from Typhoon online and we also paid about four pounds delivery. It arrived very promptly and we were impressed by the great packaging and little instruction leaflet that came with it.

      It is not only good for aesthetic reaons, it also is a healthy way to use oil and as were are trying to be more health conscious in our house lately, it means that we can be more economical with the oil when we are cooking, without compromising on the flavour of the cooked food.

      You just spray your oil over your pan or the food you are cooking once it is in your pan. About two sprays usually is enough for us. The pump is easy to use and the oil is delivered in a fine mist which comes out with ease.

      Great product, very stylish and healthy at the same time and really recommended by us.

      This review is also published on Ciao under name of sorehead.


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      27.02.2008 10:20
      Very helpful



      Fab little gadget for your kitchen

      Since I have been trying to eat more healthily to help my partner and I lose weight, I have been using a spray substitute oil thing, but I have found that I miss the taste that a little olive oil adds to your meals. So when my mum mentioned that she had an oil sprayer which lets you use olive oil but in small, healthy quantities, I was quite interested. And bless her, she bought me one as a pressie!

      This oil sprayer is made by the company "Typhoon" who produce many different kitchen gadgets, accessories and cookware. I hadn't actually heard of Typhoon before I received this product, but after having a look on their website, I can see that they obviously have experience in the kitchen accessories area, and therefore I was quite hopeful about this product being quite a good one to use, and have in my kitchen.

      The Oil Sprayer itself actually looks pretty good and looks good sitting on your worktop next to you hob or over for easy use. It is a glass bottle, about 10cm tall, with a stainless steel cap which measured about 5cm, so overall, the sprayer stands at about 15cm tall. I think that the stainless steel makes it looks quite good and professional, and the glass also adds to its great appearance, I am happy to have it on display in my kitchen.

      Okay, now to using it. What I like about this is the pump action of the thing. Basically to pour oil into the bottle, you take off the lid and unscrew the next part (the part with the sprayer) and then just pour the oil into it. You can also add herbs into it, like in the picture above to flavour your oil, as the opening is wide enough to let a herb sprig into it. Apparently there is also a filter within the sprayer to stop it getting clogged up with any bits of herbs or anything, so need to worry if you choose to put herbs in there. There is a line just ove halfway up the bottle which you aren't supposed to fill with oil above, because of the pressure, so keep an eye on it when pouring in the oil.

      Using the sprayer is really easy. The lid actually doubles up as the pump, so no fiddly gadgets here to add on. Simply pull the lid up and down a few times, until you can feel the pressure i.e. it becomes quite difficult to push the lid down any further. This indicates that the pressure is at its optimum, so you mustn't over-pump it. When thats done, just push gently on the sprayer and the oil will spray out gently. If used continuously from one pump, it will spray for about 20 seconds, firstly with a strong spray and then getting more gentle as the pressure decreases. When it stops, just pump it again for a few seconds, and spray once more.

      I thought, to be honest, that the constant pumping would be a pain, but I find one spray is enough for most things I cook. It easily coats 1 chopped onion if I am frying that for Pasta, although when I am cooking chicken wings for my curry, I find I need a couple of go's to coat the chicken enough. But as you can see, its easy to do, its mess-free as you don't have to oil bottles everywhere and dribbling on your work surface so its fantastic.

      My mum purchased my oil sprayer from a Kitchen Cookwares site, www.decuisine.co.uk for £9.99 plus a delivery charge of £3.95. I think she ordered it on a Thursday afternoon and it was with me on Saturday morning, so I think that is pretty good service! You can also buy it on the Typhoon website, www.typhooneurope.com, where you can purchase it for £10 but the delivery charge is higher at £5.95.

      I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does a lot of cooking and who want to prepare slightly healthier meals, and still be able to use a bit of olive oil in their cooking! I am so pleased with mine, I can't recommend it highly enough, and am so chuffed with it. You don't have to hide it away in the cupboard as it is a good looking gadget as well, even better! It is a good price, and I have a feeling it is going to last me for a long time!

      Thank you for reading!


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    • Product Details

      A non aerosol pump creates a fine oil spray useful on your pans and great for spraying dressings.