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Vapourlites Soft Feel VL3 Tobacco Disposable

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Brand: Vapourlites / Type: Electronic Cigarette

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    2 Reviews
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      04.06.2013 19:29
      Very helpful





      I decided on packing in smoking even though I knew it would be hard for me, with the stresses of work and the home life, but I had to do something. It was costing me money each week that could have been spent on other things; also as everyone knows it is not good for your health and makes you stink, not attractive. I have tried the patches and gum in the past and I didn't like using either of them, the patches hurt and made my skin sore and irritated, and the gum was just nasty, after hearing a lot about these e-cigs from people at work, and them telling me they work, I decided to give them a try.


      The look and feel of the e-cig is no different than the real cigarette apart from the end is blue when taking a puff. It is very smooth to touch with the yellow/orange butt, and white body, and black end which lights up. The butt does unscrew when it becomes low, and can be changed, the white part of the cigarette will never be unusable, although it will lose power after a few uses, which is easy to sort out just plug it into a usb connector which normally comes with it, or you can buy one, and then plug the usb connector into your usb port, with the other end plugged in your cigarette.

      You will know when it is running low as you will have to suck harder to get anything out of it, once plugged into your usb, there is a small light on the top of the connecter this will help know when the cig is charged and ready to be used again, when red it needs charging, and when turned green it is ready to use.

      -WHAT DOES IT DO?-

      It helps with the process of stopping smoking, without the need to wear patches or gum, I think most people when packing up it's the activity of their fingers that haven't anything to do anything that makes them want one, with this you still will think your smoking as it is the same as the real thing and use it as the real thing, but it is much healthier and costs you less.

      The e-cig is a re-chargeable cigarette which gives you the nicotine and nothing else, which is all you need when packing up, as it is the nicotine your body craves. The nicotine is liquid form and sits in the butt of the e-cig, so every time you use it you will inhale the nicotine and blow out vapour and not smoke, which is even better as then you can smoke in the house, car and even work without people complaining or filling the lungs of the people around you with second hand smoke.


      Why not? There are many reasons why you should choose the e-cig, some of them I will have mentioned throughout the review already. You are not craving for a cigarette with using this; it still gives you the activity in your fingers so you're tricking your mind into still smoking. It still releases the nicotine, without other harmful chemicals that you would get when smoking, that makes you unhealthy and ill. There is no smoke. The cost for a pack of 20 cigarettes is around £7.40, I paid £8.99 for the e-cig with the usb connector and the butt, and for the refills I only paid £8 for 5, each butt of nicotine is equal to buying 50 cigarettes, so think about the cost.

      There are no sticky patches or chewing on nasty tasting gum. The e-cig lasts you longer than buying cigarettes, there are different flavours out there you can have the menthol, tobacco and also fruit ones, depending on your tastes.


      I have been using mine now nearly 3 weeks, and I have felt better in myself with using this not to say how much money I have saved in not buying the cigarettes. I don't smell, my mouth feels a lot cleaner, no yellow stains on my fingers and teeth, and I have more room in my bag. I knew this would work for me with the people at work telling me they had packed up, and they used to smoke more than me, so I knew I would be ok on this, and I am not disappointed.

      The only thing that I have a problem with is the fact when it is nearly empty the nicotine tastes very nasty in your mouth and can linger, but if you have the refills on hand then just change them. The e-cig is easy to use, and you know when to charge it up as there is nothing to inhale or can take a bigger suck, charging the e-cig does not take long, although I tend to use mine through the day and at night I put it on charge ready to use the following day.

      It is not heavy to hold but heavier than a cigarette, but that mostly down to the butt filled with the nicotine. Obviously you cannot hold this cig in your mouth like you can with a real cigarette as it would just fall out, because of the weight and the smooth feel to it. I would also like to mention that now I am using this I have still managed to cut down and most of the time I tend to forget about it, so hopefully won't be long before I have packed up for good.

      I would also like to point out that these are not just for people that want to pack up, anyone can use them whether they just want to be healthier when having a cig, the cost, cutting down, or the freedom of using it anywhere, there are many advantages to using this and I do recommend it. I am not sure if you would still get funny looks when using this is bars or restaurants with the e-cig looking like the real thing, but you can but try it, I think once people know what you're using and won't hurt anyone then they won't mind and wouldn't have an issue.


      I bought mine when I was shopping at my local The Range store, they was on the counter for £8.99 and in the pack contained the e-cig, 1 butt and the usb connecter, which I thought was a good deal. Although was a pain to find the refills for it, which I ended up getting off the vaporlites website at £8 for 5. Although you can buy the e-cig from most places on the internet not too sure about the shops but I would shop around for the best deals.


      I have to say I am proud of myself for not giving up in a so to speak sort of way, I know I haven't really giving up but I haven't bought no cigarettes for nearly 3 weeks so has worked a treat. There are a lot of benefits with using this and like I have mentioned don't think these are for people that are want to pack in smoking, as it isn't. These are very popular and I can see the cigarette industry going bust if these carry on selling. I can't fault this in anyway and would recommend to anyone to at least try it and see what they thought about it, if it wasn't for people at work then I am not sure I would have even tried it, but I am so glad I have, I have saved money, I feel better, cleaner and healthier, and I don't worry about smelling or harming people around me.


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        27.05.2013 18:12
        Very helpful



        A great introduction to e-cigarettes.

        I started smoking at 14 part time although I guess that I could say that I had my first "smoke" at 11, when I pinched one of my Dad's dog-ends off of the floor in our garage at home. Gross to think about now but I was curious. I had always loved the smell of my Father's Old Holborn tobacco and by the time I had a Saturday job at 13, cigarettes had become "cool" and interesting. Although I smoked very sporadically at 14, by 16 I was smoking regularly and had a habit. I smoked tailor made cigarettes and rollies when I was skint...

        Now I am nearly 44 and know that I do need to stop smoking at some point soon because I am so prone to chest infections every winter. The problem is that I love smoking and it has become a real stumbling block. I have managed to quit for short periods but have always ended back on the fags. I have tried the NHS clinics, the gum, the inhalators, the patches etc but have just found them to be ineffective. Maybe I am not "ready" to quit. I like the action of smoking as much as my body likes the nicotine hit. After food, with coffee, first thing in the morning- these smokes become ingrained in our routines and we then make associations.

        The whole e-cig debate interests me a lot. On the one hand you have the ability to quit regular smoking for vapourised nicotine, and on the other you have a fair amount of concern around the fact that there is no real proof of safety with these things. Having done too much reading and pontificating, I grabbed the one paltry e-cig in the online store to give it a go and see what all the fuss is about.


        The Vapourlite online store has all types of kits and refills available to suit most consumers. I ordered my disposable cig and it came to me just two days after I ordered it online for £6.99 (although it is currently on offer at £5.99 from their website). The disposable VL3 came in a little clear box with some instructions. There is none of the paraphernalia included in the e-cig kits such as USB chargers and refills because they are not needed. This is designed to be "smoked" and then thrown away. From afar you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a genuine cigarette, the company have made a big effort to make it look real.

        This is shaped and coloured like your normal shop bought tailor made fag, apart from the strange blue coloured end. It has convincing orange/brown tip paper and a few little logos on it in blue as a normal shop bought cig would have. This is great if you want to trick your brain into thinking that it is a "real one". However once you put this thing to your mouth it does take some getting used to.

        This disposable ciggy contains the equivalent of 50 regular cigarettes which is pretty impressive.


        Although it is "soft feel" and there is some give to it, it still feels initially like you are putting a breeze block in your mouth to smoke, especially if like me you are used to filtered roll ups. Folks who smoke tailor made cigarettes may find this less of an issue than I did. There is some give around the mouth end but it feels unyielding at first. The whole device is light and easy to use overall though, and worth persevering with.

        The Vapourlites Soft Feel VL3 has the nicotine fluid in the coloured filter tip part underneath which is a little heater which vapourises the nicotine. A lithium ion battery powers the cigarette but none of these parts are visible. There is a little LED light on the end of the cigarette which lights up with every "puff" to simulate smoking, except the blue is a bit silly...

        I found that this gave off a large amount of "smoke" vapour, which was very lifelike but smelled nothing like a normal cigarette would. The amount of "smoke" coming from my nostrils was initially alarming and made me feel like a slightly aged dragon. On the plus side you get none of the acrid stench of a tailor-made fag here, and unless you are using some of the flavours then I would not say there was much smell of anything at all. The light up end was a little over the top and gave off far more glow than you would normally get with a cigarette but this is a small quibble and not a deal breaker.

        There are different strengths available, from classic at 11mg, max at 16mg and a Keith Richards strength called "supermax" at 20mg. Being a filtered roll up smoker I chose the classic and it was strong enough for me.

        Smoking it initially made me cough which is apparently quite normal, and it did settle down quickly as I continued. The vapour tasted like a decent Virginia tobacco and was surprisingly authentic, being neither harsh to draw on nor too weak. Strength wise I would equate this to a decent Cutters Choice roll up rather than an Old Holborn type smoke, so it is in the middle range of strength in terms of taste. The actual inhaled vapour had all of the taste of tobacco but was less weighty than smoke. It was like inhaling a light steam without the heat. The realistic taste was surprising as I was expecting something more chemical tasting. Initially I found that around ten "puffs" was enough for me, which is around the same that I smoke from a roll-up as I am usually multitasking as it burns down. After using it I felt like I had actually smoked which was interesting and unlike the feelings that I got after using the standard nicotine replacement therapies that I had tried.

        DID IT WORK?

        Well I only bought the one to try it, (not realising that the website was offering a freebie) and it reduced my smoking by half in the period that I used it. Had I had more to try out then I might have been brave and gone the whole hog. I did not notice any withdrawals or restlessness when I smoked the e-cig instead of a real one although I did miss the whole rolling experience. I was impressed with the whole experience and am contemplating buying a complete starter kit from the same company, but I feel that I need to do a bit more research first. Now I know that smoking tobacco is bad for me, but the whole vapourising thing is so new that none of us really know that it is actually safe.


        Electronic cigarettes are in theory fantastic. They fill your lungs with a vapour of nicotine rather than tar and the hundreds of other noxious chemicals in a tailor made cigarette. The nicotine craving is then satisfied. But although e-cigs look like ordinary cigarettes and sound like a healthier alternative, they have not been through the same stringent checks as generic nicotine replacement products have, such as patches, gums etc. Medical reviews are only available covering the last five years due to this being such a new product, so there is little known of the long term effect of using an electronic cigarette. The concern is not so much with the nicotine, it is with the chemical Diethylene Glycol which has been found (by the US Food and Drug Administration) in the cartridges of e-cigs. This is a component of antifreeze and brake fluid, and ironically similar amounts have also been found in nicotine patches. Diethylene Glycol is classed as a poison (by the WHO).

        In March 2013, University of California researchers found particles of silver, iron, aluminium and silicate, and particles of tin, chromium and nickel in tests on e-cigs and these levels were higher than found in standard cigarette smoke.

        There is also concern around the availability and marketing of the more "youthful" flavours available to buy in cartridges such as the fruit ones, and a comparison has been drawn around this and "alcopops"; the branding appealing to a younger market.

        Ultimately e-cigarettes as they stand are pretty much unregulated and unlicensed and this raises many concerns. Going with a large company like Vapourlite ensures that you are getting something that is decent quality perhaps, but I think a lot of research should be done into the long term effects of these before they can be declared a god-send to addicted smokers and those around them inhaling their smoke. Having said that, my lungs did feel better for smoking less in the time that I used this, so maybe for me the answer is to do both and use the e-cig as a tool to cut down and eventually quit completely.
        The jury is out ... as a product it is excellent but I do have some concerns about the safety.


        Certainly a pleasant introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes, especially if you take them up on their free offer. If it helps you quit then it has to be a good thing but for long term safety the jury is still out.


        The company are currently offering a free sample on their website for £2.95 postage, which is then refunded on your next order.

        More information on the e-cig here:



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