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Wireless Plug in Glow in Dark Push Doorbell

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Brand: Argos / Type: Doorbell

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2013 11:58
      Very helpful



      perfect door bell.

      ****Ding Dong!****
      At my previous home, we didn't have a doorbell. If I knew I was waiting on a parcel or someone was visiting, I would have to open the hall way door and sit in the living room waiting for someone to come incase I didn't hear the door knock. When we moved to our new house, we decided as the house is very big and long, we needed to get a doorbell as there is no way we would hear the door knock if we were in the sun room at the back of the house. We popped into Argos and looked through the book to find ourselves a decent doorbell for a low price as moving home was expensive for us and left us with pennies!

      We chose this 60 wireless glow in the dark doorbell. It cost us £16.99 and is the perfect thing that we needed. We are living in a rented property and we needed something that wasn't going to need drilling into the wall and something we could take away with us. The door bell part comes with some wall plugs and screws if you wish to attach it this way, but we decided it would be best to just get some double sided foam tape and attach it to the side of the door frame so we could remove it easily if and when we decide to move home in the future.

      A big shock with this doorbell was the amount of melodies it has on it. When we bought it, the book (and even on-line) told us it would have just 4 melodies. I didn't want anything fancy, a simple "ding dong" would suffice. It has loads! we sat going through them and there was too many to count. There was even tunes like "my heart will go on" and the usual suspects you find on a doorbell with some classical music chimes. I did get a bit sick of how many tunes there were to choose from so I just stuck with the classic ding dong and left it at that.

      This doorbell has a battery inside which will need changing when it runs out. Just check it from time to time to make sure it's still going. It just takes 1 AA battery and should last for some time. The other section which is the wireless speaker just plugs into your wall sockets. I have put mine central in the house so we can hear it in the living room as well as the sun room. It isn't overly loud which was I was a bit miffed about as I can't hear it too well upstairs and definitely not if I was in the shower. I would say if you have a large house, then this wouldn't be the best door bell for you as it's not loud enough even with it at the highest volume. You can adjust the sound to your preference which is perfect.

      ****Glow in the dark?****
      This is what sold us mostly on this door bell. The front door is inset in the house with a small porch area which is very dark in the evenings so having something that glows was the perfect choice for us. The button which you press to ring the bell is covered in a soft plastic which glows in the dark. It glows a yellowy green colour which is very visible when coming to the front door in the dark. It is very handy for visitors to be able to see your doorbell and to make sure they are aware it's there isn't any chance of them just knocking and you not hearing it.

      ****My thoughts****
      I'm really happy with this door bell and even though it doesn't chime as loud as I'd hoped, it still does the job we want it to. It was a great purchase from Argos at just £16.99 and it's just what we wanted. If you are on the hunt for a doorbell, the this is definitely a great contender. The wireless speaker from which the sound comes from isn't too bulky or problematic. Ours is on the wall in the kitchen and is in perfect location for the house. The speaker being wireless and you can move it around the house is excellent. It works in a range of 60 metres which is an huge distance for bigger homes. I give this door bell 5/5 stars for being a brilliant bell and makes me relax much more when knowing visitors or parcels are arriving.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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      Operating Distance: 60m

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