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Guillemot Ferrari 360 Modena Steering Wheel

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2001 00:41
      Very helpful
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      Driving games require more and more amounts of precision to succeed, in my experience. It was therefore a worthwhile decision to invest in a steering wheel for my machine. I'll admit I was motivated to make this choice based on price, and I wasn't disappointed. The actual wheel is very sturdy, as it sits on my desk in front of me. It clamps on to basically any desk with a flat edge, which allows it to stay still during even the most aggressive of maneovures! It has rubber-injected sides to the wheel, which allow easier grip, especially if you're sitting in front of a long race (such as 58 laps around Melbourne). On the "column" it has flipshift gears, and a progressive accelerator and brake. This is useful if you can't take your pedals with you somewhere (such as University). The wheel has 10 programmable buttons, and a point-of-view hat on the front of the wheel. All of the functions for these can be defined in the software provided. The software is quite easy to use after a bit of experience, but having said that - I never experienced any problems when I first used it. It has a lot of pre-defined control sets for games that might use the wheel, such as Grand Prix Legends. However it is easy to program to use your own defined controls, as I do for Grand Prix 3. I've found no compatability problems with the wheel, and most games detect it automatically. Some games have control sets designed for this wheel, and this doesn't look like changing. Most games also let you change the sensitivity of the wheel to your own preference as well. All in all, if you're going to invest in a wheel, and you don't want to make the expensive step to force-feedback wheels, then I would recommend this. It has improved my performance tenfold, and it makes games that little bit more realistic. and as it connects through USB, there's no problem with the input from the device to the PC. It does ta
      ke up a bit of room on your desk, which you really must have if yuo want to get proper results. It can be unclamped and stored pretty easily - but remember how they packed it up in the box, because I can't, so I can't get the pedals and the wheel back in now!


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