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Hama Controller "Mini V3 Blue" for PS3

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2010 16:03
      Very helpful



      A cheap alternative to the official pad

      I am always weary about purchasing third party controllers for video game consoles as due to years of gaming and trying all sorts of peripherals and hardware I have constantly been disappointed with the lack of quality and sheer bad design that comes with an unofficial pad. However, in this day and age when gaming is an expensive hobby I am also reluctant to pay £30 for an extra few controllers for the odd night a year when Id have a company willing to have a four player session on the latest titles. I will always purchase the official controller for my own use as its far superior to anything out there in all ways but the unofficial ones are generally cheaper. After a quick scout on ebay I came across the Hama range of controllers for a reasonable-ish £13.99 and decided to try them out.

      This pad is pretty much the same size as the official pad but as you can see with the picture its got a distinctive shape with the handles being longer and thicker and the triggers being more protruding. The buttons are the same and in the same places other than the d-pad which isn't the standard 4 way up, down, left, right but more like the 360 pad which has a hexagonal eight way function. The buttons feel the same but the triggers are way too tight as oppose to the free and loose nature of the official ones. When you first pick up the pad it feels different in the hands than the official pad but it doesn't take much getting used to and if using for the purposes I do, of having it as an extra controller for multiplayer times, then the user will be happy with it I am sure.

      For my liking the handles are way too big and chunky and being a bit pointy can feel tough to grasp though.

      The PS3 does have some motions sensing abilities and this pad incorporates that and it works as well as the official pad and considering the minimal use on PS3 games its hardly a key factor.

      Also crucially it is not wireless and the cable isn't particularly long and this caused me many problems. Going back to using wired pads after using the wired variety just isn't right.

      The blue looks nice on the pad but it still looks and feels cheap and will not sit well with players who prefer the official pad but as a cheaper alternative for the odd multiplayer sessions it's a decent enough substitute.


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