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Logitech Attack 2

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2003 05:49
      Very helpful



      This will surprise regular readers of dooyoo but I don't spend my whole life reading and rating reviews. When I'm at my computer and looking for serious downtime I enjoy the occasional thrill of flight simulation. Those who have read my previous opinions will now what my preferred program is and now, what my current controller is. My Logitech Wingman replaced a previous offering by Saitek. Now, all companies have budget joysticks but Saitek sort of rule this end of the market so I had definitely been flying with the cheapest technology around - sort of like an Easyjet for simulators. My Logitech Wingman cost £28.99 from the local PC World store but I'm sure that eight months have brought about a slight down turn in price. I desperately wanted a joystick with force feedback but Mrs. Plymyphil was there reminding me of my obligation to feed and control the children so I walked along the line past the expensive controllers and into the budget end. Having previously been disappointed with Saitek I opted for what was then the cheapest Logitech product on the sheld with the view that it would be reasonable enough as all Logitech mice I have had have been fine. A slightly skewed logic but one which has been proved right. It connects easily through the supplied USB cable. Let's take a look at the features this joystick offers and then you can decide if it's right for you. PRICE This is a budget controller. If money is no object or if you don't have a life outside computers, then a force feedback model is definitely preferable. This however is a very reasonable effort for the price and I consider eight months on that value for money has most definitely been had in the Plymyphil flight simulator stakes. FEEL I'm right handed and this has been designed for a right handed person. Ignore anything it might say on the box - if you're a lefty this will probably not be for you. The whole ergonom
      ics of the handle are crafted beautifully for the right handed player and the comfort is superb. Although without feedback the resistance to movement is sufficient to feel quality. My previous Saitek model rattled as you moved from side to side - this feels as though there is resistance and that is good for gameplay. The positioning of the buttons - more on them below - is also fine for right handers and comfortable even when the buttons are needed quickly. The throttle control sits at the left hand base of the joystick and again offers a feeling of quality in the resistance it provides whilst sticking sufficiently to never to date slip. PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS Being more of a civilian flight fanatic I don't need thousands of buttons for releasing different weapons but if you are into military simulation or other games requiring multiple buttons then this is a fine choice of controller. The buttons can be configured differently for different games and can do exactly what you want. You can choose exactly what keyboard shortcuts they represent even including shift and alt plus a key. This is really useful for flight simulation and I am sure for other games too. OVERALL This stick has provided value for money. I would love to spend more on the extra experience offered by force feedback but then I'ld love those 3D glasses things too and I guess there has to be a limit as to how seriously entertainment hits the pocket. If like me you are looking for a decent budget controller then I would suggest you can't go far wrong with this one - I'm still using it and not hankering too much after changing which is pretty good for any technology. I hope this opinion is useful in infroming purchasing decisions and look forward to your feedback.


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