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Logitech Cordless Controller (Xbox)

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2008 20:37
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      Not really worth buying, unless you are really sick of the wires...

      This controller is basically a wireless remake of the the "Xbox Controller S", that has been made my the company "Logitech" which specialises in making gaming accessories, either for a lower price than the official one or with extra features. When you buy the controller you get the controller itself and an adapter, which allows one of your ports to work wirelessly. The controller requires batteries.

      The controller feels slightly different from the official Controller-S as it is approximately one third larger and it also has a different texture to it. The buttons also feel slightly different to use, however it is just as fuctionable and the buttons and sticks are just as sensitive. The real selling point of course with this controller is that it is wireless, meaning that you don't have to trail wires around your floor.

      The controller is easy to install. You simply plug in the adapter cable and then press connect on the controller. Whilst it can be slightly tempromental when you're trying to get it connected it is trouble free as soon as it is connected. Also, once it is connected there is no delay between pressing the buttons and what happens on screen just as with a wired controller.

      The price is fairly reasonable, considering that it is wireless, however it is a lot more expensive than the wired controller, and if that if I am really going to be honest, I don't think that a wired controller is really such a bad thing. This is because you don't have to connect it up at the start of every gaming session, and you don't need to worry about the batteries. Another thing worth noting is that you cannot use the microphone during online play if you are using this controller.

      The controller is also fairly durable, based on the fact that I have dropped this controller countless times during the years that I have played with it.

      Overall the controller is a good buy, even though I prefer the wired controller, and if you want to spare yourself the hassle of getting wires all tangled up then I would advise that you buy it.


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