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Logitech Wingman Gamepad

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2000 06:32
      Very helpful
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      When I was originally looking for a joy pad to use with my PC, I saw the Wingman Extreme version, which looked exactly what I was wanted in terms of shape, button size etc. but was more than I was willing to pay because of some groovy tilt sensitive stuff with it. Purely by accident, I found out that there was a cheaper version which was exactly the same in terms of button layout, size etc. but without the tilt sensitive gadgetry inside. Once I bought it and brought it home, I took it out of the packaging. It felt good and sturdy, although maybe a bit light for my liking. It comes with an adapter meaning you can use it through the game port on your soundcard or with a USB connection. It has 10 buttons for you to use: 6 “normal” fire buttons, a “Select” and “Start” button and two triggers – one for each trigger finger. Also, for directing your, well, whatever, is an eight way thumb pad. One final feature that I’ll mention in passing is the “macro” button for supposedly setting up complicated button combinations that can be accessed with one quick button press, but I’ve never used it, so can’t tell you how good or bad it may be. As I don't have a USB connection, I went for using the game port connection. One thing I didn't like was the fact that the game port adapter doesn't come with screws to keep it in place (like the way most printer cables do, or any cable which plugs into the back of your PC) and on a few occasions, it's worked loose with my energetic game playing. Well, I say energetic game playing, but what I really mean, is me throwing the thing down in disgust when I make stupid mistakes. Anyway, I slotted in the CD and waited for the drivers and software to load. Everything went smoothly, and within a few minutes, the game pad was ready for action. So I loaded up a few games that I would use a game pad for (FIFA,
      Colin McRae Rally) and found the game pad to be a good performer, I found it to be both responsive and accurate in games which needed some deft touches like flight simulators, as well as being robust enough to take some hard button bashing and tantrums on my part for driving games and sports games! (That was never a goal!) Unlike other game pads I had used before, the Wingman didn't need re-calibrated every week or so. I don’t know whether this was a fault in any previous joy pad, or that joy pad technology had improved in the few years since my last encounter with one. ***Update*** I've had mine now for about 15 months, and it's still as good as the day I plugged it in. For those of you who don't want or need any flashy gimmicks, just a good pad for playing games, then I would recommend the Logitech Wingman Game pad. Over the last year, the pad has certainly seen some action but is still going strong. I’ve also since used the joy pad on my newly installed USB ports, and found the performance to be as solid as with the game port set up. Good pad, nice price – splendid value for money.


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