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Mad Catz Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Arcade Fight Stick

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2 Reviews
  • Full Sanwa Parts
  • Parts can be used in another stick
  • Not much use besides the referred game
  • Wii-only Compatible
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    2 Reviews
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      02.12.2014 22:16
      Very helpful


      • "Button Locking"
      • "Long Cord"
      • Compact
      • "Parts can be used in another stick"
      • "Full Sanwa Parts"
      • "(Only) Wii Compatible"


      • "A bit too small for lap-play"
      • "Not much use besides the referred game"
      • "Wii-only Compatible"

      A perfectly built arcade stick. With only a couple minor faults regarding the Wii-only compatibility.

      The Nintendo Wii system never had too many fighting games. The only great title for it (besides virtual console) was Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, but the game had a great issue; Wii Remote/Gamecube controllers.

      It's not easy for a person who is really into fighting games to use something that is not an arcade stick (and let's also emphasise on a good stick), and the lack of existance of one for the Nintendo Wii was really an issue... Until this baby came out.

      Mad Catz did an awesome work building this fine piece.
      With a solid construction and a Full Sanwa Parts (Sanwa OBSF-30mm buttons and JLF stick, probably the best in the market, alongside it's tradition, of course), it is a perfect match for a great player. It's construction and design is really similar to other controllers from Mad Catz, such as Mad Catz Street Fighter Standard Edition, which brings us to efficiency and reliability.

      The controller itself is just perfect. But it has some "minor" faults, even though they are related to the console, and not the brand or hardware.

      Instead of plugging it directly into the console, like a Game Cube Controller, you have to stick the stick's (haha) plug into the Wii Remote. Even if this makes the controller wireless, and, in most scenarios, more confortable, it also makes it a bit unreliable in some situations, regarding battery life-spam and input precision due to bluetooh connectivity with the console. Another point to be brought in consideration is the controllers compatibility with the Nintendo Wii ONLY, which makes buying it only worth if you have plenty of games, besides TvC, to play (or if TvC is the only game you are planning to play).


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      27.02.2012 15:17
      Very helpful



      Great controller for anyone who is a fan of arcade joystick

      The wii has not been a very good console for me in terms of beat em up games, mainly due to the fact that I don't pay much attention to the line up the wii has to offer.

      Recently I've managed to get hold of the the Capcom vs series on the wii and after playing the game with just the wii remote I found that the controls you had over the character were very limited, when I played the game with the nunchuck attachment it was pretty much the same.

      After some digging I found this arcade joystick and quite liked the design.

      I initially though that the arcade stick would be a unit that you need to plug into the wii console itself, however this is not the case, the connection the arcade stick has is the same as the nunchuck connection, just plug it into the wii remote.

      The controls are very responsive even for a wii remote with around 50% charge, with this controller plugged in you get alot more control over the game and character moves.

      After some abuse to this controller I must say it has stood up to the challenge, I'm not the best gamer there is and I often lose against many of my friends, we all pretty heavy handed when it comes to playing beat em ups and often really slam the buttons.

      My verdict is that this is pretty much the best controller you can have if you don't like using the classic controller or the pro controller or better yet, you don't have one yet.


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