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Saitek P3000

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2004 20:13
      Very helpful



      I?m a child, ahh there you go I said it, and when it comes to games I play far more than is healthy (but as I keep telling my parents it?s better and cheeper than the drug habit so many people my age have.) So about a week ago as I got my butt kicked (again) by my housemate over a network game of Unreal I decided that it was time I moved away from the hand over hand controls my laptop offered and spend some hard earned (ahem loaned) cash on a joypad. I already had an idea on what kind of design I was looking for (I own a Playstation 2 and so figured the best way to go was a joypad of similar design). And after a while had picked out a few and noticed one of the cheapest and most attractive designs (Yes I wanted it to look pretty) where made by a company called Saitek. Saitek make three joypads similar to the PS2?s controller, two wired (P2500 and P880) and one (the P3000) wireless. As it?s the P3000 I?m here to talk about, you?ll have to look up the other two on the Saitek website. Appearance: The pad is all black with rubber handles for grip, the two mini joysticks are also tipped with rubber, but this is not textured like that of a PS2 controller yet provides the same grip for your thumbs. It is however slightly bigger than the PS2 controller but doesn?t noticeably weigh anymore. As for storage it come with a docking station that doubles as a battery charger, simply leave it plugged into USB while you computer is switched on and the battery will charge ready for your next gaming stint. It even tells you when the battery is charged (a light goes out on the front) Buttons: One of the reasons I went with this design is because of the amount of buttons, it features two trigger buttons (The ones your index finger rest nicely on) and 6 other buttons (these are packed into the space that the triangle, circle and such are on the PS2). It also has a shift button that allows you to program a button with t
      wo functions, which pretty much doubles the amount of buttons you have at you disposal. BatteryLife: Now some of you may be worried about the life of the batteries, I admit it was a concern of mine when I first looked as I had no wish to be stuck twiddling my thumbs for hours waiting for a battery to recharge. But no fear each battery is quoted to last 8 hours (I say quoted because even I can?t blow things up for 8 straight hours) and you get two so while one is charging (under and hour for a full charge) you can be using the other. Why wireless? You probably wondering what the point is in spending an extra £10 on a wireless joypad when it has the same functionality as a wired one, well let me set a scene. You play games a lot a sometime leave you controller wire across a room (Heck you know where you leave it and are going to be using it again in a few minutes so there?s no point in tucking it away. Someone else enters the room they don?t see the wire and trip on it, best case they just pull the controller out of the port, worse case the port doesn?t let go and expensive equipment is pulled off the desk. With wireless there is no problem and with a range of 10 meters you got room to sit far away from your computer (perhaps on that dam comfy sofa instead of the rubbish computer chair) The boring bit: Okay so probably not that boring but less interesting than playing games with your new controller. Installation: This is easy simply insert the CD click ok a few times and insert the USB dock into a free port when it tells you and there you go. I recommend you install the advanced software as you will be using it sooner than you think. Advanced software: This is used to program the buttons of the controller before you enter a game and basically just means you are assigning the buttons to keyboard functions which means you can play games with the joypad that do not ac
      tually have a joystick/pad option. It can be slightly confusing at first but I recommend looking at the website and first of all seeing if the game you want to play already has a profile you can download. If it doesn?t either use the manual supplied on disk or do what I did and tweek one of the already made profiles to make your own. Machine Specs: This product can be used as long as you have: 166mhz 32ram And are running one of the following operating systems; 98, ME, 2000, XP


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