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Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2010 02:24
      Very helpful


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      A good cheap wireless controller for Wii and Gamecube.

      I wasn't familiar at all with the Thrusmaster brand. I was skeptical because I have never had any luck with 3rd party accessories outside of Logitech products for my PS2. I did some online research, checking various places and saw that the overwhelming majority of customers were very satisfied. This controller is basically your cheaper alternative to the wireless Wavebird controller for GC and Wii.

      The control has a sleek, clean and simple design. Its white with some wavy blue ridges I guess for better grip. Its pretty small though, so it will take time to adjust to if you're used to the Gamecube controller. The overall design and button layout is identical to the Playstation controller - 4 shoulder buttons, directional pad, 2 joysticks, rumble, etc. They give you 2 Z buttons I guess just to maintain that look of symmetry. You also have a turbo mode feature.

      Response is spot on - instant. No lag/time delay. So regardless of the type of game, your commands will go through as they should.

      The controller functions on 3 AAA batteries but luckily has an off switch to conserve battery life when not in use.

      It comes with a signal transmitting device that goes into a controller port on your Gamecube or Wii. Its got a pretty sweet range too. Maybe like double that of the Wiimote's range.

      You can use it for any Gamecube game or Wii game that supports GC or classic controllers - including Wiiware and Virtual Console downloadable titles.

      The freedom of being completely wireless is its main appeal. Wavebird's are hard to find and the classic controller for Wii hooks up to your Wiimote to work so you'd have a wire to contend with. The miniature size and triple A batteries can
      be a little annoying but overall for its price - £17.26 on Amazon - its a good bargain for anyone looking to save some money on a high quality controller.


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  • Product Details

    Today more and more game launches for the Wii are retro hits or golden oldies originally created for the likes of Nintendo NES, Nintendo Super NES, Nintendo, 64 and Nintendo GameCube. Thrustmaster has created a game pad that will allow gamers to use one game pad for multiple genres of games. The T-Wireless NW is the first programmable and vibrating wireless gamepad allowing users to play Virtual Console, GameCube and Wii games on the Wii! It uses 2.4GHz wireless technology which provides a very respectable 10 meters range. Wireless play is the buzz word in gaming today!

    The T-Wireless NW is fully programmable thanks to the "Mapping" function which allows users to reassign all buttons, mini-sticks and the D-pad to ensure a truly customized gaming experience. There are also two functions which will really help gamers maximize their gaming experience: "Slow" which allows the player to slow down action and "Turbo" which means the player only needs to press a button to get a power boost rather than making multiple and rapid thumb presses. To top it all off, this gamepad has great ergonomics with a shape that is natural to hold. The rubber coated handles and joysticks ensure superior grip and comfort too.