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Trust Compact Vibration Feedback Steering Wheel PC-PS2-PS3 GM-3200

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2010 16:01
      Very helpful



      A good steering wheel, probably worth the amount you'll pay for it.

      Well i got given this steering wheel not long ago by a friend, he already had 3 so he decided to give me one. For a start its a fairly good wheel, its nice and cheap, and it does its job well, but there are a few issues.

      One, its fairly small, probably not the best wheel for serious racing drivers, but its ideal for a small desk. Although the clamp that attaches the wheel to the desk takes up some space, so its better if you have a bit of space below the place your putting the wheel on, ideally 3 inches or more. Also the wheel tends to creak a bit if your turning hard, which can be annoying to other people, you don't tend to notice much yourself, but be mindful if there are other people in the room with you.

      Two, the pedals have no suction pads on them, which means if your pressing down hard on the brake pedal (left) and you have no foot on the right hand side of the pedals, then the pedals will probably flip over, so its best if you have both your feet resting on both sides of the pedals, to prevent them moving.

      Three, this is a general rule for all wheels and pedals, dont use slippers with them, ideally use socks, as slippers (with these pedals anyway) will most likely be too large, and prevent you from accurately hitting the pedals. Also dont use a computer chair or any chair with wheels, you'll find yourself rolling away from your wheel and pedals if your driving too hard.

      There are a few plus points to this wheel, not only does it work for the PC via USB, it also has a connector that allows it to be plugged into a PS2 system. Also the PS3 will support the wheel via the USB connector, however it reads buttons incorrectly, such as it reads the circle button as the cross button, and the square as the triangle. As it was built for the PS2 it has a multitude of buttons, such as the following:

      Pedals, 2 (Gas pedal and Brake pedal)
      L1 (Reversed on PS3, L1 = L2)
      R1 (Reversed on PS3 R1 = R2)
      L2 (Reversed on PS3 L2 = L1)
      R2 (Reversed on PS3 R2 = R1)
      L3 (Press down left analog on PS2/3 controllers)
      R3 (Press down right analog on PS2/3 controllers)
      Cross button
      Circle button
      Square button
      Triangle button
      Select button
      Start button
      Mode button (Used to program the wheel)

      The controller can be configured slightly, such as turning off vibration, changing sensitivity and changing buttons, this can be done using a sequence of buttons that can be found in the wheel's manual.

      So this is an ideal wheel for someone who just wants to have some fun driving, without spending some serious money. As it supports the PC, PS2 and PS3, its especially ideal if you own at least 2 of those systems.


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