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Trust Predator GM-2500

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2011 10:36
      Very helpful



      ** Trust Predator GM-2500 - joystick **

      ** Trust Predator GM-2500 - joystick **

      The joystick comes in a square cardboard box containing the description of the joystick. In cardboard box is the joystick wrapped in plastic and well protected. There is a small booklet but this mainly relates to the warranty and contact information of the company.

      The joystick comes in black and red on top of the frame. There are four suction pads under the device to attach it on a flat surface. The joystick looks like a gearbox from a car and it has a total of 12 buttons, a small steering wheel on top and the gear stick has a slide where you can control such as the throttle. The buttons are all gray in colour and on the back is the 'shooting button' which is perfectly placed. The joystick has one cable an approximately 2 meters long USB cable.

      The joystick is very easy to install. There is no CD-ROM with the product it's plug and play. After installation you have to calibrate the Joystick trough the Control Panel. This is all very easy to do. When you have Windows XP or higher then you don't have to calibrate the joystick. I got this joystick for the Flight Simulator 2004 where you have to enable the joystick.

      First let me say that I only use the joystick to fly in Flight Simulator 2004. The joystick feels very solid and is easily attached to a flat surface. The lever of the joystick is very stiff in the beginning but after a few hours of game play it's much better. At first it's a little bit getting use to all the buttons on the joystick but it saves you from having to use the keyboard.

      The only problem I have is that the joystick doesn't always respond that well but it might have something to do with the game. It only happens when I go really quickly from left to right and then for a second you don't have a response. It can be a bit annoying but I'm used to it now. Further on the responds is really good.

      I think this is a good joystick and have many hours of fun using this joystick. I think the joysticks looks very good but more important it feels comfortable in my hands and can use it for hours. The buttons are positioned very smart and makes it easy to play the game.


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