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B&Q Slug Killer

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Brand: B&Q / Type: Pest Control - Pellets

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2013 19:32



      its my third year with magic blue slug killer from B&Q. I tried this yer non toxic option- pet friendly sadly slug friendly too. My marigolds suffered badly afer first rain luckly blue slug killer sort out my problems. All back to normal- apply generously undr plants and some grass area- which will stop snails and slugs from traveling to your pots and vegetables.


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      09.11.2010 02:08
      Very helpful



      If You are brave enough - it's a perfect product!

      In June we moved into a house with front and rear gardens. I especially loved the house and had ideas of growing some vegetables for us. But it appeared we were not only ones enjoying my plants... Slugs and snails were everywhere eating everything. All my enthusiasm about gardening disappeared. Anyway we visited B&Q and I bought B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets to protect what was still left...

      WHAT IS IT

      B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets - pesticide for slugs and snails control in home gardens.

      These Mini Pellets come in a quite large white plastic container with a light green label around all container. In the front there's an image of a slug and at the bottom in khaki colored part there's product title and short description. Back of the label contains all safety information and instructions for use. The container has a safety cap!

      Pellets are of bright blue colour and very small.

      HOW TO USE

      WHEN: best results if used on a warm, damp evening but not just before rain.

      WHERE: for use only at a home garden! Can be used around all plants (edible or non-edible, planted outside or in pots) but pellets must be used carefully - not put or left on leaves!!!

      HOW: pellets should be sprinkled evenly and thinly - not piled into heaps. Put 1.5g or around 65 pellets per square meter. Wash hands afterwards!


      Product contains Metaldehyde so may kill if eaten. Must be kept away from children and pets! If swallowed, medical help needed immediately!!!

      Pellets must be safely kept in tightly closed original container.


      So, next day after I bought the B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets, read instructions and stepped into my "lovely" garden for a rescue operation. I knew that for birds these pellets wouldn't be attractive and so dangerous because of bright colour. We also don't have any pets. And the most important thing - our girl was very small and didn't walk so there was no danger for her as she simply didn't get into that garden. Though if my daughter was bigger I wouldn't risk to use such a chemical.

      I sprinkled pellets around all pots and all other areas that slugs and snails were attacking. Tried to do everything faster as possible... It wasn't a pleasant but easy job to do though... On the other hand it seemed funny that instructions advised to put around 65 pellets per square meter. Who would count them??? They are so small!


      Next morning after feeding my little girl I went into the garden... AND WAS SHOCKED!!! The good way and the bad way at the same time...

      There were so many slugs and snails around those pots and areas where I sprinkled the pellets. Some were dead, some were trying to get away, some were still eating pellets. That view made me sick...But non of my plants were touched. I kind of got what I wanted: saved my plants but couldn't eat anything that was grown as I immediately saw those dying snails and slugs... Horrible to remember...

      Another disgusting thing was when in the afternoon the sun started to shine and flies appeared... I just couldn't make myself to go and collect these slugs... It was really horrible... Thanks to my boyfriend somehow managed to get rid of them. But I still remember that my friend used similar pellets in Sweden near strawberry plants. And she said that all slugs and snails used to get away to die. Actually that was the reason I bought B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets. But somehow UK slugs died where they were eating...


      I bought this pesticide from B&Q shop for £2.28. But B&Q Slug Killer Mini Pellets are widely available from a lot of online DIY retailers so the price may vary. Anyway £2.28 for 800g of these pellets is a really good price because the container is gonna last long time (mine will last ages as I can't think of gardening anymore). Well, unless You have a huge garden.


      I am confused to recommend these B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets or not. If you are strong enough - go on because they are really working. Otherwise - You'll be disgusted just as me.

      Anyway, as the product effectively does what it has to do, I give it 4 stars out of 5. Minus 1 star for those horrible views...

      Thanks for taking time to read my review! Hope You'll find it useful!

      Also posted on other websites under the same user name.


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