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Baby Bio House Plant Food Spikes

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Brand: Baby Bio / Type: Fertilizer

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    2 Reviews
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      22.11.2011 17:58
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      A great product to keep your plants alive and well, with little in put on your part :)

      I have previously tried the baby bio plant food, but I can never be bothered with mixing it with the water, and then feeding the plants. Its also hard to work out how much mixture to use if you don't want to make up the full amount. And whenever I do try to feed the plants I get in such a mess, and end up with sticky plant food everywhere.

      When I saw these they looked so much easier, and I decided to give them a go. You get 25 spikes in a pack, and my pack cost £2.99. You just take one spike out and push it down into the soil of the plant, and then water like regular.

      They are quick, simple and clean to use. The pack says they last for up to 60 days, and I normally leave them for about a 2 and a half months. This is great, as you can just pop one in and forget about it for a few months. They also come in the correct doses and theres no mixing or dissolving to do.

      They are a great way of ensuring that your plant gets all of those much needed nutrients, without having to worry about weekly feeding.


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        26.03.2008 13:22
        Very helpful



        Spike your plants for luscious leaves

        I like the idea of having a nice garden, maybe some rockeries and pretty flowers. In reality, I barely have time (more like energy) to mow the lawn - and lets not mention weeding!

        That said, I do like to exercise my green fingers by taking care of my house plants, and so far I've only managed to kill one in the year since I moved into my new house. Rest in peace, Selwyn.

        I like to think that that by giving them names, and talking to them it'll be enough to make them want to live, but it turns out I need to water them, place them where they'll get sunlight but won't freeze, and feed them in the growing season.

        This is where the Baby Bio comes in handy. In the past I have used regular Baby Bio, which is a brown liquid that you mix in with water before watering. The Baby bio nourishes the plant by replacing lost nutrients in the soil, thus helping your plant to grow strong and healthy.

        I do have a couple problems with Baby Bio however. Firstly, is remembering whether I have already used it or not - did I Baby Bio last time I watered? Can't remember, better not do it again in case it's too much for the plants. I admit that this is not the fault of the Baby Bio, and if I had a better memory wouldn't be a problem.

        Also, I've noticed that over the months, a brown crust has developed round the lid of my Baby Bio bottle, which showers brown crusty flakes over everything when I try to open the bottle. This isn't a big deal, I should probably just clean the top of the bottle properly after I use it, but it is kind've gross.

        Imagine my delight, when I saw Baby Bio house plant food spikes in my local DIY store - the answer to my plant watering problems!

        These little sticks full of fertilising goodness can be placed in the soil or compost of any container or pot grown plants in the house, greenhouse or garden and will slowly breakdown and release nutrients into the soil for up to 60 days!


        (See picture above) The food spikes come in a little plastic box, which are visible through a window in the cardboard packaging.

        On the front of the packet the name of the product is easily identified, and it is clear that each packet contains 25 spikes, and that each spike will feed your plact for up to 60 days.

        On the back of the packet, you can read how to use the spikes, their chemical composition, and information about the Baby Bio company.

        The Product:

        Baby Bio have made a product which is more convenient and easy to use than their standard liquid fertiliser. They claim that each food spike, which is rich in nutrients, and high in Nitrogen will promote lush green foliage and colourful abundant flowers, and will last for up to 60 days before needing replaced.

        Each spike is approx 6cm in length, and can easily be placed in the soil of a potted plant. Spikes contain the following chemicals (taken from back of packet):

        Nitrogen, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Urea Formaldehyde Nitrogen containing: Cold Water Soluble Nitrgoen, Hot Water Soluble Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc.

        I should also mention that the spikes are safe to use with herbs, and edible crops.


        For best results insert new spikes every two months during the growing season.

        Push spikes down just below the surface of the compost between the plant stem and the pot.

        Water after inserting the spikes - the nutrients are gradually released to the plants roots safely, and continuously every day.
        (Old spikes will break down into the compost within 60 days).

        Food spikes can be used all year round in house plants, but are really only necessary during the plant's growing season. As each plant is different you should refer to it's care instructions for guidance.

        Simple enough even for someone as forgetful as me.

        Other Information:

        Baby Bio is marketed in the UK by Bayer Garden, part of Bayer CropScience Ltd.

        They provide many other house plant and gardening products - for more information have a look at www.babybio.co.uk

        They cost me £2.53 in my local DIY/Garden Centre.

        My Opinion:

        These food spikes really are very convenient and easy to use, and I definitely notice the difference in my plants when using them (I was perhaps too sporadic in my use of the liquid Baby Bio, thanks to the manky crusty bottle).

        My plants look healthy, and I don't have to worry about feeding them for weeks at a time which suits my lazy character. And with 25 spikes in each packet, I think the price is quite reasonable.

        I would definitely recommend this product!

        Now, did I remember to put the spikes in my plant pots....oh dear.


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      • Product Details

        Give your plants the nutrients to grow with extra nitrogen for lush foliage and healthy blooms.

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