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Bayer Advanced Three Hour Weedkiller

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Brand: Bayer / Type: Weed spray

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2013 14:37
      Very helpful
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      An excellent, effective product that lives up to it's name & claim.

      Good intentions
      Waking up to a beautiful morning today, the first thing in my mind was to get into the garden. One look out there, though, and the most vibrantly growing things catching my eye were the weeds.

      For the first growth of weeds I remember painstakingly digging them out, confident I had the roots, and sitting back 6 hours later admiring my weed-free drive and paths, confident that only a few more minor weeding sessions would suffice for the rest of the summer. ... Hmm, deluded, much?

      Not only have most weekends been too dreary to get out there, but in the meantime, the warmer temperatures and lots of rain have meant that the weeds have grown back bigger and stronger than ever.

      The forgotten Bottle
      I went to see what weedkiller I had in the garage, and saw this Bayer 3 - hour "Superfast Action" bottle, which I'd forgotten I'd bought at the end-of-season sale at B&Q last year, and I got to work!

      The perfect conditions for the product were in evidence this morning - it needs to be warm (tick), dry (tick) and calm (tick) and weeds need to be actively growing (DEFINITE tick!).

      Let's get spraying!
      To begin spraying, you need to open the nozzle by turning the white end to the "on" position. Spraying with the gun is effortless, and it works really easily. You need to spray from around 15cm away from the weed, and spray the leaves until lightly wet although not dripping. When you spray, it deposits a foam onto the leaves which shows where you sprayed, this disappears in a few minutes. To spray all of the weeds on my paths and drive (not huge by any means, although plenty of weeds!) it only took about 5 minutes, this is such an easy operation. The spray is targeted yet at the same time is quite wide, so one spray easily covers a 5-10cm high dandelion weed for instance. There was no particular unpleasant smell when spraying, I was really impressed with the operation... but the proof will be in the results! It's now 10am, I'll return to finish off my review later this afternoon.......

      3 Hours Later!
      Firstly it didn't rain in the first hour, if this happens you need to start again. It is now after 1.00pm and I have to admit I have been having a check on the weeds throughout the period. I don't even think I was imagining it when I detected signs that some of them were going brown within about 20 minutes. They have been going brown and dying before my eyes! 3 hours since the treatment I can definitely say that those weeds are definitely dead. It works.

      This is a "non selective herbicide for total weed control", so you need to be careful where you spray - it will kill weeds, moss, algae and liverwort, it claims. You need to be careful not to spray anything you don't want to die! So keep away from lawns etc, although it can be used between roses, fruit trees and soft fruits. The bottle does state do not spray directly onto food crops. If there is any breeze or wind, you should avoid spraying as drift onto lawns, ponds or drains will be detrimental. The product does, however, state that it is safe for pets and children to be on the treated areas once they are dry, so you need to keep eyes peeled for that time.

      The claims in full are: Kills a wide range of garden weeds, naturally occurring active ingredients, also kills moss and algae, rainfast after 1 hour, see where you have been foaming formulation, use between flowers, vegetables, under and around ornamental shrubs, fruit trees and bushes, and does not stain hard surfaces.

      In the sale this had been reduced to £2.62 with an original price of £5.25, so the retail will probably be in the region of £5.50-£6.00 this year I guess. When a product makes a big claim like this one does, my natural scepticism usually takes over, and this was no different, but this product does what it says it will do without a shadow of a doubt. On the label it does advise that more well-established weeds may regrow, and need a second application, but I now have such confidence in this product after what I've seen in such a small space of time, I am sure a second dose would see anything off.


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        30.04.2011 22:22
        Very helpful



        A good weedkiller

        With the warmer weather over the last week or so I have made a start on tidying up the garden after the winter ready to plant the summer flowers. One problem I do find after the winter months is that as soon as it gets a bit warmer the weeds begin to grow along the edge of our drive, we decided to use weed killer this year as other methods had failed previously. As well as the usual weed problem I noticed that there was a lot of moss growing at the top of our drive in front of the garage door, this area is sheltered by the house and hardly ever driven on as we keep one car on the drive and the other car in front of it meaning the ground during the winter never really dries out properly giving the moss perfect growing conditions. Annoyed at the amount of moss growing I decided to buy something to help kill this as well, I expected to have to buy 2 separate products one for the weeds and one for the moss, however when having a look around at my local Homebase I came across Bayer Garden 3 Hour Weed Killer and whilst reading the directions and recommendations on the back discovered it was suitable for killing weeds and moss, perfect for what I wanted.

        The Bayer Garden 3 Hour Weed Killer comes in a black, red and silver spray bottle, much the same as any other weed killer, the bottle has a plastic label wrapped around the entire thing, this is black at the top and red at the bottom. The front of the label has the words 3 Hour Weed Killer written in large letters right across the middle of the label in white writing making it really stand out against the black and red background. The make of the weed Killer "Bayer Garde" is written just above this against the black part of the label in red writing, the Bayer logo appears just beside this. Just beside the name of the product written in wavy orange and red writing are a couple of statements about the weed killer stating that it is "Super fast" and "easy to use", further information about what the product does/ is suitable for (which I will describe later) appears at the bottom of the bottle written within a green square. There is also a picture of a dog and a little girl at the bottom of the bottle, this is designed to inform people that Bayers 3 Hour Weed Killer is suitable to use in an environment where children and pets are, this was another reason which influenced my decision in buying this product as we have 3 cats. This particular weed killer uses natural ingredients, this is stated towards the neck of the bottle and is written in green writing with a picture of a green leaf next to it, the label also has a picture of a hand holding a stopwatch to emphasise the fact that this product works within 3 hours. The bottle has a spray dispenser attached to the top of it, this can be removed by unscrewing it from the bottle, however I'm not really sure why you would need to remove it, the spray works like any other spray bottle, dispensing the weed killer when the trigger is pulled. The weed killer is dispensed in a way that it only sprays onto the weed you are pointing the bottle at rather than in a fine mist which would coat everything close by meaning less waste and you can also be reassured that the week killer has actually been sprayed onto the intended weed. The front of the bottle is quite 'busy' with different word and pictures on it but it does stand out compared to a lot of the regular green coloured bottles of weed killer and it was this that caught my attention. The back of the bottle has a creamy yellow coloured background which is covered in black writing, this consists of the directions of use (illustrated with a small picture) warning about the product and how it works, although at first glance the information does look a bit overwhelming it is very easy to follow and clear to read.

        How To Use
        Bayer's 3 Hour Weed Killer is very simple to use you point the nozzle of the spray bottle at the weed you wish to get rid of and pull the trigger on the bottle covering the weed with the liquid inside, when I used the weed killer I sprayed enough of the product to ensure the weed was fully covered before moving onto the next. Once all areas were fully covered I left the weed killer to work, I did nip out a couple of times to see if there was any difference. After 3 hours the product should have worked and leaving the weed rather wilted, obviously the longer you leave the weed with the weed killer on it the more noticeable the effects.

        Did It Work?
        I have to admit the 3 Hour Weed Killer did work, after leaving the product to work for the full 3 hours (with a couple of checks in-between) I noticed a big difference in the weeds, they had wilted over and begun to wither up making it easy for them to be removed, some of the weeds we did leave for longer than 3 hours, and after several hours of the product being applied the weeds did start to turn brown making removing them very easy. Whilst I was pleased with how the 3 Hour Weed Killer worked it did not work as well as a different brand I had tried before where the results were noticeable within an hour, but despite this the product did do what it said it would and killed the weeds within the stated time. Whilst the weed killer worked on the weeds I was not too sure of the results on the moss on our drive, after 3 hours there did not seems to be much of a difference, unsure as to whether I had applied enough of the product I sprayed over it again and left it over night, and although there was a noticeable difference in the appearance of the moss it was not enough to say it had definitely worked, we ended up leaving the product on the moss for over 24 hours before we did anything with it or tried to remove it and the next day there was a real difference, the moss was starting to turn brown and was obviously dying off. Several days later there is still a small amount of moss on the drive that we need to apply some more weed killer to but the majority of it has died off and been removed.

        Bayer 3 Hour Weed Killer can be used in a variety of places including paths, patios and driveways, it can also be used in borders between plants, however personally I'm not sure I would want to try this as I'm sure I would manage to kill of my plants along with the weeds, also we have a weed proof membrane laid in our flower beds to prevent the weeds getting through so do not need to use weed killer in this area. This product is suitable for most common weeds as well as moss and algae. Whilst this is called a 3 hour weed killer the information on the bottle does state that larger stronger weeds may need more than one application before the product kills them off completely and to stop them reappearing. Personally I did find this to be the case, a couple of the larger weeds that had sprung up down the edge of our drive needed 2 or 3 applications before we got rid of them completely, after one application the visible part of the weed did dye off allowing it to be easily removed but after a few days it hard started to grow again so obviously one application was not enough to kill off the roots as well.

        The warnings that come with this product are pretty much standard and consist of
        *Avoid contact with eyes and rinse well should this occur seeking medical attention if needed
        *Do not drink
        * Keep out of reach of children
        *Avoid contact with skin
        Although the warnings state to keep away from children, this means the actual bottle of weed killer, Bayers 3 Hour Weed Killer is actually suitable to be used in areas where children and pets are present and will not cause them any harm. This was one of the reasons why we selected this product as well as it being a weed and moss killer, we have 3cats who are very interested in anything we do in the garden so I was sure that I would be receiving a bit of help from them when it came to removing the weeds so having a product that was not going to cause them any harm was very important so this product was perfect for us in that way.

        I purchased my Bayer 3 Hour Weed Killer from my local Homebase, it came in a 1litre bottle and cost me £5.98, I thought this was reasonably priced especially as I was going to buy 2 separate products one for the moss and one for the weeds both costing around £5 each, by purchasing this product I saved myself quite a bit of money. I could have chosen cheaper versions of the product but was not sure whether they would work as well and also I needed a product that was not going to harm my girls, I would say that this is worth the money as it did work very well at clearing the weeds and moss, however it did not last as long as I had hoped. Having to use more than one application for the moss and the larger/ tougher weeds meant that the bottle did go down rather quickly.

        I would recommend this product as it does do what it says it will, it states that it kills weeds within 3 hours but some may need longer or more than one application and this was the case, it does not make any false claims at all. It is reasonably priced and is an ideal product if you have children or pets, as it is safe to use around them. This product can also be used in a variety of areas as well, I will definitely consider this product in the future and would recommend it, if I had to criticise it in any way it would be that I would have liked it to have worked a little quicker and with just one application, but as far as weed killer goes this product did do a good job.


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