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Beautiful Garden 6 Drip Feed Liquid Fertilisers

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Brand: Poundland / Type: Fertilizer

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2012 14:51
      Very helpful



      Drip feed plant food

      Whilst it could never be said that I possess the requiste 'green fingers' needed to be a successful gardener and don't actually have my own outside space in my new home I do have a couple of hanging baskets outside my front door and a few tubs dotted around where I will attempt to grow some summer flowers over the next few months. Even when I had a garden I found it to be tiresome work and although I could appreciate the effort that other people put into maintining and creating beautiful outside areas I kept things simple with mine with a neatly cut lawn, a few border plants and low maintenance shrubs and trees. I've not got to the stage where I'm missing my own garden yet although I do think once the better weather comes along I probably will which is why I'm attempting to make the outside approach to my home look welcoming and inviting rather than just having plain brickwork and a PVC door.

      As mentioned I have a couple of hanging baskets outside of my front door, they were bought as Easter gifts for me and came with plants that were just about beginning to bloom. There about as hassle free and low maintenance as you can get really, only needing to be watered occasioanlly and pretty much look after themselves although to help them on their way to full bloom and figuring they might last a little longer if they had some extra nutrients for their soil I decided that I'd buy some drip feed liquid fertilizers for them. I've used these drip feeders before when I had some plants in tubs at my caravan and old garden and found that they worked well at providing me with some nicely flowering plants which seemed to thrive during the summer months and appeared to extend thier blooming lifespans, whether this was down to the liquid feed or just luck I can't say for certain but I'd remembered about this product and thought they'd come in handy for my hanging baskets so I bought another pack as they were very cheap to buy.

      The liquid fertilizer drip feeders I bought were from Poundland, they're "Beautiful Garden" branded products and are for "Use for all plants grown in containers, pots and planters both indoors and outdoors. Use at anytime of the year but for better results begin use in spring when plants are starting to actively grow, Also acts as a nutrient booster for unhealthy plants. The liquid feed provides a constant flow of nutrients for 3-4 weeks for plants in 12-15cm pots or containers (two or three bottles are applicable for larger pots or containers" (info taken from the back of the pack)

      As shown in my supplied picture they are small pipette shaped, plastic bottles which contain 30ml of liquid and have an easy to remove cap, you simply push the pipette into the soil and allow the liquid to do its magic and it is claimed that these provide the nutrients that plants need. They're recommended for use in hanging baskets which is why I bought mine and in the couple of weeks I've been using them I've found that I have a nicely blooming pair of hanging baskets with brightly coloured flowers which really brighten up the outside of my door. The cynic is me does question whether or not my hanging baskets would have turned out the way they have even if I hadn't used these and there's no way of really knowing one way or the other but I've used them before in the past and never had anything die unexpectedly on me so can assume that they do work and do provide a boost that seems to help plants reach their full potential.

      Because my hanging baskets are quite small in size I've only had to use a couple of the bottles up to now and because they last for 30 days I've got a good 3 months supply of liquid fertilizer should my plants survive that long. They're spring bloomers so probably won't last until the Summer months but the remaining fertilizers that I have will be used in my tubs and again I expect them to aid my plants into becoming nicely blossoming in the course of time. I can't prove either way if these do add much to the growing process and can only go on my experience with them in the past, they worked before and have worked again now so for me they've been a good buy and given they cost so little I would certainly recommend them to other people to try for themselves as there's little to lose.

      Overall these have been a good buy for me from Poundland, they're easy to use and have provided me with some impressive results. For anyone who has potted plants or hanging baskets and want to add a little boost and add some nutrients to the soil then I'd say they're well worth taking a chance on, I've no reason to deduct any stars from my rating so they get five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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