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Doff Lawn Feed

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Brand: Doff / Type: Fertilizer

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    1 Review
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      12.09.2009 10:54
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      Who's for Bowls next year!!

      Now I'm going to try and write a review about something I'm not to sure about , but I do know that it does work so thats OK. It's all a bit to scientific for me with it's formula's ect...

      Well to start with I would like to make one point , and that is that I have been buying this for my garden recently
      from the 99p shop and when my hubby has been using it it kept on saying that it seemed very watery and a couple of days on after applying this there seemed to be no difference in the grass whatsoever!

      So while out shopping in Wilkinsons recently I saw a bottle that was twice the size of the one I have been buying.
      This one is a litre for £1.99 while the other one was 500ml for 99p. So I hear you say well thats okay as it is just twice the size for twice the price Well you would be WRONG!!

      On reading the back I discover that the 99p is only half the strength of the larger one( maybe thats why hubby thinks it is so watery!!). With the larger bottle having;

      ~~~NITROGEN (N) Total 15.0%~~~
      ~~~of which ureic nitrogen 14.0%~~~
      ~~~of which ammoniacal nitrogen 1.0%~~~
      ~~~Water-soluble PHOSPHORUS PENTOXIDE (P205) 3.0%(1.3%)~~~
      ~~~Water soluble POTASSIUM OXIDE (K20) 3.0%(2.5%)~~

      on reading the smaller it has exactly half of everything in it, so making it much weaker and really doesn't do a lot for your lawn. I have also noticed that it has the word "value" in small writing on the front, which is something I have never noticed in the past as it looks the same as the larger one and even says the same:

      ~~~Easy to use~~~
      ~~~Fast-acting lawn treatment~~~
      ~~~Promotes a greener and healthy lawn~~~

      With the same logo and coloured bottle it is very misleading as I think it should have it written on the front that it is a much weaker solution, so from now on I will be buying this from Wilko's as this works out to be a much better buy and a lot cheaper!!

      Now the rants out of the way I'll start my review about this lawn feed, over the past several months our grass has started to look very tired and yellow. So on reading up a few gardening books that I got from the library I found that it all seemed to point to one thing and that was that the grass was lacking in Nitrogen. I had been watering it, but it still seemed lifeless!

      Well with this great little miracle worker which comes in a green plastic bottle with a black plastic screw on lid,
      all you have to do is find a watering can that has a fine rose on the spout ( I can never find our one as it gets taken off and then put down somewhere never to be seen again!). Luckily last time it was removed I placed it somewhere where I could find it next time!

      Next you put 4 capfuls (60ml) of the lawn feed into 2 gallons (9 litres) of water and pour evenly over 15 sq metres of your lawn.You can also apply this in a spray form as well. It is the same amount of lawn feed, but with less water 3 litres (5 pints) over the same amount of lawn. ( I don't know why it is less water though?).

      This is best to do from March - September as this is when the grass will be growing most, every 4-6 weeks should get it to Bowling Green look! So I 'm trying to give my lawn some life back ready for the winter, so hopefuly next year in the spring it will be looking nice and healthy and green!

      You can use this lawn feed all year round if you wish and it can also be used in dry or wet conditions.It is also good for newly sowed lawns. We have had to fill in a dip in the garden recently which was a devil to mow over and
      with it newly seeded this has helped to bring it on a lot quicker.

      Doff Portland have been manufacturing gardening products for over 60 years now and are trying to become a Carbon Neutral Company within the next 5 years.

      So next time you are going to buy some lawn feed, make sure you read the back to find out that it is full strength,
      unlike me and find out that you seem to be just watering the garden with the stuff.( Unless you have the full strength bottle with you to read, it is easy to buy the wrong strength!!) Be Warned!!

      I'll give this product 4 stars as it is very good , but I haven't tried any others that might be better!


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    • Product Details

      Fast acting lawn treatment to promote healthy, green lawns in just a short time.

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