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Garden King Composter 220L

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Brand: Just Green

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2009 12:35
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to the traditional compost heap, not for those with an aversion to bugs though!

      I have always had a compost heap in the garden so composting is somewhat of a second nature to me now, the problem is that as I am getting older I struggle with turning the hot heap over to get the rich compost as quickly and effectively as possible. I knew I needed a compost bin but was loathe to spend money on something I didn't really WANT, although the benefits of composting in a bin rather than unruly heap were something I had to think about.

      As it turned out I didn't spend any money on my two compost bins as browsing the rewards on Ipoints I noticed they had started stocking them, along with a wide range of gardening and eco-friendly products. I cashed in enough points for two and sat back waiting for them to arrive.

      I must admit I was a little disappointed with how flimsy this Garden King Compost Bin appeared, it has an upright conical shape and is made of thin green plastic with a thick tightly fitting lid. There is also a darker 'cat flap' cut into the bottom of the bin which is where you will eventually pull your compost through. It looks like, well, a compost bin when it's sitting in my garden. There has been no effort to dress it up at all, but then there is no need for there to be as it's a functional rather than decorative item.

      I had a quick look at the instruction booklet as although I am experienced in composting I needed to check that there wasn't going to be any major differences between looking after my heaps and this bin. There aren't, other than the fact that composting in a bin is a slightly quicker process to start as your compostable waste gets hotter and rots down quicker in an enclosed bin compared to when it's on a heap and exposed to the air.

      I had already decided to use the stuff on my heap to start the bins off so got my son in law to shovel it all into the bin, the heap was already fairly hot and well rotted so the two bins were full of usable compost within just a couple of weeks. In the instruction booklet it gives you information on how to begin your compost bin from scratch, along with the advice that you should get your first offerings of compost within six to eight weeks.

      You will notice that there is no bottom in your compost bin, this is because you need the compost to be touching the earth to allow worms and other gardeners friends to help the process of composting your waste. If you don't like bugs then I suggest you never lift up your compost bin as the ground underneath will literally be teeming with beetles, worms and every other wingless insect that decides he wants to nibble on your compost.

      My one complaint about this bin is that the cat flap is not attached very well to the body of the bin, it fits along runners but is easily knocked off and a little awkward to fit back on once I've pulled out as much compost as I need. This is a nuisance as the flap needs to be tight to the bin so as to keep as much of the heat as possible in the compost and being right on the floor I find it a long winded process to get it back on flush.

      All in all though this bin is great. It allows me to carry on composting even though my health means I cannot use a traditional heap, it's effective at what it does and while not an oil painting it's certainly not an offensive looking item to have in my garden. It holds 220 litres of compostable materials, which means not a jot to me so let me tell you that it's probably a family sized bin rather than one designed for someone who lives alone such as myself. Since using all the original half composted waste from my heap I find that if I keep both bins half full then I always have some ready to use and my small amount of daily peelings and garden waste are rotated between the two.


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    • Product Details

      Rapidly convert your organic waste into quality compost.  The size and colour of this range optimises the essential heat-generating stage of successful composting.

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