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Green Cone Green Johanna

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Garden Chemicals / Composters

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2008 21:26
      Very helpful



      Good all round composter, easy to assemble and easy to use

      The Green Johanna


      ok we've been hunting for a decent good value composter for a year or two now - first ever garden, trying to do it the "green" way as well as the "frugal" way.

      How much...

      I found this one and it said that if you lived in the right post code your Council might have struck up a deal with the manufacturers. What a bit of luck ours had! Instead of it being £100 (or there abouts) it was only £20 - jumped on it!


      It's made out of average strength green plastic, is kind of dome/cone shaped, has a lid on top that is easy to tip stuff into and two little doors at the bottom that can be screwed shut if desired to access the compost with a shovel when it's ready.


      It says it's designed in Sweden and can make compost all year round, even in a Swedish winter, although you need to buy a "jacket" for this bit if you actually live somewhere that cold, I was told I don't need one for southern English winters.

      It was straight forward to pay for over the net (if you're familiar with this style of paying).


      A couple of weeks later a huge box arrived - about 3 foot square by 1 1/2 foot deep! It wasn't heavy just awkward.

      Down and dirty...

      It took me about half an hour to assemble. It was pretty simple and looked ok once complete. It's light weight, with simple instructions - I even put it together on my own without asking DH for assistance so that says it all! lol! All you need is a screw driver and a tiny brain (I speak for myself here ;) ). It's made up of four rings of plastic that each have a small lip on the top of them that the next smaller one up sits in. It claims that you can put all kitchen food in it - even meats and dairy produce as rats can't smell it let alone get to it. And no 4 weeks on there's still no smell unless you're putting stuff into it.


      There was one side of it that let it down a bit in that it had the odd bit of broken plastic sticking out of bits that should have been cut off by quality control in the factory or something. So other than a screwdriver I did have to resort to a sharp knife to nick these bits off. If I'd paid £100 for this I'd have been a tad miffed at the lack of attention to detail!


      I'm very pleased with my lovely bargain.

      Only time will tell how good the instructions are on creating the compost itself!


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  • Product Details

    Capable of composting two parts waste food to one part garden waste for beautiful rich compost for all year long!