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J.A. Bowers Mulch & Mix

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Brand: J.A. Bowers / Type: Compost / Soil

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2009 16:17
      Very helpful



      You will reap the rewards.

      Some of you may well have `put your garden to bed for the year` already but given that the weather has been kinder to us over the last few weeks I have been taking the gentle approach to my end of year tidy up session.
      Plants and shrubs are like anything else in life, nurture them well and they will repay you ten fold and that is one of my main reasons for putting a layer of Bower's Mix and mulch in and around on top of the soil in the garden borders.

      My garden borders are filled with shrubs, I find that they are far easier to cope with. The moment that I plant anything that looks remotely like a bedding plant the slugs all come out in force to enjoy a hearty meal and I might just as well give them the ten pound note to munch in the first place !

      Before I can put a layer of Bower's mix and mulch over the soil I have to spend time weeding, pruning and just tidying up in general.
      I buy a couple of 70 litre sacks of Bower's mulch and mix from my local garden centre which works out at around £22. The contents go a fair way but I usually buy the two bags of organic mixture which gives me plenty.
      Bower's New Horizon mulch and mix is 100% organic and in this day and age that is something that most of us tend to look for.
      As well as being organic it is also free from peat and Bower's recommend that one bag will cover about 3 square metres of soil if you add a layer that is between four and six centimetres deep.

      Once I have finished my `tidy up` then I will add that layer of mulch to the top of the soil. The organic mulch feels light but `clumpy` and it is a good dark rich colour. ( it is better to wear you gardening gloves for the job )
      As the weather begins to turn colder that layer of mixed mulch will help keep the soil from constantly freezing and thawing which is not good for your plants.
      I suppose you could call the mulch a blanket for the soil but it not only keeps the soil warm it will help to stifle the weed growth ( by blocking out the light ) in the coming couple of months, I know that the majority of weeds lay dormant during the cold weather but there are always a few very hardy weeds that refuse to give in gracefully.
      Bower's organic mulch will also help the soil to retain moisture which again is a big help to your shrubs and plants. Earthworms enjoy mulch and so that layer that encourages the worms and other micro-organisms that are good for the soil.

      You can mulch your soil at any time of the year there are no strict rules but I prefer to do it at the end of the season.
      Once you have added the light layer of mulch and mix to the soil then you can just gently tease it into the surface of the soil so that shrub and plants roots are well protected against the colder weather.
      When you put the layer of mulch down then it will need to be `watered in` and after that you will need to make sure that it doesn't dry out or your shrubs and plants will suffer.

      I know a lot of people buy the decorative bark mulch to use on their garden just so that it looks good but I much prefer to know that my soil is being fed and that my plants are getting the best possible care.
      If you think about it that layer of mulch gives your soil a completely natural form of insulation and added to that fact it is entirely recyclable too.
      Caring for my soil is very important to me, If the soil is fed well then the plants will flourish and I see mulching as one of those important tasks that should't be ignored.


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      A natural alternative to peat

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