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Kybosh Bio Spray

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Brand: Kybosh / Type: Pest Control

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2009 12:50
      Very helpful



      The best product I have ever used on bugs!

      When I moved into my house several years ago, I discovered an invasion of horrid bugs! These bugs were very stubborn, regardless of how often I vacuumed (3 times a day when I first moved in) they were still lurking, and making me feel very uncomfortable. The bugs were combinations woodlice, ants, fleas and worse of all were the silverfish! Silverfish were the worse to get rid of the did not stay inside the vacuum they crawled back out they were impossible to squash and could swim if you dropped them in the loo! Stubborn little things! During the night when the house was quite and dark, they would come out from cracks, through floorboards, out from under carpet etc. When I picked up washing off the floor, they would race out in all directions. The infestation of silverfish was not under control and was getting worse as time past. We finally reached the point where drastic action was needed.

      I bought several cans of a strong chemical called kybosh. Kybosh was about £3 a for a 300 ml can. I bought about four cans and cleared the house as much as possible. I then arranged to stay at friends for a night and sprayed around the edge of every room. The instructions stated to close the windows and doors and spray in all directions for 3-5 seconds then leave the room closed for 10 minutes. I felt that if we were spending the money and because of the severity of the infestation to was worth going for it and doing where they were coming from in every room.

      After spraying around the edge of every single room and closing all the doors and windows I left the house. I have to say it stank! I cover all the food and put in cupboards. The following day when I entered the house, it was like a horror movie! I opened all the doors and windows, as it still smelt very strong and left the house open for a few hours before daring to go back inside. Every room was covered in dead bugs! There were spiders, woodlice, flea, silverfish, earwigs and some other bugs that I have never seen before!

      I vacuumed every inch of every room several times until it was clear of bodies. This took a long time but I was very impressed with how well the spray had worked. This spray had really taken control of the infestation and it was well worth the money time and effort to get my house back!

      The Kybosh spray can also be used directly on the insect, which was very useful for the silverfish! After I had treated the whole house there were hardly any bugs. When I did catch site of the odd silverfish mainly in a downstairs cupboard that I had not sprayed as well as I should have a singe spray directly onto the bug killed them with ease.

      I would highly recommend kybosh spray to get rid of unwanted bugs. If you have a bad infestation it is well worth clearing the house and taking drastic control of the situation. At £3, a can it is a bargain it is easy to use as it is a spray can.

      The tin says it kills bluebottles, midges, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, flying ants, daddy long legs, flies, beetles, cockroaches, silverfish, woodlice, earwigs, fleas and ants! The bottle does warn not to use on animals or around pets, it says not to inhale the spray. I would be careful using this product if you had asthma or breathing problems. The spray can be used on carpets, skirting boards, woods, bedding and blankets.


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    • Product Details

      Fast acting aerosol for the control of wasps, flies and other pests Kills flying and crawling insects.

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