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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food

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Brand: Miracle-Gro / Type: Fertilizer

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    5 Reviews
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      21.08.2013 13:38
      Very helpful



      A little miracle worker that is carefully balanced to feed plants all round the garden

      Miracle Gro All purpose Soluble Plant Food

      Size 500g (larger sizes available).

      Packaging: Sturdy cardboard box with a separate strong plastic bag inside.

      Colour/How to Spot on the shelf: Yellow Box with a Green stripe at the top Miracle Gro logo which is white over a black circle, pictures of plants on the front that looks like a mouse mat.

      I'd like to say I am green fingered, I really would. Give me a house plant and I'll most probably kill it, give me a garden and I'll have brilliant ideas, many which do not come to fruition. Give me a box of Miracle Gro and I do seem to be able to grow some pretty amazing plants.

      I remember Miracle Go coming out, it's too good to be true claims and more importantly it took the guess work out of fertilizer for the real amateur gardener like me. Prior to Miracle Gro I would go to the garden centre or agriculture store and stare at the products, pick up a few, narrow it down to about 6 must have products for the various needs of my garden and mentally tot up the cost. Narrow it down to two and usually leave empty handed and ashamed.

      The claims: "The original blue crystals that promise to grow plants twice as big!* The improved Miracle-Gro formula is carefully balanced to feed plants all round the garden with all the essential nutrients required for optimum growth and maximum flowering." From the website.

      Now, before I go any further I do need to admit that I did try to go organic, honest I did. We had Goat manure galore, commercial organic fertilizer that turned out to be chicken pooh (I keep chickens), organic compost and nematodes for this and nematodes for that. I did not quite give up. When I rented a small holding it was easy, the local farmer spread his manure on my fields, I scythed the nettles, thistles and docks, picked up the horse manure and enjoyed free range chickens fed on the best organic feed, therefore producing organic eggs, grew a few potatoes, carrots, lots of courgettes and marrows and beat. But, put a garden before me, a different matter obviously. The vegetables that survived the slugs were attacked by caterpillars, then we got flea beetle. The roses and sweet peas were covered in green fly. It would have been cheaper to buy organic veg in a supermarket! So I devised a cunning plan. One side of the garden and the chicken area would remain organic, using natural soil association approved methods for growing vegetables and the other side where most of the flowers grew and the containers would go over to "normal methods". So it was I bought my first pack of blue magic!

      No sooner had I made the decision, discussed it and worked through than I was shopping in Asda and looking for something totally different, when I came across the Miracle Grow All Purpose Soluble Plant Food at only £1. Well, remembering those long ago adverts and my ex-fella's mums baskets I gladly parted with my £1 and took a box home.

      When I opened the box I discovered a sealed white plastic bag, and a two ended measuring spoon, so armed with a pair of scissors I snipped the bag, to discover the bright blue crystals inside. A careful examination of the easy to read and follow instructions later and I was on my way: 1 large measure sprinkled into a watering can, fill up with water, stir with a stick (an old broken bamboo cane serves me well!). ..and share the magic water with the plants. As suggested, I apply to the base of the plants and water the hanging baskets as usual. The major problem I had with early applications is that I ended up with blue hands! There was no warning anywhere that if you get it on your skin, you go blue! So I am warning you, take care when using this product, do not spill down your bare leg like my neighbour did whilst wearing shorts. It did not cause any health issues, but he had a big blue streak that looked like a birth mark, that took ages to get rid of!

      The instructions are actually in the form of pictures and a written version, so anyone should be able to follow these very easy to use instructions. For "numpty's" like me the fertilizer contains "Nitrogen for lush green leaves; Phosphate for strong roots; Potash for more flowers and more resistance to disease and drought and Trace Elements for all round plant health and disease resistance." For the clever "proper" gardeners out there here is the full UK declaration:

      "EC Fertiliser ,NPK Fertiliser blend 24-8-16 with Trace Elements: ,Nitrogen (N) Total 24% ,Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 3.5% ,Ureic Nitrogen (N) 20.5% ,Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) Soluble in Neutral Ammonium Citrate and in Water 8% (3.5% P) ,of which Soluble in Water 8% (3.5% P) ,Potassium Oxide (K2O) Soluble in Water 16% (13.3% K) ,Boron (B) Soluble in Water 0.02% ,Copper (Cu) Soluble in Water 0.03% ,Iron (Fe) Soluble in Water 0.19% ,0.19% Chelated by EDTA ,Manganese (Mn) Soluble in Water 0.05% ,0.05% Chelated by EDTA ,Molybdenum (Mo) Soluble in Water 0.001% ,Zinc (Zn) Soluble in Water 0.03% ".

      Well, no immediate change to my flowers, but I used as directed every two weeks, the pack advises using every two weeks from early spring until late summer. My fuchsias' in the basket did seem to thrive. But I was not doing any form of controlled test, so I cannot really give exact results. Also, by now the anti-slug nematodes had finished off the slug problem in the whole garden, so all plants were better off!

      I have continued to use this product now for several years and actually this year I have finally got it right, people will think I really have got green fingers, not blue.

      We moved house last year and I am no longer on a water meter, but a private bore hole, so when the water butts run out now, I am not worrying about how much water I am using. I water the plants unashamedly from a hose and use the Miracle Gro from a can once a fortnight as recommended. This year, my plants have the wow factor, not just some of them all of them.

      My baskets and containers are filled half and half (very approximate) with Miracle Gro water retaining compost and Otter Valley Basic Compost, the only exception being my large, plant packed hanging basket which has 100% Miracle Gro compost.

      Despite, being delighted with this product and impressed by its value for money, I am not convinced that it really does grow plants twice as big. I guess under controlled tests it must have done and it would have the potential too, but for me it takes the guess work out of gardening and that is good enough.

      I was surprised after the first winter I had this product that when I pulled it out from the cupboard under the garden sink, it had gone to a liquid mush. I looked at it, smelt it (yes I did end up with a blue spot on my nose). Reminded myself to buy some fresh, but thought what the **** used it anyway, plants did seem happy with it, however in this form it is even easier to end up with blue fingers.

      The box does advise to reseal after opening and I thought folding down the plastic and closing the box was good enough. The box also advises (of course) to keep out of the reach of children and to wash splashes from skin. I should get one of those plastic clip thingys to seal the bag, but have never bothered and to be honest, it seems to work just as well once it has gone to mush. There is no shelf life once opened indicator that I can find.

      I have not tried Miracle Gro on Tomatoes or Lawns.

      Negatives: Be careful or you will be Blue. Soluble granules turn to mush.

      Advantages: Takes the guess work out of garden feeding.

      Suitable for: Numptys whoops I mean - Flowers, Lawns, Tomatoes, hanging baskets and containers and drum roll please........ Houseplants.

      Price and Availability: I have bought this product from Asda; Wilkinsons; Otter Valley Nurseries and Tesco. It is also available in SCATS and other garden centres and supermarkets that I have seen and I've just found out from Amazon. Price is £8.95 for a 2Kg tub from Amazon delivered free. It is also available in 500g and 1kg boxes.

      Miracle Gro is a product of the Scotts Company (UK) Ltd website: http://www.thescottsmiraclegrocompany.com/

      Would I recommend this product? You bet I would!

      Almost gave 4/5 but only reason it still gets 5/5 is it is so good. The blue finger is something I have learn't to avoid!

      6 months on Time to get the gardening started!


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        04.10.2012 22:00
        Very helpful



        Good plant feed

        In the past in our garden it has been a bit hit and miss whether anything really grows and blooms however over the past couple of I have taken more of an interest in gardening and have certainly seen the improvement n the quality of what is grown. One of the things I did start to do was to use plant food more often in order to give everything a bit of a boost. Miracle Gro is the brand that I have used this past spring and summer, It cost around the £6 mark for a 1kg tub that is divided into two seperate 500g bags. There is also a plastic scoop included so that you can mix the contents accurately with water.

        The plant food itself is in a blue crystal form which needs to be dissolved in water and distributed using a watering can or spray, for the best results you are advised to apply it every two weeks from March and right through the summer months, we basically use it until the end of September as per the instructions.

        This is a really easy product to use, the instructions are really easy to follow and you only have to remember to vary the amounts depending on what you are watering. You can certainly appreciate the benefits of using this product as well as our flowers and plants bloom a lot better and enjoy a much better level of growth. We only have plants and no vegetables in our garden so I cannot comment how this product is with vegetables but if the results on our planst are anything to go by the results should be pretty good as well.

        The product does contain some harmful chemicals so should be kept out of the reach of children and these chemicals are clearly documented on the packaging.


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        23.04.2012 21:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food‏

        I have a knack for killing all of my house plants. After they have been in the house for a few days they always seem to start drooping and no matter how much I water them/not water them or tend to them, place them in sunshine, place them in the dark they always start to die. I thought it was time I actually did something about it as I love having plants around my house so decided to buy some Miracle-grow plant food. My local nursery which is just across the road sells this in various forms but I decided to buy a packet of the soluble Miracle-Gro singles as they seemed the easiest to use and distribute.

        According to the packaging Miracle-gro plant food creates bigger, more beautiful plants and Lush, deep green foliage and beautiful blooms for healthy-looking plants. This is exactly what I was looking for. These packets are designed just for house plants which was only what I wanted it for but you can get Miracle-Gro for outdoors as well. The food is really easy to use. I have a watering can for indoors that you use to mix up the solution. The instructions say to tear open the packet and pour into a watering can so I fill up the watering can with water first. There are equations on the pack to tell you how much water to use. For indoor plants you use 1 gallon of water and just pour one packet into the water, its as easy as that. I like that you don't really need to measure anything out and can just add one sachet knowing that that is enough.

        Then all you do is use this solution to water your plants. The water does not smell and has no chemical smell which is nice.The instructions given are to feed every 7 to 14 days in-between regular watering. I like that you don't have to use this everyday as I think I would probably forget and then it wouldn't be effective but I can just about cope with once a fortnight.

        So, my plants are looking well. I can't say that I have the green fingers touch as some of them still droop from time to time but since using this feed none of my plants have died which is a bonus and they are looking better than they did before.

        The feed is safe to use and according to the packaging, "when used according to label instructions, our products pose no health risks to humans, animals, wildlife, or the environment and there is no reentry delay."

        These sachets come in a pack of 24 and cost me £4.59.


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          09.08.2011 08:39
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          What you doing in your bed?.................You should be growing!

          My wife and I have 18 fingers between us and not one of them is green. Without any natural ability when it comes to gardening, we've killed off quite a few plants over the years including some quite expensive specimens. My wife has become particularly adept as a killer, so some time ago, we invested in a box of Miracle Gro all-purpose soluble plant food.

          Within the 1kg box, you get 2 x 500g plastic bags full of product. The product takes the form of a blue granular powder, not dissimilar texture wise to builder's sand and having the appearance of a rather violent blue crushed Bloo cistern block.

          This 'miracle' product is supposed to make our plants grow twice as big - a bold claim indeed and one which we have yet to fully substantiate from our own experience. The product can be used on both outdoor and indoor plants and recommended dilution levels for each are given on the side of the green and yellow box.

          Also included within the box is a handy green plastic double ended measuring spoon to help you get the right amount of product for your watering can.

          After use, we have noticed our plants perking up a little, but we aren't sure whether that is because they were dry and needed a drink or whether this is as a direct result of this fertiliser. Where we will have gone wrong is probably that we have failed to continue to feed plants at the specified intervals right through the growing season. We're normally happy if we merely keep them alive.

          As a fertiliser, this has the usual warnings on the side of the pack. It apparently now contains an even better mix of nutrients which give more blooms, give greater colour and grow much quicker. It also helps them to be resistant to drought by helping them to establish a strong root system.

          Despite our own experiences which have been a bit hit and miss, I would encourage all users to closely follow the instructions and before long they will see a marked difference in their plants. This doesn't happen without a substantial cost investment in that a 1kg box will make up to 80 watering can fulls. If you use it everywhere in your garden, you'll go through it very quickly. We tend to use it only in our hanging baskets and only when we remember or when they look a bit dodgy.

          If you do exactly what it says on the box and finish the course of treatment, I'm sure this will work for you - well, it's not actually meant for humans, but you know what I mean!


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            16.06.2011 13:43
            Very helpful



            Helps to feed the garden plants and vegetables

            A strange thing has just happened to me in the garden - let me tell you all about it!

            It all started this morning when I decided that it was time to remove my Forsythia from the pot where it has stood for the last seven years and plant it in the border of the garden. It had become pot bound and developed very few flowers or leaves this year.

            Anyway it took me a while but I eventually got it out of its pot and planted it in the garden but I then realised that it would probably need a feed. I knew that I had some Phostrogen in the shed so off I went to find it, but when I got there I found that I had got a box of Miracle Gro as well so I decided to use that instead.

            Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food to give it its full name comes in the form of blue crystals which are dissolved in water in the watering can and then you just water the plants with the resulting mixture and the feed is absorbed through the leaves and roots of the plants.

            Miracle Gro is also available in liquid, granule and powder form depending on which you would rather use and how you intend to use it - watering can, hose pipe etc.

            The one that I have comes in a bright yellow and green box with pictures of flowers and vegetables on the front together with the promise that this will 'grow plants twice as big'.

            On the sides and the back of the box there is a lot of information about how to use the Miracle Gro and what ratio of granules to water to use for different flowers and vegetables.

            There are also all the usual warnings about not getting it into your eyes, not eating it, keeping it out of reach of children etc. There is also a full list of ingredients too.

            I had bought the 1kg box which currently retails about the £5 mark although it also comes in a 500g box for about £3. I figured that the larger box was better value and the granules weren't going go past some sort of sell by date. More about that later!

            Inside the 1kg box the granules are in two separate sealed plastic bags and there is also a blue plastic scoop for measuring the amount you need to put into your watering can.

            The idea is that you water your plants and vegetables twice a week during the season from March to September using Miracle Gro for the best results.

            I must admit I don't bother with being too accurate and making up different strengths for different plants - I just put a scoop full into the watering can and fill it with water and then use it to water all the plants. I tend to only remember to do it about once a fortnight too so if I did it twice a week heaven knows what I would end up with!

            I have found that it certainly does seem to make a difference to the plants. They seem to grow better; they are healthier and have lots more flowers. Whether they are twice as good as they would otherwise have been there is no way of knowing but I am definitely impressed with Miracle Gro.

            So what was the strange thing that happened I hear you ask?

            Well, I will tell you the story which will add a final word of caution to this review.

            I went into the shed and reached the box of Miracle Gro off the shelf. I came out of the shed locking the door behind me and walked down the garden looking at various things as I went.

            Suddenly I was aware of wetness on my foot - I was wearing mule type slippers at the time - and I looked down to see a turquoise liquid dripping everywhere. At first I couldn't think what it could be and then I realised that it was coming from the Miracle Gro box in my hand.

            I hadn't used the product for a while and at first I thought that it must be in liquid form in a bottle inside the box which had somehow broken or opened. I set the box down and carefully opened the top to reveal the two plastic packets of granules one of which was open as it had been partially used.

            The granules in the open packet had turned to a liquid mush and as I had carried the box the liquid had spilled out dripping through the box onto my foot and the paving in the garden. It was of course all over my hands as well by this time!

            I removed the packets from the box and put them into an empty plastic ice cream tub to prevent any further spillage and then went and washed my hands. Luckily all the turquoise dye came off so I assume it will also come of the paving slabs too when it rains tomorrow.

            I still used the contents of the open packet putting a scoop full of the mushy mixture into my watering can and filling it with water. It looked exactly the same when diluted as it always does so I am assuming it will work just as well.

            So, in conclusion, I would definitely recommend Miracle Gro but I would advise you to be careful where you keep it and for how long!


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          • Product Details

            Scotts Miracle-gro Plant Food Size: 1Kg All Purpose Water Soluble Garden Fertiliser. - Coverage: Makes 266 Litres Of Feed (66 Gallons) - Easy To Apply By Watering Can Or Miracle- Gro Feeder - Balanced Mix Of Trace Elements - Stimulates Root Growth in A Wide Variety Of Garden Plants - Both Foliar And Root Uptake For Rapid Results - Simple To Understand And Apply

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