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Miracle-Gro Patch Magic

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5 Reviews
  • Contains Grass Seed
  • Plus Coir
  • Not Cheap.
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    5 Reviews
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      15.12.2014 15:05
      Very helpful


      • "Plus Coir"
      • "Plus Fertiliser"
      • "Contains Grass Seed"


      • "Not Cheap. "

      Patch Magic - 3 in 1 Lawn Repair by Miracle Grow

      I got rid of all the weeds on my lawn by using Evergreen Complete. However, this left large bare patches where weeds and moss had been killed.

      I then bought PATCH MAGIC Grass Seed, Feed and Coir. It is more expensive than grass seed alone, but I wanted as quick and convenient a solution as possible. The area concerned consisted of unimproved Essex clay under a very thin layer of top soil.

      I decided that it was best to start by buying PATCH MAGIC in an easy to use shaker jug, which helped me to distribute the seeds evenly, then topped this up later with refills. The mixture consists of grass seed, fertiliser and moisture retaining coir so that it is less likely to dry out in between watering.

      The manufacturers say that my initial 1.015kg shaker contains enough to treat 13 patches approximately 45 cm in diameter, and it cost me about £9. This coverage seems about right. If you are happy with the results of using this, I suggest you then top the shaker up from the larger bags available to buy, that are more cost effective.

      In should be applied in the main growing season - March to September. To protect the new growth, we kept off the treated areas and did not mow them for 3 weeks.

      As with all grass seed, it will need protecting from birds who think you have put out food for them. After seeing old CDs dangling from sticks at National Trust gardens I had visited, I decided to see if this method worked for scaring birds in my area. It worked for me too. I believe sunny weather will maximise this deterrent, adding the sun’s rays’ reflections to any others on the shiny side of the CDs.

      If you have a pet dog to help scare the birds, you will be interested to know that Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair is also available. Apparently this neutralises urine burns, but I didn’t have need of this myself.

      I used PATCH MAGIC Grass Seed, Feed and Coir after I had retired, so I had the time to follow the instructions exactly. Had I tried improving my lawn this way, while I was still doing a demanding job, I believe I may have failed, due to not being available at the right times to water morning and evening in hot dry weather, when there was insufficient rain. (The coir lightens in colour to tell you that it is drying out.)

      This product has helped me have a good lawn to enjoy, therefore, I RECOMMEND PATCH MAGIC.


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      17.08.2013 12:09
      Very helpful



      Good product

      Patch Magic is designed to correct any areas on the lawn that have become damaged and are brown and uneven rather than a nice green consistent look, for some reason we started to experience this problem this year. It is basically grass seeds with compost and plant food and a 1kg container of this cost me £8.49 from my local Tesco and to be honest it was a bit of an impulse purchase while on the regular weekly shopping trip. Usually I would do a bit of research before buying such a product but decided to give this one a try. The idea is that rather than just adding more grass seed this combination gives the seed a boost and a greater chance of growing back in and blending with the rest of the lawn. In all we had about four patches that needed treatment.

      The gimmick with this product is that it changes colour as an indicator to tell you whether you need to water it or not. The darker the colour the less it needs to be watered, if it is a light colour then you need to water it. The instructions are easy to follow and generally the work involved is fairly minimal, the important thing is in the preparation as all of the dead grass needs to be removed and then prior to applying the lawn should be watered. After that you need to apply the magic gro and then water it until you get a dark brown colour appearing. Any time it starts to go light then it needs to be watered again. It is also worth doing something to prevent birds getting at the grass seeds when it is initially spread and watered.

      The frequency of watering is very dependent on the weather, initially on the second and third day of applying this the weather was very hot and we found ourselves watering twice a day however this was when the weather was very hot and there was a lot of sunshine. Within about five days we started to see some results and three out of the four patches looked great after about ten to fourteen days. It failed to work very well on one of the patches and it may have been that we did not apply enough as we repeated the process and got much better results.

      The only real issue is that the grass is slightly better colour than the rest of the lawn so if you look closely you can still see a feint patch where the grass is actually a little darker and I hope it will blend in over time. We will probably try feeding the rest of the lawn a little more to see if that helps.

      My initial skepticism has been overcome with this product as it does certainly work. It is easy to use and gets pretty good results and it certainly worth giving a try.


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        15.08.2013 15:53
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Helped my lawn look its best!

        I laid my lawn in the middle of the heatwave this summer - big mistake! I tried to keep it watered but in patches the lawn was dying. It was green in places and brown in others. I thought about grass seed but decided to use this as I saw it in B&Q and it seemed to do what I needed it to do.

        I paid around £7 for a tub of this and managed to just cover my lawn. Grass seed is only £4 but the packaging and instructions of this product make it stand out so I decided to try it. I am impressed!

        +++What is it+++
        To be honest, it is difficult to say, it is kind of grass seed in compost that is a light brown dust. One thing that makes it so easy to use and get great results from is because of how it changes colour. When it is dark, it doesn't need watering, when it is light it does. It's that simple.

        +++How to use it+++
        It is really simple to use and the instructions make it extremely clear. Just make sure that when you are using it, it isn't going to be too hot. To get fresh green grass all you have to do is the following:

        - Rake the area to remove any dead grass.
        - Water the lawn.
        - Cover the patch with the patch magic product.
        - Water the patch magic until it goes a dark brown colour.
        - Ensure that the patch magic is always dark brown, if it is light brown, just water it some more.

        It is that simple. By doing the above your patchy lawn will be lovely and green.

        This product saved my lawn, I have recently done the front lawn aswell and it is lovely and green now rather than patchy where there is heavy foot traffic.

        I can't recommend this product enough, if you have a lawn that is in poor condition or a lawn that is patchy, use this product and you won't be disappointed.


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          29.08.2012 23:24
          Very helpful



          It grew even in my poor soil, in both shady and exposed areas.


          Our garden has clay based soil.

          The flower beds have gradually been improved over many years, firstly by adding sand to help break the clay up, and later adding compost to areas where new plantings were put.

          The grassed area, however, has very little other than clay underneath it. When we eventually got around to getting rid of weeds from this area, we were left with a lot of bare patches.

          Due to the poor quality of the soil, we decided to use Patch Magic, which friends in our area had previously used with success.

          Patch Magic enables you to spread good quality grass at the same time as coir and fertiliser.
          This combination helps maintain higher moisture levels around the seed, as well as giving it the nutrition it needs all in one.

          After spreading the mixture over the bare areas of loosened soil, this is what we did.

          1. We put up a home-made bird scarer consisting of old CDs hung on sticks.

          2. We watered twice a day, when it did not rain. When it needs watering you should be able to tell by the colour of the coir lightening. The earlier and later in the day you can water the better, both for water retention reasons, and to avoid young wet growth scorching in strong sunlight.

          3. We kept off of these areas, so as not to harm new growth.

          4. We resisted the temptation to cut the grass before the new growth was well-established, which may well be about 3 weeks or more, depending on when in the growing season (Mar to Sept) you use it and the weather conditions.

          WHAT TO BUY

          We bought Patch Magic in a shaker jar first, and then found that the best value for money is to top this up with refill pouches.

          The RRPs are
          £9.99 for 750g Shaker Jar
          £15.99 for 1.5 kg Pouch
          £24.99 for 3.5 kg Pouch

          I have used the original Patch Magic Grass Seed Feed and Coir, for patches mostly caused by getting rid of weeds. However, if your bare patches are caused by dog urine there is now also a specialist Patch Magic Dog Spot repair.


          If starting a lawn from scratch, I believe it is best to buy turfs. Only if money is no object should you even consider using Patch Magic for large areas.

          If you have bare patches, sprinkling suitable grass seed is adequate to repair a lawn, if you have reasonable soil.

          It is in poor soil areas like mine that I believe Patch Magic is worth buying for bare areas in a lawn, despite the extra expense. It has grown well for me in both shady and exposed areas.


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            29.08.2012 10:22
            Very helpful



            Good work Miracle Grow - you saved my lawn

            About 6 months ago we were given a childs platic slide, which consisted of two plastic 'feet' (about 2ft long, by 1/2 ft wide) and the slide itself (which covered about a 2ft by 1 ft patch of grass at it's base). This was promptly put into the back garden where it got used, but unfortunately stayed in the same place. When I went to mow the lawn, I had to move it, which revealed two strips of dead grass/mud where the feet had been and another where the base of the slide had been.

            Before I carry on I should just mention that I live in an area where, if you dig passed about 2cm, you will hit clay, so not the most hospitable of environments for a lawn to grow, so the new dead patches were a bit of a concern.

            I've never had much clue about lawns (and seeds), but like most people I had heard of miracle grow, so I sought out that brand. I knew it would be available in pretty much all DIY stores and if not, supermarkets. This 1kg pack sounded like it had enough in it to cover the patches left by the slide and for a tenner I thought why not give it a whirl! There were some cheaper options, and various different types of product 'make-ups' (this product contained coir (used in potting compost apparently), grass seed and plant food). The key for me though was that it was also non-toxic and safe with a little one around, so I scattered about half the pack over the three areas of grass, watered the area and waited...

            The first thing we noticed was an influx of hungry birds, and despite our best efforts (and my daughters best efforts) at scaring them away (we even got a cat!) we thought we had seen the last of the grass seed and were planning to build a patio instead. We did sprinkle about a quarter (half of what remained in the tub) of the seed over the same areas again about two weeks later, just to make sure. We then went away on holiday for a fortnight and thought nothing more about it, other than discussing what colour paving slabs we were going to use to build over the now dead area.

            We left my mother in charge of watering the area whilst we were away (she thought from the mounds of earth we had a mole problem), but she obviously did a good job. Much to my suprise, after coming back from our holiday you could see green shoots appearing all over the patches. This was encouraing! After two months, the two lines and the patch where the slide base sat now look far greener and healthier than the rest of my lawn - which is great, though I am now seeking out a 100kg pack to cover the rest of it!

            Alll this from a pack that cost less than a tenner - well done miracle grow - you have saved my lawn (and hours of back braking labour trying to build a patio!!)


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