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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food

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Brand: Miracle-Gro / Type: Lawn Care

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2013 20:23
      Very helpful



      worth it!

      Last year we had a gardener "Tom thumb" come and spray our lawns which resulted in a lovely green velvety lawn. This year we decided that we would treat the lawn ourselves so we went out and bought some lawn food which is probably not too different to what the gardener was using but it worked out a lot cheaper!

      ==Price and availability==

      The 1Kg box costs £6.50 from garden shops and stores such as B&Q. This size will feed up to 200 square metres of lawn.


      For your convenience there are two bags of food inside the box and a measuring spoon. The plant food comes as water soluble crystals. The crystals are blue in colour which makes them look quite interesting! To use the product you need to dissolve a level spoonful of the crystals in 4.5L of water and you can make it up in a watering can. The crystals dissolve instantly which is helpful as it means you are good to go!

      The product contains a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which all help to product lush lawns. They promote root growth, help the grass stay green and fight off diseases. Potassium is needed in plants for photosynthesis and it helps the plants make strong stems and keep growing really fast. Phosphorous is used by plants to help form new roots and it helps ward off diseases. Nitrogen is used by the grass for lots of leaf growth and good green colour. The fact that this is a soluble solution makes the product easy to take up but it also prevents an overdose which can have really negative effects on the grass.

      ==My experiences==

      This is best started in Spring as the lawn begins to grow again after the winter. I started in June (a little later than I wanted) and after the first application, within less than a week the grass was visibly greener. As I have sued this product regularly, applying it every two weeks, I have noticed that my lawn is growing faster and it is a lovely dark green. I certainly have to mow it regularly! I have not had any mossy outbreaks and overall the quality of the grass is really high. I have noticed that this product is just as successful as the one the gardener used. The only downside is the application; I have to walk very quickly, in straight lines up and down the garden with a heavy watering can. There is no requirement to get it everywhere as it goes into the soil and taken through the water supply.


      This is a really good lawn food and although I have not tried many other products, now I have found this I am quite happy with the results it has produced. The only problem with this is that it makes you OBSESSED with your lawn. I wake every morning and view it, I come home from work and survey it then on weekend and nearly every weekend I am cutting it and raking it! I think this is a downside of the product but I am glad about it! I love my grass, its green and lush and in this warm weather it has thrived, that is obviously because we are keeping it heavily hydrated! Overall, this is an excellent product if you want a full green glossy grass lawn.


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        20.08.2010 10:33
        Very helpful



        A high quality, easy to use lawn food

        Most gardeners aspire to having a lush, green lawn that's the envy of the neighbours. To get a verdant, emerald green carpet of grass does, however, take a bit of effort. Without the right care, a lawn can look weedy, mossy, and patchy: in short, a bit of an eyesore.

        When a lawn is looking past its best, covered in clover, moss, and dandelions, many gardeners reach for the weedkiller. This does have an effect, the weeds are killed, but unless the reasons the moss and weeds were able to get a root hold in the lawn are addressed, they will just return with a vengeance.

        A lawn is simply a dense collection of millions of grass plants and the best way to look after it is to provide the conditions the plants need to grow and out-compete the weeds and mosses.

        Most important is mowing. Cutting the grass as much as twice a week causes the grass to grow sideways as well as up and repeatedly cuts back the weeds so that they can't thrive. Also beneficial is raking and aeration.

        Feeding is also extremely important. Ridding the grass of moss and weeds, and mowing regularly will not be enough if the lawn hasn't got the right nutrients to thrive. Air and water provide oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, but other nutrients (as well as sunlight, of course) are required.

        The most important elements for good plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A good source of nitrogen will enable that gorgeous greed colour we long for, phosphorus ensures good, healthy roots, and potassium makes the grass more resistant to disease and drought.

        A good lawn food should, therefore, contain all of these elements, in a form that's easy to use, and that will be taken up easily by the grass. I use one of the best: Miracle-Gro Lawn Food.

        The 1Kg box costs £5.99 from B&Q and this size will feed up to 200 square metres of lawn. For example, this would be enough for two feeds of a 30 x 30 foot lawn.

        The box contains two plastic bags of feed and a small measuring spoon. The lawn food is supplied as water soluble crystals.

        The product is extremely easy to use. I've used liquid lawn foods in the past which need measuring into a container, leaving the container coated in the product, which then needs cleaning. Miracle-Gro is much easier to handle.

        A level spoonful of the blue crystals is tipped into a watering can which is then filled to the 4.5 litre mark. Tip: if you use a heaped spoonful and fill the can to the brim, you'll need less trips to fill the watering can.

        For larger lawns, the Miracle-Gro feeder can be used. This attaches to a hose, the crystals are poured in and the lawn is watered, feeding it at the same time. This costs around £10.

        One problem I did encounter is that dipping the spoon into the bag inevitably resulted in the product getting on to my fingers. The crystals brush off easily, but one of the chemicals (phosphorus pentoxide) is quite nasty, so when using Miracle-Gro (as with all garden chemicals) I wash my hands afterwards. Wearing gloves would, of course, prevent the chemicals getting onto skin.

        The crystals are completely water soluble. I found that once the can was filled, all of the product had dissolved.

        Each watering can is enough to feed 2.5 square metres of grass. I found it best to measure this in strips. My watering can produces a spray 0.5 metre wide, so I simply moved in a line for 5 metres to empty the can, then started another strip.

        Applying lawn feed in this way avoids the possibility of 'scorching' the grass, which can occur with solid lawn food, due to excess nutrients being placed on the grass after uneven application.

        For best take up of the product, the lawn should be well wetted before treatment. However, if rain is forecast in the next day, I don't feed since the water soluble nature of Miracle-Gro means that it could be washed away by rain before the grass can absorb it.

        Once the lawn has been treated, the Miracle-Gro packet should be resealed. If left open to the air, the crystals will absorb moisture and end up more like a gel than crystals, and be probably useless.

        So Miracle-Gro is easy to use, will not scorch the grass, and contains all of the nutrients a lawn needs to grow and out-compete weeds and mosses. But does it work?

        In a word, yes! After a single application of Miracle-Gro, I found that the promise of 'a greener lawn in five days' was realised. My lawn was greener, lusher, and was growing much faster than it had done before feeding. I started feeding the lawn in late spring; after monthly feeds, my lawn is now weed free, dense, and a gorgeous green colour, almost perfect, in fact.

        With my small lawn, the 1Kg pack is enough for an entire season of monthly application (this is the recommended frequency for a lawn in good condition, poor condition lawns should be treated once per fortnight). At £5.99, I think this is very good value for money and has, in fact, saved me cash since I've not had to apply any other chemicals (such as weedkillers) to the lawn this year.

        If you want a beautiful green lawn, add Miracle-Gro to your gardener's armoury. With a little TLC and regular feeding, you should end up with a lawn to be proud of.


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