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Phostrogen Plant Food

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Brand: Phostrogen / Type: Fertilizer

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2010 12:25
      Very helpful



      A handy helping hand if Mother Nature isn't doing her stuff

      My wife has a tendency to kill plants. Her fingers are every colour other than green. Even when she is given gardening tips, she still manages to kill most things that come into her care.

      Hardly surprising therefore that I took over the care of the plants inside and out a couple of years ago. I still let her do the weeding at the risk of her pulling up some of my plants.

      I have managed to successfully root a number of cuttings in the time we have been here and once these plants have got to a decent size, I have used Phostrogen Plant Food on them to help them overcome the stress of being moved to bigger pots. I have also used it on many of the indoor plants to try to get them to a decent state and size.

      For the most part, this has been successful. The feeding process is straightforward in that this plant food is a white powder which is soluble in water, so I just make up a supply in an indoor watering can and water as normal.

      The pack size is 250g and this is enough to make approximately 500 litres of plant food at the recommended dilution. I do not feed this food to every plant at every watering - just from time to time when I judge they need a bit of a boost.

      Although I have used this product for indoor plants only, it can also be used as a feed for roses, tomatoes, outdoor plants, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs and trees as well as lawns.

      For roses, tomatoes and the lawn I use separate feeds and the outdoor plants fare well enough without feeding.

      This is a well-known product with an established reputation. It's hard to go wrong with this, provided you keep an eye on your plants, don't over feed and don't over water.


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      17.09.2007 19:50
      Very helpful
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      a success in my garden if no one elses.

      I'm not an experienced gardener by any means but know that plants need a little extra to help them thrive. In both my old home which only had a small gravel patch suitable for container plants and now our new home with it's lovely front, side and back gardens I chose Phostrogen plant food to help my little flowers along.

      Phostrogen plant food is an all purpose soluble feed suitable for all plants, flowers, fruit and veg.

      Below is the companies’ claim-

      "Phostrogen provides the perfect balance of nutrients to all areas in the garden. Used to improve the quality, yield and results in home & allotment garden around the county it wasn't long until Phostrogen became the trusted companion to million of gardeners."

      Coming in a vivid orange and purple/blue container, the plant food has an indefinite shelf life providing you keep it dry. The directions for use are clearly printed on the packaging with matching diagrams, the ingredients that make up the feed are printed on the side of the pack but the writing is quite small and a little hard to read.

      The Feed Contains-
      Magnesium and Sulphur trace elements
      Phosphorus Pentoxide
      Neutral Ammonium Citrate
      Potassium Oxide
      Magnesium Oxide
      Calcium Oxide
      Sulphur Trioxide

      Now I’m the first to admit I’m not a scientist, while I vaguely recognize some of these things from my Periodic table days I couldn't tell you what benefits they are meant to bring to the plant feed. The feed however is created by experienced professionals from the gardening world who obviously know what they're doing, I’m sure a more experienced gardener will also know the benefits.

      While there are no safety warnings with the plant food I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you try eating it, I’m guessing that could be a bad idea, so keep it out of reach of children just in case.

      I found these questions and answers on a gardening website which may prove helpful in regards to the safety of the product:

      "Is it safe to use Plant Food around children and pets?
      Children and pets need not be excluded from any areas of the garden that have been fed with Plant Food. As with any household product it is sensible not to allow the powder or dilute solution onto skin. If this does happen, wash it off with plenty of cold water

      What happens when the blow into my face?
      Whilst the powder will have had an acrid taste the ingredients of Plant Food are no more toxic than common salt. No further action is necessary"

      The site also states that it is safe to harvest fruit and vegetables directly after feeding with the product. The product is not harmful to the soil and can actually improve it in certain areas. You should not mix with pesticides or any other chemical treatment as a reaction is always possible when mixing 2 different products.

      Feeding Guide-
      A 1kg pack of Phostrogen soluble food should last approximately 50 watering cans.

      All flowers/fruit/veg- 4 doses per 9 litres- Every 7-14 days
      Containers/young plants/seeds- 1 dose per 9 litres- Every watering
      Houseplants- 1 dose per 4.5 litres- every watering

      To prepare the handypack for use you have to make sure the lid is closed, you then tip the pack upside down and an amount of the food will be distributed into the purple feed compartment. When you turn the pack up the right way open the lid and you will see the food, add this into your watering can, as you tip the food into the can the feed compartment should automatically re-fill with the next dose. Close the cap when you've put the required dosage of food into your watering can to make sure the feed stays dry.

      Pour the water/feed mixture around the base of your plants thoroughly soaking the soil, you can also wet the foliage but not in direct sunlight as this will damage the plant. Feed your plants regularly throughout the growing season.

      To re-fill the handypack you can remove the inner part of the purple feed compartment and simply pour the new mix into the pack, then all you have to do is replace the insert and you're ready to go.

      Price and availability-
      Phostrogen 1kg plant food in the handypack is available from most garden centres, supermarkets and online for £5.75.

      My Experience-
      Well like I said it was my first year last year and I was delighted with the results I achieved. Now of course while I followed the instructions and treated all my plants with the feed I cannot actually prove that my success was down to the feed or whether I simply had good luck. I did grow some very easy plants such as Tulips, Freesias and Bizzie Lizzies so the fact that they are easier plants to grow might also have something to do with my results. I was a little more daring this year adding Gladioli, Petunias, Geranium, Aquilegia, Begonia and a few other varieties, so only time will tell how well some of them will turn out, being that some of them are newly planted bulbs which wont flower until next spring, needless to say I will be using the feed on them as instructed. The flowers that did grow this year all turned out beautiful and many are still going strong now despite he terrible summer we've had this year.

      The handypack is made of tough plastic and is great for storing the food and protect it against getting wet. Unfortunately last year I hadn’t quite closed the cap of mine properly and it went a bit stodgy over the winter, still I cleaned out the feed compartment and gave the feed a chance to dry out, after a good hard shake it broke up enough to pour into the compartment. The feed dissolves into the water quickly, although I only have a small watering can, so a larger one which would need a larger dose may take longer. My plant feed lasted quite a while but I did only have a few tubs to feed, people with larger gardens and more plants will obviously get through a pack quicker. On very rare occasions the feed doesn’t completely dilute but this is ok as it breaks down naturally into the soil.

      I would certainly recommend this plant food as I got thoroughly lovely results with both my flowers and fruit this year.


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      All-purpose soluble plant feed

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