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Raid Country Fresh Ant and Roach Killer

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Brand: Raid / Type: Pest Control - Spray

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2011 00:17
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      Kills insects and their eggs as well.

      One of my oldest customers called me the other day and asked me if I could come over for a little while and help her out. I asked her what was up and she sounded to embarrassed to say, so I went over there. When I walked into her house I saw a box with 6 cans of Raid Ant and Roach Killer (Country Fresh). She explained to me that ever since the town put in a new water feed pipe into her home she infiltrated by big black cockroaches and she asked me if I can spray her whole house for her. I told her I had to go back to my place and get my respirator and she needed to either find someplace to go for at least 6 hours or more and she said when I came back she would go to her sister's.

      When I get back to her place, she told me she was going to stay the night at her sister's as she handed me a Ben Franklin ($100.00). She begged me to do the best job that I could, I said I would try my best. She said she woke up the middle of the night and how they were in the bed with her. I told her I would do my best but she needed to get a professional in there to permanently get rid of them. I've seen big cockroaches when I lived up at Belmont, New York. I knew the first place to go and start my roach hunt and to see what I was up against. The house is a 1920 0r early 1930 historic home in Frederick. I walked into the front room and pulled back the radiator cover from the radiator, I shook the can as fast as I could. There was at least 50 or 60 of them under the radiator and when I began spraying more came out of the woodwork. I went and got me a garbage bag and the broom and cleaned up the mess. I did this to every room and it truly gave me a upset stomach to see all these roaches..I sprayed every where in that home. I emphasized mainly where water was, kitchen under the sink and they were every where. It took them about 5 minutes to die, and then I swept them up. I sprayed all along her floor boards both upstairs in her bedroom, there wasn't as much activity upstairs but they had a presence. The basement was the worst of it all, but I was spraying every crack or crevice and they were coming out in droves. I even had to go back out and buy 3 more cans to finish the basement and to try and put a barrier around the whole house. She called me as I was cleaning up and I professed to her she needed professional people to come there to finish off what I started. They travel, so I know that both sides of the house's next to her must have them.

      If you see one or two roaches in your home or outside, this is a excellent spray to kill them dead almost instantly. Don't let them leave your sight though, the female roach will try to leave eggs behind and I had to step on them to kill them. From my experience in New York you have to spray every where and anywhere in your home or apartment. They are night travelers for the most part, so if you do find any during the day get a flashlight and comb your place at night when they are most prevalent too be searching for food. The country scent is nice smelling, but goes away after a few hours. It took me 5 hours and a total of 9 cans to go from the front room to the kitchen, from the basement to the second floor with the bedrooms. After you spray it, this Raid Ant and Roach killers do leave somewhat of a barrier film just in case they come out and step in it. The active ingredients are imiprothrin 0.100%, cypermethrin 0.100%. Inert ingredients 99.800%, and contains petroleum distillates and by products.

      This Raid Ant and Roach killer eliminates Ants instantly, as soon as you spray them they curl up and die. This spray will kill any insect that crawls in your home. When spraying for ants, spray around your doors good, this will eliminate their trail. If you have pets, restrain them either outside or in a different area of the house so they don't come in direct contact with it like their eyes, nose or mouth. It won't hurt them after you apply it and give vent the room out afterwards.

      Overall the mass killings and just doing that job was down right nasty. She called me the next day and said she just swept up a couple hundred that were dead that crawled out after I left. When you spray any surface make sure you're about 6-12 inches away, this way you'll cover more ground. If you don't think your roaches or water bugs like the country scent, this Raid product also comes in Lemon Scent. I bought some of the Lemon Scent for my sheds, but that's a different review. Make sure you shake the can for about a minute to build up pressure and repeat after every other spray. There is no after chemical odor and after you air your place out. Just please read the label for all precautions and recycling of the cans.

      $ 4.52 at Amazon.co.uk

      Thanks For reading!!!!!!


      First orinated on Epinions


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