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Vitax Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam

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Brand: Vitax / Type: Pest Control

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2011 19:34
      Very helpful



      this may well do the job and save you calling a professional - but be careful

      Living, as I do, near to woods I sometimes feel life is one long pitched battle with whatever Nature can throw at us, ants, rabbits, strange flying things, they all seem to want to make our home theirs. Most recently we have been plagued by wasps. Much as I like to operate a "live and let live" policy where possible, if you have ever had a wasps nest you will know that when you can't open the windows of your bedroom but can hear them buzzing angrily it's time to take action. Which I have, successfully, using this product.

      A Note of Caution:

      Having had a wasp issue before, I know that you need to be careful tackling them. Last year, to this end when we had a nest which we couldn't access easily I paid a professional to come to my house and eradicate the problem. Before buying or using this product you should evaluate how easily you can access the nest. If you are going to put yourself in danger in any way it's probably best to call in the experts. If you have reason to believe the nest is well established (there will be a LOT of wasps) again, you may want to contact a professional. In my case the wasp nest this year was a newish one, though there were still tens of wasps visible flying in and out of the nest at any time. I could see that they were nesting under my bedroom window so I felt able to give this a go as a cheaper alternative to spending £50 or so for a professional exterminator.

      Cost and Using the Product:

      You can expect to pay £3-5 for this product which comes in a 300ml can. This, in my experience is enough for a couple of applications and should eliminate a smaller nest if used correctly. I paid top whack for my can having bought it from a local non-chain DIY shop.

      As you would expect the foam comes in a normal aerosol can, it has a nozzle. Following the instructions I fired the foam at the nest entrance from a safe distance - the can says it will spray up to 3 metres, it certainly is quite powerful but I managed to get nearer to it than that. The foam is released from the can *(you have to spray for 12 seconds) and is fairly easily directed at the nest. It's a white foam that will stay "foamy" for a good while. It works as wasps will crawl through it and die. I'm no instecticide expert, but the active ingredients are permethrin (0.28%) and tetramethrin (0.11%) - having googled them (links at the bottom of this review) and read the can carefully - clearly the ingredients are strong stuff and care must be taken using them. It is for outside use ONLY, and the insecticides may be harmful to fish and must be kept away from food. I was certainly careful not to breathe any in as much as possible - it does smell quite pungent and chemically after use. I also washed my hands but avoided touching the nozzle.

      The can advises you to not stand directly beneath the nest - I assume this is as in my experience the wasps clearly sense something is up and start flying around angrily - presumably as they realise the tetramethin ain't going to be good news for their nervous system. All possible precautions taken and following the instructions to the letter I found the can easy enough to use - if slightly daunting. The spray can damage painted surfaces, so again, take care. Ideally you should use this product when the wasps are least active - first thing in the morning or after dusk.

      So does it work?

      In a word - yes, as long as you get the right place. Prior to this year we had used this on another nest (we really are blessed) and it worked at once. This time before I used the can my husband had had a go - and the wasps had carried on happily flying around. Fail.

      When I struck, as I got the product right into the nest the results were pretty quick, and within minutes I could see dead and dying wasps and the product seemed to be visibly working. With a second application later in the day (the first was first thing) it was wasp annhilation, and £50 saved. If used first thing in the morning and last thing at night and directed at the nest, this seems to work. I don't feel very nice about the fact that the wasps clearly had a grisly end and would suggest using such drastic measures only if you are clear that you are not going to harm other wildlife and if you really have a wasp problem you can't live with. I felt that the wasps were a pest and potentially dangerous, so they had to go.

      I would recommend giving this product a try if you feel confident enough to do so, and if in doubt consulting an expert.

      Details on insecticides used for the interested:



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