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Vitax Pelleted Poultry Manure 7Kg

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Brand: Vitax / Type: Compost / Soil

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    1 Review
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      03.09.2012 18:31
      Very helpful



      Will buy again

      We love spending time in the garden enjoying the sunshine and we work hard to make our little corner of England as pleasant and attractive as possible. We have a whole range of plants from herbs, flowers and vegetables. We do not have the greenest of fingers though so often ask the in laws for advice. They recommended poultry manure and said they swore by it as it is natural and organic so it would be good for our organic vegetables. They did not tell me how much it stinks though!

      ==Price and availability==

      This manure costs £12.00 for a tub that is 7KG. It is really heavy and you do get quite a lot for your money so we were more than happy to pay this price.


      The manure comes in a plastic tub and reseal lid so you can store it easily and stop the smell form getting everywhere. It really does hum. The pellets are pale and quite long, they are really dry and you can grab handfuls in your hands without them getting any residue left on them, they will smell foul though. The product contains all the essential plant foods like Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash, together with a broad range of trace elements so that you can use it all over the garden for your flowers or vegetables. It is natural and organic and allows the plants to slowly release the goodness so that it will sustain your plants and vegetables all though the season.

      ==My experiences==

      After getting over the bizarre look of the compost and we tried it out, we were really pleased with it. We mixed in a third of this with two thirds soil and mixed it together before transferring our plants and vegetables. We have used this with our potatoes and we are currently harvesting our green beans and runner beans which are absolutely massive and taste wonderful. It is great being able to grow your own vegetables but it is even better to say that they are organic.

      I love how easy this stuff is to use, the tub makes it easy to store and you can save it quite easily from season to season without fear that weeds will get in it. It stays fresh and sealed (as much as manure can stay fresh.) The only downside to this is that the pellets seem to be freeze dried so you really need to give new plants a good soaking when you first bed them in. You can use the pellets to condition soil by raking through a small amount so all in all, this is a good buy that helps you grow delicious natural vegetables.


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  • Product Details

    An organic poultry manure in a weed free, dry pelleted form containing slow release plant nutrients.

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