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Vitax Scent Off Pellets

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Brand: Vitax / Type: Pest Control

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    3 Reviews
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      23.09.2012 10:48
      Very helpful



      These are a very good idea and do work to stop animals fouling in your garden

      WHAT IS IT?

      Pellets containing the chemical naphthalene to prevent dogs and cats fouling in your garden.  I have used them since 2007 when we had our own cat who suddenly started to use one of our flower beds as her toilet.  It stopped her so after she died I continued to buy them to stop my neighbours cat from doing his business in our front garden. 


      The box contains three sachets filled with lots of small pellets. For a wide area you sprinkle a whole sachet out but if you've only got a small area that is attracting cats or dogs then you can use a third or half of a sachet and make them last longer.  The pellets aren't poisonous so children and animals can go near them, they do not affect the plants, grass or soil in my garden either.


      They usually work. We live in a semi rural area so have a lot of cats passing through and sometimes one isn't deterred by the pellets and will foul the garden, but mostly they do not.  My pet cat would not use the flower bed as a toilet when I had sprinkled the area with pellets and it has also stopped my neighbours cat.  The pellets will stay active for a few days before you have to replace them but if you have very heavy rain they may be washed into the soil so you will have to sprinkle some more down. 

      I shake a whole sachet across the front garden and always save some for the grass verge outside our garden where a dog will occasionally foul and their thoughtless owner doesn't pick it up.  I have seen an improvement but the Scent Off pellets are expensive at £5.50 for a box of three sachets so I do not like to use them very regularly on an area that isn't badly affected. 

      You can buy Scent Off pellets from garden centres, hardware stores and Amazon. 

      4 Dooyoo Stars. 


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        11.12.2008 21:21
        Very helpful



        A safe way of training your animal not to abuse your lawn!

        A nice green lawn doesn't go hand in hand with owning a pet. When our dog is let out into the garden during the day you can guarantee that he will head for the greenest part of the grass to go about his business.
        We walk our dog twice a day but it would be nigh on impossible for him to perform to order!
        Of course as we open the back door and let him into the garden he goes in search of something attractive to `cock his leg` on.
        More often than not he chooses to go where the earth has been recently turned over, this means that he constantly ruins anything that has been newly planted.
        Earlier this year we had to dig a good sized strip of our lawn up and re-turf it, its not only down to cost but the lawn had large yellow patches where the urine had badly discoloured it.
        There is a lot of nitrogen in dogs urine, plus a high PH level, so as the dog urinates in one spot concentrated nitrogen is `poured` onto the grass, this mixes with the nitrogen already in the ground, it affects the balance of the soil and the affected grass dies off but the halo of grass around the outside remains green which emphasises the problem.
        We also get our fair share of visiting cats and though we are great animal lovers it would be good to have a lawn that looked half decent.
        A friend came around for coffee and she advised us to take the watering can and liberally water the urinated area, this would dilute the urine and lessen the problem.
        Obviously the dog is only doing what comes naturally so it would be really unfair to blame him in any way.

        The local pet shop are always full of good advice and when I went in to buy his worming tablets I was telling the assistant about the problem, she immediately told us that it was a common problem and one that we might be able to do something about.
        By then we were ready to try anything! the newly laid turf was also beginning to look pretty sad too.
        She passed me the packet of Vitax pellets to have a look at, I must admit I was a little bit sceptical, after all the problems we had been having it seemed highly unlikely that a few pellets were going to make any difference.
        But I bought a 50g packet for £1.95 to take home and try.
        So in for a penny in for a pound...

        The instructions on the leaflet state that the grass must be free of all animal droppings and as far as possible be free from any animal urine/faeces smell.
        This can be achieved by adding a tiny amount of biological detergent to some water and watering the area thoroughly.
        Then when the pellets are used they must only be applied to the turf, don't let them drop on any plants because they contain naphthalene ( Naphthalene is the foul stuff that's in mothballs!)

        So the turf is clean and as odour free as you can possibly get it.
        Then you have to wait for your poor unsuspecting dog to venture out to `cock his leg`.
        As soon as he goes out then sprinkle the pellets on the area where he has just urinated.
        So then smell given off by the pellets confuse the dogs sense of taste and smell. The grass doesn't smell inviting any more, considering it stinks of mothballs then no wonder!
        So on his next visit to the great outdoors he is looking for a safer place to urinate.
        Lo and behold he trots off behind the shed and christens the concrete!

        Amazing, so fingers crossed we are hoping that this pattern is set to stay and that we can have a lawn that we can enjoy next summer.


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          13.03.2008 20:58
          Very helpful



          helps to reduce cats and dogs fouling on gardens

          Cats will always wander and much prefer using other people's garden to foul than their own. I suppose it makes sense as you wouldn't poo in your own garden would you? So before I start I want to make it clear that I don't dislike or hate Cats and Dogs and I wouldn't do anything to hurt animals, the only thing I don't like about them is that they are using my garden as their very own personal toilet.

          I have around 4 neighbouring cats that use my front and back garden as their litter tray and for the last few months the mess being left in my garden has become worse. I was at the point of despair as I had tried putting lemon and grapefruit peel in the garden as well as scattering teabags on my lawn to deter the cats and nothing was working.

          I needed to sort out the garden before the summer so in my local Wilkinson's I headed straight to the Gardening section and bought Vitax Scent Off Pellets. A 55g box costs just £1.49 which is very cheap (they are also available in a 165g box). The 55g box is very small with a large red circle on the front stating 'Scent Off Pellets' and a picture of a cat and dog running away.

          Cats and Dogs are very sensitive to smells; however dogs are able to recognise areas of fouling by detecting traces of smell from previous animals. My experience of using Scent Off relates to cat fouling and as cats are even more put off by strange smells than dogs; Scent Off may work better to keep cats away.

          Vitax Scent Off Pellets is a training aid for cats and dogs and helps to reduce fouling on lawns and other areas such as patios and paths etc. There are 200 pellets in the box which are small and dark Green in colour and as expected they absolutely stink! (but only if you smell the pellets close up and once on the garden there isn't a noticable smell, as only the cats and dogs can smell the pellets). The pellets work by slowly releasing a strong, highly perfumed odour over a period of four weeks which confuses the cats and dogs sense of smell. The pellets also confuse the animals' sense of taste to make sure they stay away from the areas they are making a mess.

          Also, it doesn't make a difference if the weather takes a turn for the worse because the pellets still omit a scent after they have been soaked by the rain.

          Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for my neighbours!) the animals then move away from my garden (yippee) to go to the toilet elsewhere where it can detect previous fouling. The ready to use pellets can also be used to discourage pets from fouling and staining lawns, flower beds and borders, however the pellets shouldn't have direct contact with plants.

          Before putting the pellets on the area you want to treat, you need to remove the mess that has been left and scatter pellets in the same spot, as most animals foul in the same place. You can hose down the area or use a weak detergent solution if you wish to break down the remaining smell. Vitax recommend scattering pellets at a rate of 90 to 110 pellets per square meter (or 75 to 90 pellets per square yard). Bearing in mind that the 55g box only contains 200 pellets, I scattered a small handful around each area of fouling.

          For those who have newly dug ground (or new turf) scatter 90 to 110 pellets per square meter evenly over the areas to be treated and you may need another application one week after your initial application. If fouling continues, the areas will need to be cleaned and treatment re-applied.

          The pellets should be stored in a cool place and are packaged in a plastic bag inside the box. Providing that the packet remains unopened, the pellets will retain full strength for 2 years. Once the packet has been opened the bag needs to be sealed securely with a clip and not just folded over a few times.

          So did the Scent Off pellets work? In short, Yes. As soon as they were put on my lawns the cats stopped pooing on the garden and even though we had few days of heavy rain and strong winds, this made no difference. During the 4 week period I also mowed the lawn. My neighbours' cats still run across my garden, but at least they are not longer messing in it. As Vitax Scent Off Pellets are a 4 week treatment, I headed back to Wilkinson's to buy another box and will continue using them for a few months, so that the cats don't return to mine. Overall, I highly recommend this product; the Pellets are cheap and effective. Vitax Scent Off Pellets really do work so I am giving it 5 stars and as far as I am concerned there are no disadvantages.

          The pellets contain 0.5% Naphthalene and are not harmful to pets or children (providing children don't put them in their mouths), but they can be harmful to aquatic organisms, so shouldn't be used if you have a pond in your garden.

          Other products in the Vitax range include: Scent Off Buds, Gel, Granules, Pepper Dust, Slug Off etc.

          For more information, please go to:
          Vitax Ltd, Owen Street, Coalville, Leics, LE67 3DE.
          Tel: 01530 510060.

          Thanks for reading xx
          © sweetdaisy 2008


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        • Product Details

          Vitax Scent-off Pellets discourages pets from fouling and staining lawns, beds, borders and other areas. Train your pet to go elsewhere. Contains: Naphthalene

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