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Westland Hero Paving & Decking Power Cleaner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Westland / Type: Patio cleaning solution

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2011 17:45



      A fantastic product that made light work of a messy task! Highly recommended.

      I recently used some of the Hero Paving and Decking Cleaner and it worked fantastically. I managed to clean all of my surfaces in my garden (patio, decking, concrete and the drive) and it only took about 10 minutes.

      One concreted area of the garden in particular always gets lots of green slimy stuff as it's in the shadow of the house and doesn't get much sunlight. In the past I have pressure washed it, which is quite good fun for a few minutes then it becomes back breaking work and is very messy, plus we're on a water meter so probably costs us a fortune.

      So I gave Hero a go and I had the entire job done in a flash! I found it very simple to use - mix with water and pour onto the surface with a watering can - and that's it, you just leave it. A few days later, and I couldn't believe it, all of the green slime had gone, it was quite remarkable! As the bottle says - no scrubbing needed!


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      19.03.2011 20:40
      Very helpful



      Try it for yourself

      Now that Spring is here and summer is on its way, shops are filling up with garden supplies, and on a recent trip to Tesco I saw they were having a 3 for 2 offer on gardening equipment, so I thought I would get my usual plant food and weedkillers, but as I was filling my trolley I noticed this bright pink bottle of 'Paving & Decking Hero Power Cleaner' and I thought all my prayers had been answered.

      ***My Garden***

      We have lived in our house for over 6 years now, and when we moved in the garden was classed as 'low maintenance' - i.e. completely paved, an old lady was the previous owner and I doubt she had much to do with the upkeep of her garden and thus the pavers had been left to fester whilst she was in residence.

      Over the years I have made a few alterations in the form of flowered borders and pots, but the bulk of the garden remains the same, large square paving blocks cover most of the area. And this has always been a pet hate of mine, especially since it is not exactly a 'play-haven' for my kids. I have often toyed with the idea of grass, and decking, but with my husband not being Mr DIY and also the fact that we don't have spare cash to spend on garden renovations, I have just had to grin and bear it.

      The thing that annoys me the most is that the concrete slabs just look grubby all the time, and every year when summer arrives I scrub them with a sweeping brush and water to get the bulk of the winter grime off, but mostly my attempts are futile and the blocks remain dirty. So that is why when I saw this 'Hero' I really thought I was on to something and was perhaps on the road to making my garden look just that little bit better. The thing that attracted me the most was that it stated 'no scrubbing' which I thought was great because my scrubbing was not getting me very far anyway.

      ***On The Bottle***

      This cleaner can be used for a whole host of outdoor areas, it's not just limited to paving and decking, you can also use it on driveways, tarmac, fencing, UPVC, garden furniture and brick.

      The bottle states:

      * Super concentrate - cleans 100 square metres
      * Up to 9 months protection
      * Blitzes algae, moss and mould
      * No scrubbing
      * Added disinfectant

      ***"Hero is a quick and easy way to clean any outdoor hard surface. No scrubbing involved! Simply mix, apply and leave to dry and Hero does the rest. The powerful active ingredients remove garden grime such as algae, moss and mould in 1-3 days"***


      Well as soon as the weather dried up I ventured outside and began the task of cleaning the garden using this Hero solution. The recommended dose is one capful of Hero for every litre of water, so I put 7 capfuls in my 7 litre watering can and away I went. I managed to do the entire paved area with about 4 watering cans worth. 100ml (5 capfuls) is supposed to be adequate for a 10 square metre area, but I'm not sure about that, it all depends on the flow of your watering can! I know I didn't get 10 square meters done with 1 watering can and that was about 140ml of the Hero solution. But anyway, there was an adequate amount for me to do my entire garden twice.

      After you have applied the solution, it's then just a waiting game. You just have to wait and pray it doesn't rain. Apparently it needs to dry for it to work properly so if it rains before its dried then you may have wasted your time. It says not to use it if rain is expected within 6 hours, so I guess that's a 6 hour drying time.


      The first time I used it, it rained approximately 6 hours after I had applied it (typical!!) so I was unsure whether the treatment had actually been effective, but I waited the 3 days for a miracle to happen. To my disappointment, the paving slabs remained the same grubby colour at the end of the 3 day period, so I blamed the rain and waited for my next chance to do another application.

      Second time around I picked a very sunny day and applied the solution first thing in the morning and there was no rain all day, just constant sunshine. My luck was in and the solution managed to dry completely, and I spent the next 3 days glancing out at the garden every couple of hours waiting for a change.

      ***The Moment Of Truth***

      Well the 3 days came and went...and so did a few more days...and to be honest, the results are very patchy to say the least. I have a small amount of tarmac in my back garden as well as paving slabs, and patches of the tarmac have come up really clean and other patches haven't. The vast majority of the paving slabs have remained in exactly the same condition as they were when I started this whole rigmarole, so I am very disappointed!

      If I'm completely honest, some of the slabs seem to have large white areas on them as if the solution has partially worked, but then left other parts still completely black. I'm beginning to wonder what it is that is actually on my paving slabs to make them literally un-cleanable. Perhaps it isn't moss or algae or mould, perhaps it just ingrained dirt, I don't know. But what I do know is that my own scrubbing seemed to do a better job than Hero did. So it's back to the scrubbing brush and a bit of elbow grease for me I think.


      I wouldn't recommend this if you have paving slabs which are black. I think it must be a more effective cleaner for thinks covered in green slime, so if your garden is green and slimy, or your decking needs a good clean then perhaps you should give this a go.

      ***Other Information***

      Although this cleaner obviously contains chemicals for it to be effective (or not effective as the case may be), it states on the bottle than children and pets need not be excluded from the treated area once dry. But whilst the area is wet they need to be kept away, so you potentially have to keep your children and pets out of the garden for 6 hours or more, depending on how long it takes to dry.

      The bottle comes with all the usual warnings - keep out of reach of children, do not swallow the solution, keep away from skin and eyes, do not breathe it in and use only in well ventilated areas. And wash hands after use! Seek medical advice if any of this occurs.

      Contains Benzalkonium Chloride (5.0%)


      Well I bought mine from Tesco on the 3 for 2 offers, but the original price was £10, and I have seen it in B&Q for £9.99, and also on Amazon for this price. I suppose it will be available in most garden centres so if you are interested in trying it for yourself, just keep an eye out for it.


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