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Argos Flower Garden Bench

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Brand: Argos / Type: Bench

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    3 Reviews
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      08.09.2013 12:00
      Very helpful



      A lovely flower garden bench, suitable for gardens with few flowers as well

      I went back home every holiday. In the winter, I rarely venture outside or in the garden since it's too cold and, well there's nothing in the garden except a big shed that previous owners left behind. However, last spring parents decided to buy a proper BBQ table/rack that can feed at least two families to get ready for the summer. However the problem was that there's no place to sit in the garden. We do have a lovely wooden swing on the paved area of our garden but other than that there's no place for our guests to sit. So, we looked around for a nice and reasonably priced bench and found this Argos flower garden bench.

      When we purchase this Argos flower bench, it was priced at £59.99 but my quick search on the internet shows that it has been reduced down to £ 49.99 by the time this review is being written. Back then, we also had £ 10 Argos voucher so we technically paid £ 49.99 for it. For a nice looking flower garden bench, the price is pretty reasonable.

      The flower bench comes in a flat-packed package that weighs quite a lot (19 kg as it mentions on the product descriptions). Luckily, my parents drive a car so it was easy to carry it back home. As for the assembly, we take it out of the packaging and laid down all the pieces to have an overview of what to do. It was relatively easier, and definitely a lot easier than assembling that big BBQ table anyway. It took us about a hour to screw all the slats together and make sure that it would hold the weight of at least 2 people.

      Once it has been assembled, it really looks nice. The wooden slats are made from hardwood and the colour of the wood resembles light oak, which is a match with our wooden swing. The flower panel is painted black as shown in the picture and it adds a summer-like atmosphere to our garden and complements the lack of flowering plants in our garden. Dad starts to grow roses and other flowering plants like tulips recently though.

      The bench has the dimensions of 75 (height) x 126 (width) x 54 (depth) cm, and it would comfortably seat 2 adults. Since we don't really have a lot of plants in our garden, it was no trouble finding a place to put this bench. It was a good decision to buy this bench because otherwise our guests would end up sitting on the grass, which wouldn't be a problem on a hot summer day but personally I rather not since there are a lot of tiny crawlies hidden among grass....

      We stored this bench in the shed during last winter since we don't want to leave it out in the cold/snow because no one would sit on it anyway. We've taken it back out this summer, the wooden slats look a bit dry but we bought a wood paint for the swing, which we also used it on this bench to make it look polished..

      Overall, this Argos flower garden bench is a nice addition to our garden and it is a perfect accessory during BBQ times. For the price of £ 49.99, this makes a wonderful buy for anyone who would like to do a garden make-over.

      Thank you for reading and reviewing. :) x


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        29.06.2013 03:19
        Very helpful



        A family favourite in our household

        =Argos Flower Garden Bench=

        We brought this last year, as we have been updating bits and pieces throughout the house, and last year it was the turn of the garden, and although we have a love seat (2 seats with table in the middle), we wanted a nice sturdy bench, but something unusual and when we saw this bench it was the one.

        We paid £59.99 for the bench, but it is currently available at £44.99.

        =Flat Packed=
        The bench was flat packed, the first thing that we did was lay everything out to make sure we had all the slats, the flower design and most importantly the nuts and bolts we just had to supply the screw driver and spanner.

        =Information from the pack=
        Height - 75cm
        Length - 126cm
        Depth 54cm

        weight - 19kg

        Self assembly - 2 people recommended.

        The wooden slats of the bench are a light coloured hard wood, but you can paint these if you want to.
        The flower panels are a black colour and these come in 2 parts, (they do weigh heavy)
        The metal sides are a green colour.

        =Full Instructions=
        There are full instructions included with the box and these are easy to follow.

        =Being Made=
        At the end of each of the slats of wood, they are held in place with the nuts and bolts, each slat has its own position and you then screw in the arm rest panels.

        It took less than an hour to put together, we found the 2 person assembly the 2nd person was the one holding the slats into place.

        This is really comfortable bench, it fits 2 adults on it, although if the dog gets there 1st one he is stretched out there is no room for anyone else, it doesn't take long for him to get comfy.

        Ours is out in all weathers including the bad snow that we had over the winter, and it has done no damage to the seat.

        This is a good quality bench, and is in heavy, so once you have it in place that tends to become its home.

        =Long lasting=
        I can see this being a long bench, and it is built for quality.

        =Check the bolts=
        I would suggest that if you do have one and have not checked the tightness of the bolts on the slats that you do that, as they can wear over time, and with different people sitting on the bench, everyone is a different weight, but this takes a couple of minutes to do.

        You can purchase a heavy duty plastic cover for this bench, this is in the region of £17.00, they are a good value investment and idea as a cover up with the bench facing all elements.

        =Would I recommend=
        Yes, I would highly recommend this bench, it is heavy duty, good value for money, and very comfy, as in our house it is a rush to get there first, usually the dog that wins.


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          04.05.2011 07:36
          Very helpful



          A fantastic garden bench.

          When moving into our then new home (the one we have been living in for nearly 8 years now!), our new neighbours decided to have a clear out and offered us first refusal of some of their garden furniture, with one of those pieces being subject of this review.

          The product in question is - "Argos flower bench".

          Now were we had lived previously had no garden, so when moving into our new home that was one of the pre-requisites I had wanted, especially since I had also had a baby, and by that time Kaitlin needed space to move!

          Yes we had the garden but then we had the problem of having nothing to pretty the garden up with or any seating, so the bench that was given to us was a godsend, but also incredibly pretty too!

          The bench (or so I was told anyway!) came as a flat pack and was easy enough to assemble, with us having to reattach and tighten up the slats after a few uses on it, my daughter was climbing at that stage and sat on it and wriggled about for hours!

          The argos sites information for the pack is as follows -

          Flower Garden Bench.
          Made from FSC hardwood and steel.
          Size (H)75, (L)126, (D)54cm.
          Weight 19.kg.
          Packed flat for home assembly.
          Self assembly: 2 people recommended.
          Requires screw driver and spanner for assembly (not supplied).

          The bench comes in the bog standard size, and can comfortably seat two people (or one Kaitlin!).

          The slats and back bars are made from a lovely reddy brown coloured hardwood (though has since been painted green due to fading from being left outside!), with these being held together with two beautiful (but heavy!) metal side panels, with a matching swirly floral design to match the panel inlaid into the back rest, these are both already a green colour.

          The whole thing is held together with a series of nuts and bolts at the ends of each slat, that in turn screw into the arm rest panels, and will need to be checked regularly to stop the bench from wobbling from side to side, I find we have to tighten ours up about twice a year, though this is due to both of my kids liking to sit on it!

          Any downsides, well apart from the regular tightening of screws we have found that we have had to sand down the part where your bum goes and your legs rest, though this is in part due to it being left outside in all weathers and age, the bench was a few years old when we received it, and 8 years on is still going strong!

          Price wise this is currently being sold for £59.99, which for it's longevity of use is amazing value, though thankfully ours was free!

          This is available via www.argos.co.uk

          This is a fantastic and well use piece of garden furniture that is still going strong even after all of these years, recommended!

          Thanks for reading x


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