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Argos Polyester Gazebo

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Argos / Type: Gazebo

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    5 Reviews
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      04.08.2013 14:05
      Very helpful
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      A very cheap and cheerful gazebo that does the job. Just don't expect too much.

      What is it?
      The product is a 2.5m x 2.5m garden gazebo that is described as being "easy to assemble perfect for a number of personal uses". The item itself comes in a small box ready for assembly. It does state 2 person assembly on the instructions but we used 3 - I think 2 would struggle as whilst the concept of assembly is simplistic - as the product is so cheap it's difficult.

      My Experiences
      We purchased this to put up in the garden when we had that really hot spell. We do do lot of fundraising and have a proper pop up gazebo for that but wanted something cheaper for temporary use. We wouldn't dream of using this for anything essential as I have no faith in the product whatsoever. It was falling apart as we were assembling it.

      The product comes in a small brown box, it's not particularly heavy as the gazebo itself is very lightweight. Hence why they shouldn't be used in windy conditions. Each of the four sides are made up of three poles which fit together, they then fit into a corner joint. There are then four diagonal poles which again are made up of three smaller ones each, which then fit together into a star shaped joint at the top which make the roof. The hardest bit with this was, that as the poles were so flimsy and cheaply made, we would put one side in and another would pop out! We had to have two people holding random bits together while the third person, namely me built it up bit by it. You then build up the legs which again consist of three poles. I would recommend putting one of the poles in and then putting the tarpaulin over as if you build it to full height unless your a giant you simply can't reach.

      It didn't take long to put up, but had it been a little better made, would have taken less time as the poles wouldn't have kept falling out. It really was like a comedy sketch. You are given some tent pegs to peg the feet into the ground, but the poles are a little too small for the feet, so they just pull out with very little effort. One small gust of wind, and the gazebo would be away leaving the feet pegged into place. We used an extra rope going across the top and over the other side. This kept it in place for much longer. I still took it down when it was forecast rain though. The tarpaulin piece is quite flimsy and I know would rip without very much effort.

      Taking the gazebo down was a little harder as where there were little identification stickers on the end of the poles, these then caused the poles to jam tight into each other.

      This product is now on sale in Argos for £14.99 however we purchased it at a bargain price of £13.49. For the price you can't complain, you just have to treat it with care.


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        29.06.2013 03:16
        Very helpful



        Overall for a starter Gazebo it does the job

        =Argos Polyester Gazebo=

        The trouble with our back garden it has been sliced up to different sections, of grass and paving slabs, one of the pieces of grass my daughter has for her trampoline, so the other I have claimed for summer use, if we ever get any sun.

        =Last Year=
        Our Gazebo, had rotted away, but had lasted well, as so I wanted a cheap replacement, so Argos to the rescue.

        =Basic Gazebo=
        This Gazebo measures at 2.4 squared metres, I paid under £20 for it, it is currently available for £14.99. This is the basic shape of the Gazebo, it has no side panels, but for us, with the dog he can run around and sit under there is he wants some shade.

        =Flat packed=
        The gazebo came flat packed, and can be taken down and packed away till the next time you want it.

        I got Mr Thrifty to put this up, with me just helping in the background, more like holding the instruction leaflet, with a can of cider and the plaster ready, just in case!

        It was easy to assemble, what we did was check that we had all the parts, and then we laid out the framework this was also to check that it would fit, .

        It took us about 45 minutes to put the Gazebo up, we did bring it down a couple of times over the summer, but once we had done it once, it was easier the next time.

        In the box there are stakes supplied, which you use to secure the cover and the frame, once in the ground they are sturdy, even when we had a windy day the Gazebo held securely in place.

        The top of the Gazebo is a deep green colour, and the sides that cover the framework are green and white striped.

        We have upgraded our garden furniture this year, but previously out table was a 6 seater, although we only used 4 chairs with it, this fitted perfectly under the Gazebo

        This is not the best of quality, but for under £20, if we can 3 years from it, then it has paid us back, it got well used last year, and I am sure with better weather it will get some more use this year.

        I would say this is an ideal one for a starter, to see whether you get on with having a Gazebo.

        =Other Uses=
        When my daughter was little, she had a paddling pool and we use to put this under the Gazebo, so that she would be out of the direct sun.

        =Would I recommend=
        I would highly recommend this Gazebo, it does the job, great value for money, and ideal for any garden.


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        25.04.2011 11:35
        Very helpful
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        a well priced gazebo for occasional use

        When our daughter was coming up to her first birthday, we were planning a party for our family at home. With her birthday in the middle of the summer we were worried about the weather being too hot for guests in our south facing garden without a lot of shade.
        Couple that with a small budget and we ended up at Argos looking at their range of gazebos. We found their basic 2.4 metre squared gazebo for £16.99.

        Despite the fact that this gazebo doesn't have side panels, we decided it was worth the risk for the price. All we really wanted was to provide some shaded area, or even an area out of the rain should the great British summer weather turn on us.
        The gazebo came all flat packed as it were in a plastic draw string bag. When not assembled, the gazebo is quite small and therefore easy to store in the house. It is quite heavy when unassembled however and looks deceivingly light when you pick the bag up so take care.

        To assemble, we found it was fairly easy to do, and most men can manage this without looking at the instructions first. All the poles are labelled with letters and they need to be placed together. We found that it was easier to lay out the frame on the ground first. This way we knew where the gazebo was going to go and we could also build from the top down.
        Personally I found it easier to build the top of the gazebo first, and then as the legs were attached we were able to lift the frame up off the ground as we went. All in all it probably too about half an hour the first time we built the gazebo, and each time after we got a bit quicker at the process.

        Attaching the plastic cover is easy enough and as long as it sits on the top centrally to start with then it will fit perfectly the first time around.
        You are given some stakes to secure the cover and the frame to the ground, and once in place it sits well.
        I was initially worried that the gazebo was quite flimsy when we first built it. When there is no wind then you are fine, but one year we built this and it was a blustery day. I was very worried it was going to fall over but I can happily report that it stayed up.
        I wouldn't like children to run through the poles around the gazebo, as I think one strong push and you could have the whole frame tumble down.

        As we don't have a large garden we found this was the right size for us, and when the cover and stakes are in the ground the whole area increases from the 2.4 metres of the frame to approx 2.7 metres. This is perfect for our garden and fits our six seater patio table and chairs underneath comfortably.

        We have found storing the gazebo is easy due to the small size, although you do have to be careful when placing back in the storage bag as nothing ever goes back as neatly as the first time it's removed does it.

        Overall for the price this is a great gazebo to keep for occasional use. There are better gazebos for sale with average price tags though so if I was looking again I would probably improve the design and structure for slightly more money.


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          29.10.2010 17:04
          Very helpful



          Good value for camping or light garden use

          We bought this cheap argo gazebo for our family camping holiday to Europe. We wanted a slightly sheltered area in which to cook/ barbeque as we did not want to be doing this in the tent itself. I purchased the gazebo for £14.99 and we travelled to Spain with it remaining in it's box in the car. We travelled in a very overloaded car- so I can say that this does pack down conveniently small.

          Initially this did take about 20 minutes to put together- but did get slightly quicker as we became more familiar with it. Due to the way you have to fit the gazebo top over the poles and then secure the poles I would caution that this is a two person job. To make future use easier we did put marks of nail varnish on the poles to remind ourselves what went where. The gazebo did come with some tent pegs to fasten the poles of the feet into the ground- works fine on sandy or muddy surfaces.

          The gazebo material is similar to a thin tarpaulin and did seem to be well waterproofed during the few storms we had while we were away. Obviously, it has no sides though, so if any amount of wind is blowing then the rain will be able to come through the sides so you cannot guarantee that anything under it will stay dry.

          When we returned from our camping trip, we reassembled the gazebo in the back garden. At this point we noticed a small tear in the material at one of the corners. We hadn't been rough with this, so do bear in mind that repeated dismantling and reassembling will probably tear the material as it is thin. Luckily this tear seems to have stayed the same size and hasn't affected the use of the product.

          As we have decking running from our back door, my partner has put a couple of screws through the feet of the gazebo (in the holes meant for the poles) and into the decking boards so that the gazebo is more permanently erected and we use it as a smoking shelter in the bad weather. It is still showing itself to be waterproof (other than rain coming through the sides) and now seems able to endure a certain amount of wind too.

          Although this does look a little cheap and flimsy, it's a pretty good buy for the money.


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          08.08.2010 15:57
          Very helpful



          I would recommend this but urge you to remember it's limitations.

          As you may know, I recently reviewed a deluxe hexagonal gazebo, which I found a great buy, but the gazebo I am now reviewing is much more basic and shouldn't be compared to the other one. Of course, folks buy gazebos for different uses but this gazebo for the price can be ideal for cetain tasks.

          I purchased this very basic gazebo before the hexagonal model. At the time I wanted something to erect in the garden when I had guests coming around for a party. We were celebrating my eldest daughter's twenty-first birthday. Her birthday is in January (actually the same day as her younger brother's-eight years apart!) As the party was being held in January and so the weather could quite possibly be cold and easily be miserable, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a gazebo, with the purpose of extending the party area.

          My kitchen has French windows, leading to the garden patio area. We put all the drinks in the kitchen and food and music in our through lounge. People tend to mill about around the drinks and we found the gazebo provided an area for people to spread out a little more. As I recall, the weather wasn't too bad and quite mild, although there was a little drizzle at times in the evening, so this gazebo was a worthwhile piece of equipment for this occasion.

          It really is basic, just a roof really with no sides. It's green and white in colour and the fabric is plastic, and similar to tarpulin, a bit like old fashioned deck chair fabric. This makes it quite good in wet weather as the rain tends to run down the sides rather than pooling on top.

          It did the job required and for the amount paid was worthwhile. It was put away in the garage and then remembered later in the year when the sun came out.

          My younger daughter, at this time, liked to play in the garden and still enjoyed her sandpit or drawing and painting outside. Again, this gazebo proved it's worth as a shade from the sun. We placed a small patio table and chairs underneath, making a usable space for play, or to sit and enjoy a drink in the shade.

          It also came in handy when attending a cousin's barbecue. This cousin holds a yearly family gathering with mandatory barbecue in June. On this particular day the heavens opened and we rang to ask if the planned day was to still take place. "Of course," he said, "but any spare gazebos would be welcome." So ours, along with a few others were used, and the food was cooked as planned.

          This gazebo takes around twenty to thirty minutes to errect. The sections on the poles have to be fitted together and hubby thinks it quite easy to do. There are also guide ropes which hook into the ground, or sand bags, if errecting on solid ground. With this it does need to be weighed down around the edges as, in windy weather it will escape! I have seen these gazebo used at all day rugby and football tournaments and have seen one or two take off, looking like hot air balloons. You really do need to anchor it down well and remember it isn't recommended to be used in strong winds.

          I think this type of gazebo would be useful for camping trips, although personally, I don't do camping. Remember, again, the need for anchoring.

          Dismantling takes only around ten minutes or so. It can then fit back into it's box and is not too heavy to be carried and stored in a garage or shed.


          Size of top 2.4 x 2.4m.

          Size of base 2.7 x 2.7m.

          Frame 100% steel.

          Fabric 100% PE.

          Size (H)250, (W)270, (D)270cm.

          Weight 6.5kg.

          Packed flat for home assembly.

          Self assembly: 2 or more people recommended. (My husband errects this alone)

          I purchased this gazebo from Argos ( See, www.argos.co.uk) where it is currently available for the price of, £14.99.


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