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Asda Cuba Patio Set 6 Piece

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7 Reviews

Brand: Asda

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    7 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 14:13
      Very helpful
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      Comfort and style... all a garden needs, apart from some more good weather

      What with the warm, or should I say Hot weather having just passed us by, with some places still having seeing a bit of the orange blob in the sky, there's no doubt that a lot of people have spent a lot of time sat in there back gardens, chilling, relaxing, or the in word being 'chill-axing'.
      The thing about chill-axing in the garden is finding the right furniture to relax on, be that a bean bag or spare sheet from the bed linen cupboard, finding the most comfortable seat to chill-axe on is half the battle.
      The other half is finding somewhere to put your pint of ice cold lager, or, if you're a politician, you're glass of champagne.
      And this is where I found the perfect solution to not only have a comfortable seat to park my ample rear end. I also found a place to put my champers... I wish. These days I'm lucky to be able to afford half a cider down the park with the local tracksuit wearing gangta-wanna-be's,

      This seat, together with the table, I am going to tell you about is in fact more than a table and chairs for the garden, it is something that helps create a shady area away from the bright light of the sunshine... that's right? It's a table, chair and what is known in the trade as a parasol. But the surprise about this certain set of garden furniture is where I bought it from. I got it from a lovely little shop that you may have heard of. A little corner shop called Asda.
      The garden furniture set I am talking about is called the Asda Cuba patio 6 piece set

      * Let me tell you a bit about this 6 piece set...
      It consists of size piece of furniture, obviously, that's why it's a six piece set. The set is actually four chairs, a round table and a parasol, (posh umbrella to be used as a sun shade).
      When it is set up it is a round hardened glass top table that has enough room around it for the four foldaway chairs, with the small parasol slipping into a purpose made hole that is in the centre of the glass top.
      It is a fine addition to anyone's garden, especially if you're limited for space.

      * Getting it set up..?
      Firstly, I have to tell you that it comes in two boxes, which are both pretty flat for what you're expecting, but the size of the boxes told me that I had to put it together myself, which I did expect, although, from the flatness of the boxes I realised there may be more work than I initially thought. This realisation become worse when I opened the box, staring at the many bits of metal tubing, screws, washers, nuts, bolt and table top... all that was missing was the proverbial kitchen sink.

      Anyway, I decided to look at the chairs first, thinking I would have to put them together, so I had somewhere to sit during my coffee breaks. But luckily these were already together and only had to be opened up with a bit of a tug in order to use them to sit on, which I did instantly, brew in hand, just to check them out.
      Then, after a short coffee break, 30 minutes of so, checking each chair out thoroughly, I set about putting the table together as I knew this would not be a simple matter of opening the legs up due the how flat the box was and the jingling noises that the loose pieces made.
      Once out of the box, and a quick glance over the instruction leaflet, I was soon smiling again as there was not as much work involved as first thought. So, dragging everything out of the box and spreading it around the patio, I set about putting it together, which turned out easier than I thought.
      This was just a matter of turning the glass table upside down and placing it on a flat surface, preferably soft so as not to scrath the glass. I used the cardboard box that it came in as it was the right size. Anyway, once the top is upside down you then begin by sliding the 'straighter' ends of the four legs into the little plastic sockets that were spread around the underside of the table. You'll know which ends as they are the ones that look nothing like they are feet.
      Anyway, once these are in place it's a matter of positioning the little circles, two of them, in the middle of where the legs meet. Then, using the hex-key, (supplied) and a spanner or pliers, (not supplied), together with the nuts and bolts, and maybe a hammer, especially if you went to the Jeremy Clarkson school of fragile construction, you attached each leg to the circle, top and bottom, until all 8 bolts are 'nutted' into place. Finally, once bolted firmly, you cover them with the little plastic caps which not only make the table look prettier they also help with stopping rusty bolt heads.
      And you're done. All you have to do is turn the table the right way up and you're ready to use it to rest you Pimms and diet coke on. Just put the chairs around it, slide the parasol through the little hole in the centre of the glass top, and you're done.

      * What does it look like then..?
      It looks like a really fancy bit of garden furniture, with the chairs, and the table being made of tubular metal, which are either welded in place or, as in the case of the table, bolted with one of those hex-keys, which one is supplied in the little bag that the nuts, bolts, washers and little caps come in.
      The table, which has a lovely frosted glass look, is about 700mm in height, which is ideal for sliding under when your sitting on one of the chairs. As for the diameter, this is about 800mm which gives plenty of room for everyone when four people are sitting around.
      The chairs have a comfortable mesh type fabric seating and back which gives slightly when sat on but bounces back into shape when you stand up. This chair material manages to keep off any rain from being absorbed due to the material it is made of.

      I nearly forgot about the six piece of this set, the parasol, or the umbrella. This isn't something I use a lot of the time as I have a much bigger one that I use instead.
      What I mean by that is that this one is designed to fit over the table only, not to cover the people that are sitting around the table at the time, which is a bit silly really as it's the people who need the shade as well as their gin and tonics.
      The parasol doesn't come with a base either, although the end of the pole does have a point on it which is designed to be pushed into soft ground, but as this sort of table is mainly used on a solid patio surface it does need a solid stand as one gust of wind and it's in the next doors garden. Possibly dangling from the apex of their conservatory roof.
      Luckily, once again, I have a metal base, which is green, not the same black colour of this set. But it hold the pole of this parasol to stop the neighbours from fishing it off their roof.. Again.
      Anyway, as for using the parasol, You simply slot the 'umbrella' section pole into the other pole, clicking the little ball bearing into place so that it locks in position. Then, with your head and shoulder underneath the material of the umbrella, you push up the little ring in the inside of the umbrella material and slide it up the pole. This lifts the wooden slats that are attached inside the six 'pies' of the umbrella, stretching them until they become more rigid... like and umbrella.
      That's it, you are set to keep in the shade... well, your Pimms with orange squash is ready to sit in the shade whilst you burn in the sun because the parasol doesn't cover anything that is not on the table.
      As for putting it down. You simply grab the same ring on the pole and pull it down, watching that the umbrella flaps don't try and swallow you head as it all collapses.

      * Is it comfortable..?
      Well, the table isn't, as it's a table. But the chairs are pretty comfortable indeed, capable of taking my ample rear end for a while without making me feel like I've been sitting on a sack of potatoes. The backs of the chairs are angle at about 100° with the actual seat lifted up slightly at the front so it lifts your legs up a bit, so when you sit back into the chair it feels more comfortable indeed. Then there's the arms on the sides of each chair which , although bare, are not too bad for resting my arms on when I'm chill-axing'.

      * What about storing it away...?
      Well, on a normal night, with the odd bit of British heavy rain, or morning due, the chairs and table are standing up for themselves, managing to keep any moisture that lands on them from soaking inside, causing no end of rust damage. But as for the parasol, I've stuck that in the shed as it will become damaged over time, especially in the heavier rain and wind. Although as it folds away to the size of a golfing umbrella, sort of, it fits in the shed with no hassles at all.
      I do intend to put the chair away for the winter, maybe with the table too, unless I can get a nice looking cover to keep everything together.
      In all though, as with all garden furniture, I do recommend some form of winter protection so that it will last year after year. Which, as this table and chairs is not too big, finding the right cover, or space in the shed, should be easy enough.

      * So what about the cost..?
      This is the good part.
      This is sold in Asda for around £55 which, for what you actually get, even with the parasol unable to shade more than an ants Al-Fresco dinner party, is still good value for money.
      Think about it? Fifty five quid for a good looking, strong, sturdy glass top table and four chairs that are so comfortable that falling asleep is on the cards... now that's a bargain.

      * Is it worth buying..?
      For a happy summers evening in the garden I'd say yes. It's a perfect way to relax in some style, out your feet up and have a few glasses of vino. Even in the bright light of the mid day sun the chairs are still comfy enough to relax on and the table can take a lot of drink, but the parasol is a bit small to stop the top of my slightly hair less head from turning as red as a virgins face in an adult book store.

      ©Blissman70 2013


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        02.09.2013 12:17
        Very helpful




        When we moved from our small terraced house to a larger semi detached house 4 years ago we were really excited to finally have a garden instead of a small yard. We were in need of lots of new furniture for the house, so decided that any outdoor furniture would have to be cheap. I really wanted a table and chairs set for outside so we could enjoy our garden and thought this Asda 6 piece Cuba Patio set looked perfect, It cost around £50.

        I have bought a few pieces of furniture from Asda Direct over the years and have always found them to provide a fantastic service, products are a always delivered on time and by very helpful polite delivery men. As far as I can remember there was minimal assembly with this set, the table legs needed to be screwed into place and that was about it.

        The Cuba Patio set consists of a table, four chairs and a parasol, I think it is incredible you get all this for such a low price. The table is circular in shape, it has a 5mm thick toughened safety glass top. The glass has a nice frosted patterned effect. The legs and sides are made from quality steel, the main frame on my set is grey not black like Dooyoos picture above. I absolutely love the chairs, they are black in colour with a grey frame matching the table perfectly. Most importantly they are really comfortable to sit on. They can be folded up when not in use. The parasol is large, it is black in colour, I find it works well at shading the table from the sun. It is incredibly easy to open and close and locks into place with no problems. It is worth noting that a parasol base will be needed to be purchased separately and I highly recommend getting one as the parasol can seem a little unsteady without one.

        I have found Asda's Cuba Patio set to be of a very good quality, considering its low price I have been really surprised it has lasted us so many years. I was initially a little concerned about the glass top but it has withstand plenty of bumps and bangs over the years and is still going strong with no scratches or chips. There are some patches off rusting on the frame, but it hasn't always been covered or stored inside during cold weather, so this is really our own fault.

        Now my daughters are getting a little older I have found that the table is feeling a little too small for our needs, it is difficult to accommodate four plates along with drinks, glasses, condiments etc. We've also been having a few barbecues lately and again find it is a little too small so we have had to bring an additional table outside.

        Next summer I plan on replacing this set, partly due to the rusting but mostly because I simply feel we need something a little bigger now. Although the set is sold with four chairs I think it would be better suited to around 2-3 people as it is really quite small. For the first few years it really did look rather stylish, it wasn't cheap looking either and I always thought it looked a lot more expensive than it actually was. If taken care of, I feel this patio set could last quite a few years, it really is a good quality set. I have no problems recommending this set to couples / small families looking for a cheap quality patio set. For £50 its the full 5 Dooyoo stars from me.

        This product is currently unavailable on the Asda website, I have seen it in Asda stores.

        * Dimensions ( Taken from Asda.com)

        Table Diameter 80cm Height 72cm

        Chairs Width 53cm Depth 71cm Height 87cm Parasol- Diameter 180cm


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          05.08.2013 14:57
          Very helpful



          Excellent value for money

          ~ Why I Bought This Patio Set ~
          Me and my fiancé are currently trying to sell our house. Before getting the pictures taken by the estate agent, we decided to spruce the house and garden up as cheaply as possible and we decided that the decking in our garden looked very bare, as all we had on it was one garden bench. To show that it could be used for entertaining and to show that it was large enough for a table and several chairs to easily fit on it, we decided to keep our eyes peeled for any cheap table sets.

          ~ Cuba 6 Piece Patio Set ~
          We came across this set in ASDA around two and a half months ago and although I personally was not too fond of it we decided to buy it. I wasn't keen on it because we have pale coloured decking so I didn't think that the black colour scheme of the set would look right, but it does actually look really nice and modern, too. Although we saw this in store on display, we decided to get it delivered as we weren't sure if we would be able to fit in the box into our car. The set comes in a large box, which will easily fit into larger cars but we have quite a small car so we didn't want to risk buying it and not being able to fit it in to the car!

          ~ Price ~
          The six piece set consists of one table, one parasol and four chairs, so considering we only paid £55 for it I think we got a bargain! £55 is actually the full retail price - not a discounted price believe it or not, which is more than half the price of one that we saw in homebase which was extremely similar to this one.

          ~ Setting It Up ~
          The set comes in quite a bit of packaging so getting it all out of the box and unwrapped took us a while. An instruction manual was included as well as two small tools - a spanner and an alun key. I think for the price it is great that these were included and it is a good job they were as we didn't have an alun key! My fiancé also needed to use a screw driver when assembling the table.

          The table is the only part of the set which wasn't already assembled, but luckily the instructions were easy to follow and it didn't take my fiancé very long to set it up. The four chairs came pre-assembled and simply needed unfolding which I was pleasantly surprised by as I had expected to need to assemble them. It only took us about twenty minutes all in all before the table and chairs were set up on the decking and ready to use.

          ~ In Use/My Opinion ~
          Once set up, this table looked really nice on our decking and it looks much more expensive than it actually is. The parasol we couldn't use at first as it kept falling to one side and I thought that the weight of it might tip the table over and break it, so we did need to buy a base for it to keep it secure and upright. I bought one from amazon and this only cost me an extra £8. This needed filling with either water or sand and I filled it with sand, and it keeps the parasol securely in place.

          The parasol provides plenty of shelter and is very easy to put up and down, and it looks and feels well made. The only slight downside is that it is really high, so my neighbours are able to see the top of it from their garden. I don't think this bothers them, but I always worry that it could annoy them but this isn't really too much of a disadvantage.

          The table is a good size but not huge, so it is a squeeze if you have a large family. We had a barbeque around a month ago and as there were only four chairs, only four people were able to sit at the table. With four people are sat at it eating it is very much a squeeze to fit four large plates on it as well as drinks, but we don't have many barbecues anyway so it is not much of a problem- we made do and as a family of three we don't need any more space really.

          The table is covered in glass and marks and scratches show up easily so I am always careful with what I put on it to avoid it getting badly scratched. It gets dusty easily too and fingerprints and hand marks show up on it, but cleaning it is easy enough and I wipe it down after we've used it. The table is not very stable and it does feel a little flimsy. Whenever the weather is windy I lay it on its side so that it doesn't topple over and break, as I don't think it would stay upright.

          Although the chairs don't look that comfortable because of the hard mesh fabric type of material they are actually comfy and sturdy, and I always feel comfy and am able to relax whilst sitting in one of them. The chairs can hold a lot of weight, and I can sit on my fiancés lap in one of them without it feeling like the chair is going to collapse at any second. I also really like that the chairs have arm rests and that they are easily able to be folded down which will be handy when it comes to storing them in the colder weather.

          ~ Overall ~
          All in all I recommend this patio set. It is a very good price, doesn't take long to assemble and it looks modern. There are a few disadvantages though such as no parasol base and the small and not very sturdy table, so I am going to knock one star off.
          Four out of five stars.


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            21.06.2013 19:10
            Very helpful




            I first moved into my own place just before summer 2009. As I was busy trying to kit it out I didn't have much money for a patio set, but wanted something so that when friends came round, we had somewhere nice to sit outside. When doing my shopping in Asda I spotted this six piece Cuba patio set for only £50 (it's been put up to £55 now) and though it would be perfect. I wasn't expecting to afford anything like this so snapped it up.

            The patio set comes flat packed into a large cardboard box, although it looks quite daunting when you first open the box, it is very simple to put together. The four chairs come individually packaged in a thin plastic bag, not really sure of the point of this as I don't think they would stop them getting damaged, it's just more unnecessary packaging. After getting them out of the bags, you realise that these are already together and you simply unfold them to have a sit down. There are instructions included in the box that tell you how to put the table together, I can't remember exactly how the legs went on to the table but I'm pretty sure that only an allen key was used. The stick just slots into the top stick of the parasol to make it into full length. Putting the set together literally takes no more than ten minutes.

            Once it's all assembled and put into place, you really do appreciate the value for money the patio set offers. Although it only cost £50, it looks like it cost a whole lot more. The chairs are well made, strong and feel comfortable to sit on. They have quite a solid mesh bottom and back so you would expect them to be uncomfortable to sit on but that really isn't the case and there are no numb bum problems here! I have actually bought some seat cushions just to pretty the set up a little but they aren't actually needed for the comfort factor. The seats have a steel frame that is coated with charcoal type stuff but it doesn't flake off at all, the black steel looks basic but nice at the same time.

            The main top of the table is made from a frosted glass, it is circular in shape and has a diameter of approximately 80 centimetres. Although 80cm sounds quite small for a garden table, it suits our family just fine as the majority of the time it's just me and my daughter and if friends come round it's only used for drinks really. If you are someone that has a lot of BBQ's and entertains a lot, I think maybe a bigger table would be best for you. The table is around 70cm high and the chairs seem quite low for the size of the table, it doesn't have a comfortable height for eating from as it feels like you are sitting on the ground and having to strain upwards to eat. The legs of the table are made from the same black steel as the chairs so it ties in well.

            I don't really use the parasol from the set anymore; it doesn't come with any kind of base so if you use it often I would recommend buying one separately just so you don't have to worry about it blowing away. It has the normal umbrella style opening so it's simple to do without being fiddly in the slightest. The actual parasol part is made from black polyester; it shades from the sun with ease but doesn't totally block the rays.

            My patio set has actually been left out in the elements for the last two winters so it is, obviously, showing signs of wear. The steel on the arms of the chairs is starting to corrode and the table is a little mucky despite cleaning it over and over again. I blame this entirely on me though and it's no fault of the set, I think if I had put it away or covered it up during the colder, horrible months it would be in a pristine condition as it is only weather damaged.

            For only £55, I highly recommend this patio set from Asda. It looks like it costs a lot more, contains almost everything you would need (parasol base would have been nice to be included) and it made to a high quality. It's not often you come across a complete patio set for this kind of price so snap it up while you can!


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              21.06.2013 14:48
              Very helpful



              Comfortable Patio set for the family

              I usually do my weekly shop at Asda and sometimes I come out with a little more than my weekly shop, which is what I did a few weeks ago when I came home with the Asda Cuba Patio Set 6 piece, I instantly liked the style of this product and thought it looked great so I decided I would be taking it home.

              The table in this 6 piece set is glass table top which I think looks really great with the black frame, you get 4 black garden chairs with this set which are nice and comfortable and also look great. Once you get this patio set home it is really easy to assemble and put up, the instructions didn't really help as they were a bit plain and not very informative but the patio set is so straight forward to put up we didn't need the instructions to do it.

              This is a high quality garden Patio set, constructed from steel the frame is finished with a matt effect, charcoal powder weather resistant coat, the chairs have black textoline fabric which makes them very comfortable and easy to relax in.

              Details :
              Table : Diameter 80cm
              Height 72cm

              Chairs : Width53cm
              max weight 110kg

              Like I said buying this was a spur of the moment buy for me, straight away I saw it I liked it and then when I realized it was only £55 I knew I had to buy it, this is a high quality product which I would recommend to others, it is perfect for me and my little family to sit around whilst having BBQ's or picnics, it is comfortable and looks great, I am completely happy with the purchase.


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                09.05.2013 12:04
                Very helpful
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                Definitely recommend

                A six piece patio set from Asda consisting of four chairs, a glass topped table and a parasol. Available in larger Asda stores and online.
                Price is £55.

                **Why we bought it**
                My boyfriend and I have recently bought our first house. It needs a lot of work doing to it so we're just doing little bits and pieces as and when we can afford it. One of the items on our list of things to buy was garden furniture. We weren't really actively looking at the time we bought this but we couldn't resist when we saw the price.
                At £55 for four chairs, a table and a parasol we were just too tempted. Our patio is quite small so this was ideal to fit in the space we have and be able to entertain friends with the two extra chairs.

                **The buying process**
                The set was on display outside the store, available for you to view and try out. Once you've decided you want to buy it, you pick up a card with a barcode and go inside the store to pay for it. The sets available for purchase are stacked up inside the store, flat packed in cardboard boxes. You definitely need two people to pick it up and carry it. When we bought it, it was on quite a high shelf which was difficult to access as it was also surrounded by all manner of barbecues, buckets and spades etc.

                When we got it to the car, we realised that the box wouldn't fit into my tiny vehicle so we unpacked the indivudual pieces and it fit in really easily. I went back into the store and left the box with them to dispose of.

                **Setting it up**
                The chairs are really easy to set up, they are just regular foldable deck chairs and take two seconds to open. It made me laugh that there was a set of images in the instructions showing you how to open them!

                The table top and legs are separate and come supplied with an alan key and all the necessary screws, which is the only tool you need to put it together. The parasol just slots into a hole in the centre of the circle and opens like a normal umbrella. All in all, it took us less then 15 minutes to have the whole thing set up.

                The only thing I would say about the packaging is that there is far too much plastic. Every single individual item is wrapped in an enormous plastic bag and, as an environmentalist and animal rights activist, this concerns me. I would much rather have had paper or thin sheets of card in between each item to protect from scratching.

                All the items have a steel frame and are finished with a matt black weather resistant paint. The glass top of the table is tough and also weatherproof. The glass looks like bathroom window glass with a bumpy pattern, although the top is flat. The chairs are made of a woven plastic type material and the parasol is plain black fabric.

                We leave the whole lot outside in the summer, even when it's raining, with the exception of the parasol which we bring inside for fear of it blowing away or becoming mouldy if it gets wet. We are planning on bringing the whole lot inside in the winter as we're not sure if the harsh weather would perish the plastic on the chairs.

                We've only used it a couple of times so far but the chairs are comfortable and strong and all items are sturdy enough to withstand fairly strong winds.

                I would definitely recommend this, it's an absolute bargain and I would have expected to pay at least twice as much for something similar.


                Diameter 80cm
                Height 72cm

                *Chairs *
                Width 53cm
                Depth 71cm
                Height 87cm
                Maximum weight 110kg

                Diameter 180cm


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                  21.04.2013 18:12
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  A great patio set from Asda.

                  ~*~*~ Asda Cuba Patio Set 6 Piece ~*~*~

                  ~ What is it? ~

                  This is a six piece patio set from the Cuba range at Asda. It comprises of a glass topped table, four chairs and a parasol.

                  ~ Price & Availability ~

                  This can be bought in larger Asda stores and also online at www.direct.asda.com.

                  The price is a very reasonable £55.

                  I bought mine in my local store, they had a display model set up in the foyer of the store and I initially thought it would have cost more, but then my eye's were drawn to the £55 price tag and any thoughts of food shopping left my mind as I wandered over to the far left of the store where these sets were all boxed up. My hubby managed to heavy it onto the trolley and we went straight to the checkout to pay, popped it in the car and then returned to do the food shop!

                  I can't resist a bargain!

                  ~ Flat pack nightmare? ~

                  No I am pleased to say the set up of this was pretty simple and straightforward. I didn't do it myself but I know it was easy as I heard no expletives coming from the garden when my hubby was putting it up!

                  I know he needed to use an alun key, screwdriver and spanner, the alun key and spanner were provided in the box.

                  The only thing that needed setting up was the table.

                  ~ Sitting pretty ~

                  If you have read my previous reviews you will be aware that the bottom area of my garden is a dull and dreary place which has very limited access to any sunlight so this table was set up a small patio area at the top end of the garden. I didn't really want it there as it is directly opposite a dip in the garden wall, this is where my neighbour and I chat whilst hanging out the washing, the kids climb etc, which is fine, but I didn't want to sit there with the neighbours gawping in ... Not that they particularly gawp but you know what I mean.

                  Anyway, there wasn't really anywhere else to place it. We had previously had a small bistro set in the bottom of the garden but I wanted this to be in the sun, so we could use the parasol for it's intended reason!

                  To keep me happy my hubby changed the broken trellis on the dip in the wall for a smaller squared trellis that offered a bit of privacy. The original trellis was there to so a different neighbours cats from jumping through the garden so it wasn't as if I was just being arrogant! I did initially worry about the neighbours thinking we were being a bit funny but they seem fine, thankfully! And I know it is my garden so I should be able to do as I please but I didn't want there to be an animosity between us all as the last thing people need is awkward neighbours, and mine are great!
                  The fence offers a bit of privacy but still allows us to chat away if we so wish ...

                  But back to the table.

                  I am glad I got to see it in store as had I seen it online for the low price I probably would have questioned the quality but I am very pleased to say that the quality of this item is superb.

                  The whole frame of the items are constructed from steel which has been finished with a matt effect, charcoal powder weather resistant coat. The chairs have black textoline fabric which feels like a strong plastic weave and the glass on the table is 5mm toughened safety glass that has a bumpy appearance whist being flat.
                  The parasol has the same black steel frame with a simple black canopy.

                  We did have to get a parasol base as this did not come with one and when I mentioned this to my grandfather he said he had a spare one, it was green plastic and needed filling with sand/water to weight it. I chose water as it was what I had available and it did the job nicely. I also stuck black and white pebble stones to the outer of the parasol base using No More Nails and then grouted it over, it actually looks really unique and lovely!

                  As I recall we had very little nice weather last year. The warmer days were few and far between so it seemed like the table had hardly any use before we put it away for the winter, however the few times it was used we found it very comfortable and it had ample space for us as the boys have their own kiddy picnic bench to sit at which they love.

                  The table measures 80cms and is round. The glass table top is surrounded by a black steel frame which I think finishes it off nicely.

                  The chairs are a nice size and are comfortable to sit in without the need for any additional padding or cushions.

                  In the evenings we would bring the parasol in to protect it from the weather but this was easy enough to do as you may expect.

                  When in use the parasol just pushes up and locks into place, it measures an impressive 180cm so provides plenty of shade. With it being black I did worry about it being a sun trap, and whilst it is still warm it does offer shade.

                  During the winter months my hubby moved the table to the bottom part of the garden and covered it over using tarpauling we brought the chairs in, and as they fold flat we were able to store them down the side of a cupboard in the utility room, the parasol was also stored there.

                  Now the weather is a little better and we have had a couple of warm days were have put the table and chairs back out, the parasol still remains indoors at the moment as it has been rather windy. The table suffered no ill effects from being left out through the winter despite the cold, snow and freezing conditions. My hubby did cover the screws etc. with a WD40 spray to keep them from rusting as recommend in the manual and this has kept the table in tip top condition.

                  I hope we get more use out of the table this year as it is really nice.

                  It looks a lot more expensive than the £55 we paid for it, it is modern and trendy and makes the garden look really nice.

                  This is something I would highly recommend.

                  Dimensions ~

                  Diameter 80cm
                  Height 72cm

                  Width 53cm
                  Depth 71cm
                  Height 87cm
                  Seats maximum weight 110kg

                  Parasol- Diameter 180cm

                  Thanks for reading :o) x


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