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B&Q Deluxe Hexagonal Gazebo

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Manufacturer: B&Q / Type: Gazebo

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2010 14:30
      Very helpful



      Worth the money as helps the party go well.

      When my son reached the age of eighteen he chose to have his party held at home. My house isn't bad for parties as we have a through lounge. The kitchen, which comes off of the lounge, has French doors lead to the garden. My garden isn't very big, only about 55 foot in length but fairly wide. I thought we should buy a decent gazebo for this party so that we could extend the party outside. His birthday is in January and so I thought we might need shelter for bad weather, especially as I don't allow smoking in my home. Being an ex smoker, (Until about 22 years ago) I'm probably more anti than some and, as I have two, now grown up children who suffered with asthma, and so does my husband, this strengthens my resolve.

      I liked the look of the Deluxe Hexagonal Gazebo as it was around the size to fit on my lawn and I thought it looked good. I think I paid over forty pounds for this but it is currently on sale in B&Q for, £39.42. It can be seen on B&Q's website: www.diy.com. We didn't order online though, but collected from store. The box is heavy but we managed to get it into our people carrier and safely home.

      Setting up this gazebo is my husband's job but I'm happy to supervise! Is it difficult? In a word, NO! Well, he says not.

      I estimate that to assemble it takes my husband about forty-five minutes, but he is quite good at this sort of thing. To disassemble it only takes about fifteen minutes, and then it goes back into the box and we store it in our crowded garage.

      The frame is errected by pushing the parts together. It must be said that these do wobble about and can become unattached, so hubby uses electrical tape to secure these. Any strong tape would do this job.

      To put up he assembles the hexagonal roof by fitting the poles together and then fits the first part (top) of the legs together. Only fit the first part or the construction would be too high to reach and cover easily.

      Then he eases the canvas over the roof and continues to finish fitting the lower section of the gazebo's legs. He then covers the frame fully with the canvas. That done, he fastens the guide ropes and fits their metal hooks through the base plates and then finally places the hooks into the earth.
      If the grass is particularly hard or you need to errect on concrete or solid ground, these can be fitted into sand bags. The guide ropes (more like a strong cord really) stop the bottom of the gazebo from flapping. If the weather is especially windy you can add sand bags or bolsters around the guide ropes or legs to give extra purchase to the gazebo. We have used this at different times of the year and it has stayed firmly in place.

      As my son's party was a winter event we also bought some tarpaulin to place inside the gazebo and around it to make it more inviting and to stop mud being brought into the house. We have used some old carpet before as well. You can buy flooring for gazebos but I believed it too expensive. If you were actually having dancing in the gazebo then it might be worth considering. We had the main party indoors with the gazebo being an extra. For the first part of the evening we found that the youngsters were in the gazebo but as the evening went on everyone mixed.

      As a fianl touch we strung outdoor fairy lights to the gazebo and I was delighted with the effect.It really did look very festive indeed.

      Of course, this gazebo has mesh sides so, if heavy rain fell it wouldn't provide much in the way of shelter. The wind also blows through the mesh. But if the weather is good or even with light rain this is a handy thing to have. Not only does it act as an extra party room but really does look attractive.

      When I celebrated my fiftieth birthday we had a family party and the gazebo was brought out and decorated again. The weather was good for this, and the gazebo was well used. We also used it for my pearl wedding anniversary. It is also good to have for barbecues, providing shelter from the sun, some privacy, if desired, form neighbours, and again, just adds that extra something to the occasion.

      Further Details Of B&Q Deluxe Hexagonal Gazebo:

      Size : (H)2700 x (W)4000 x (D)3000mm

      Category: With side panels

      With steel poles and polyester canopy complete with mesh sides

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