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Argos Garden Gazebo with Side Panels

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Brand: Argos / Type: Gazebo

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2013 16:27
      Very helpful



      Great gazebo for the garden or to take camping

      ~*~ Cream Garden Gazebo with Side Panels ~*~

      I bought this gazebo from Argos back in June of this year , not only to use in summer but in particular to use at my daughter's birthday party in July.
      The R.R.P is around £90 , but Argos being Argos it is often reduced, I bought it at less than half price at £40, and I have seen it available for £34.99 at it's lowest
      I had the gazbo delivered to my home which I was glad of as the box is quite heavy, so if collecting in store make sure you can park close by.

      ~*~ The Gazebo ~*~

      The gazebo comes in a cream colour and covers a space of 2.7 square meters and is approximately 2.5 metres high.
      The gazebo consists of a basic frame made of steel , with a polyester cover that makes a roof and then has 2 side panels that can be positioned on any of the 4 sides. 1 side panel is a solid cream piece, the other has a large plastic see through window.
      Also in the box is a carry bag to keep it in when not in use.
      Packed up it weights 8.8 kg.

      ~*~ Putting it Up ~*~

      Putting up the gazebo was easier than expected and took my husband and myself about 15 - 20 minutes, and my husband did insist on reading the instructions through beforehand.
      You start by building the top,with 4 lengths of pole inserted into a cross shaped piece, 2 pieces of pole put together make up each side of the square.
      Then you add 1 pole on each corner to give the frame some height. Now is a good time to place the cover over , as it's easier to get the top central when its closer to the ground. Once you have that in place , add the remaining poles to each corner to elevate to full height .
      The cover comes down each pole and has a hook fastening , this did take a few pulls until it fitted , but once hooked its a good tight fit.
      There are guide ropes for securing into the ground to give more stability.

      ~*~ Attaching the Sides ~*~

      Its even easier to attach the sides , simple rings connect the sides to the cover just like a shower curtain. These all went on with no problems , and the rings came in handy when decorating the gazebo with fairy lights and bunting, as you could easily open the rings and thread them through.

      ~*~ In Use ~*~

      Once we had positioned the gazebo we could only secure it on 2 sides due to where I wanted it to go. When we first put it up the gazebo the weather was glorious sunshine so it provided much needed shade for sitting, and for the children to play under.
      By the time by daughter's birthday came around in July the weather wasn't so great and showers were forecast for her birthday. This is what prompted me to buy the gazebo as you can never tell whether the weather is going to be scorching hot or chucking it down in July and as we had cupcake decorating planned as an activity for her party which I had planned to do in the garden , I figured this would cover both eventualities and provide shade in the heat or shelter from the rain.
      As it turned out there was only a tiny shower on an otherwise nice day which resulted in squeals from the girls as they rushed under cover .

      ~*~ Taking it Down ~*~

      Again quite easy, just work backwards , untie the guide rope and un-clip the cover before taking off the lower poles on each corner , then you can remove the cover completely before dismantling the rest. The trickiest part is folding the cover back up neatly and small enough to fit back in the bag.
      Once packed up the bag measures ?? so not too big to store or transport.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      We left the gazebo up for 8-9 weeks through the summer. It was slightly protected in that it has a fence and a shed on the same 2 sides that we placed the side panels, but we do live by the coast and have had some high winds and heavy rain and despite this the gazebo is still standing and still in the same condition it was when we took it out of the box. Which I was shocked about, the first night of bad weather I kept looking out of the patio doors checking it hadn't blown away but no it was still there.
      Now it's time to be is packed away I have no regrets on buying this and it will definitely be coming back out of the shed next year. Everyone that saw the gazebo commented on how nice it was and couldn't believe it was only £40.


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