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Sainsbury's 6-piece Textaline Furniture Set

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Patio Table

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2013 00:02
      Very helpful



      Find a bargain pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.

      ~*~ Sainsbury's 6 Piece Textaline Furniture Set ~*~

      Purchased obviously from Sainsburys I bought this patio set over 4 years ago now for less than £50 , this was before all the supermarkets and places like Argos etc started doing these sets for a similar price and most places were still around £90-£100 .
      I bought it because it was a bargain and the garden furniture we had at the time had seen better days. For less then £50 this was delivered within the 3 days like stated , I remember because it was such a bargain I was worried it wouldn't arrive and they would suddenly become out of stock.

      ~*~ In the Set ~*~

      The set comprises of 6 pieces, 4 chairs, a table, and a parasol .
      The chairs require no assembly and are the spring open deck chair type they are simple to unfold due to the spring fastenings and have 2 small clips to secure when open, this makes them nice and secure and no chance of them folding while you are sat on them, or children climbing on them. The clips flip up easily enough if you want to fold them down to store. The chairs have a seat width of 42 cm , the frames are metal and the fabric is a tough canvas like material with some kind of coating making them very durable.

      The table top is made of tempered glass with a black metal trim, it has a pattern to the glass but is smooth to the touch . The table does require some assembly , the 4 legs come separately and need to be screwed together onto the ring part before then screwing to the underneath of the table . It does help to have 2 people for this to keep hold of the legs which the other does the fixings. The table measures 70 cm across and is 70 cm high, and has a hole in the middle for the parasol to go through.
      The parasol is made of a thinner material than the chairs and has a height adjustment .

      There is NO parasol base with the set , but can be ordered separately.

      ~*~ In Use ~*~

      Overall it took about 30-45 minutes to unpack and assemble the set. Initial impressions were very good , the chairs are sturdy and comfortable and a decent size. The table is sturdy and doesn't wobble on a flat surface, but it is small. I had read the dimensions before ordering and wasn't expecting a large table , but it is small and slightly out of proportion to the chairs.
      Our children were small when we first bought this so we could use it for eating as they would use children's sized plates , 2 of these and 2 normal sized plates with cutlery and glasses would just about fit.

      We have had 4 adults sat eating at the table and its a bit of a struggle you do feel slightly on top of each other and there is no room on the table for condiments or a jug etc, but it works fine for a B.B.Q when we tend to use it for plates and cutlery, serviettes etc as people tend to eat with the plates on their lap.
      The parasol does the job it's not thick fabric but it blocks out the sun when you need some shade , the height is adjustable , it can go quite low which is useful when the children are using the table.

      The set except the parasol has been left outside the whole time we have owned it, we do fold the chairs in winter and stack them, but other than that it is left to the elements and is still standing strong. The table cleans very easily , quick wipe and its good as new , the chairs are showing some general dirt and dust to the fabric , and with it being cream it is noticeable , I do give them a spring clean when we start to use them , they don't come up spotless but at least I know they are clean.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      When I bought this I was expecting 1 or 2 summers use before it would need replacing , which was fine as at the time we were going to be renovating the garden in the future , so cheap and cheerful was the way to go . In reality the set is still sat in the garden and still being used . The garden renovations have been put on hold (again!) till next year as we are going on holiday this year instead , but thankfully this set turned out to be a little diamond and is still going strong , yes the table is a bit small but it does tell you the measurements when ordering so you can't really hold it against the set .
      Unfortunately our parasol is now headed to the scrap heap in the sky , but only because my husband managed to put a big rip in it , until then it was still going strong despite only being stored in a children's playhouse through the winter .

      Would I buy this again ,yes I would , despite the small table its a fantastic set that's turned out to be a lot stronger and better quality than I imagined .
      It also looks the part , none of our friends could believe I paid so little and were quite jealous of my bargain.
      The cream colour brings light into the garden while being unoffensive to any other furniture or colours that you may have. It would be ideal in a smaller garden or even on a balcony .

      Considering this is still going, its got to be nothing less than
      5 out of 5


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        04.06.2010 10:23
        Very helpful



        Good buy at the price I paid, but I wouldn't pay anymore for this!

        Where I've been away from Dooyoo for a couple of weeks I'm finding it hard to get my writing head back on , so I hope that I won't be to boring with this review!.

        I thought I would write a review on this garden set that I bought some weeks back, as the weather hasn't been to great lately I've only had the chance to look out of the window at it, until yesterday when my daughter and myself managed to sit on it and do a bar-b-que.

        It all started when I spotted this on Hotukdeals.com, when someone was saying that it was going for half it's usual price which was £79.99 down to £39.99. This seemed a good deal so I rang my local Sainsbury's, the assistant was very helpful and said that she had one left in stock which I went on to arrange to collect that evening after work. I was really pleased, but ten minutes later she rang back and said that she could not find that table that went with this set, so I said I would order it online.

        Now on reading the delivery costs it worked out that for a £1 more at £4.95 I could choose next day delivery and what time slot I wanted so I opted for this. So the next day it came at exactly the time they said and I was very excited to get it unpacked out of the cardboard packaging. I did say to the delivery man that it should have a parasol as well, but he said that this was all he had for my address and maybe it would come in another delivery!.

        Well the four chairs came ready assembled as they were just the sort that you folded and just pulled open until they clicked into place so that was easy. Now as for the table if comes in several pieces with the glass and black steel surround in one piece and the four black steel legs and a centre circle that attaches to the legs that the parasol goes through making up the rest.

        I don't know what was the matter with me that day as I couldn't get the legs to fit into the table as much as I tried ( I'm usually very good at putting things together!), I left it for about an hour to let the room clear of all my bad language and went back taking a very deep breath and tried again and the legs slid in one by one as easy as that!( I must have been trying to hard in my excitement to see it all fitted together!).

        So now that was done I peered into the box again and found my parasol ( well I hope it was or a rather large flimsy umbrella!!).

        Yes as you can tell I was not amused at the size or flimsyness of this so called parasol, but that was not that much of a big deal anyway as we don't often put these up.

        For the rest of the set I was very pleased with at the price I paid, this comes in a cream and black colour scheme, with the textilene waterproof cream material seats sitting on black powder-coated steel frames these looked very smart and as I already have a different set with this material I know that I can hose it over if it gets any bird muck on as it always comes up clean. Each chair weighs 3.2kg so isn't very heavy and can even be folded down and taken away to friends or the beach on days out.

        The glass table is particulary nice as it has a wavy pattern on the top and is made from 5mm tempered glass and weighs 8kg. What I really like is that the glass is fairly clear and when it gets dirty it wipes clean really easily and looks like new again, were I have a set that has a smoked black table and the glass on this has just gone all funny and will wipe clean, but then goes all smeary looking!. So this is nice to clean!. This table top is 70cm in diameter.

        I would just say though that I think that the table is just a bit too little for four chairs around it and I have put just two round the table and this looks nice. Now as for the "parasol" it looks nice in the plastic bag, but as soon as I pulled it out I could see how thin and flimsy it was and an even more shocked when I went into the garden to test it, it opened up but when inserted into the hole in the table it came down so low that you have to duck under it to sit down as the height it goes to on max is roughly 170cm which sound ok, but this makes it quite low when set up!.

        All in all I am pleased with this set, but would never have paid the full asking price for this. I went back into Sainsburys that same night that it was delivered and saw that they had about three sets of these out on the shelves so it looked like I paid my £5 for nothing. So as a word of warning if you want anything like this it may be best to got and check instore for yourself and save yourself a fiver!.

        This is now on sale for £53.32 and is also doing FREE delivery now!

        I'll give this set 4 Dooyoo stars as if the parasol was better quality then it would be a big 5!


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