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Sienna Wooden 4 Seater Patio Set

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Type: Patio Sets

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    2 Reviews
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      21.12.2008 15:40




      The patio chairs are used in the outdoors of the residential places and hotel clubs. The chairs are used while conversing during our leisure time and engaged with some meals. In the early morning we can relax ourselves in these chairs by drinking a cup of coffee and then reading the news papers and magazines. And also we can enjoy the birds singing in our garden like a morning song it creates a peace of mind for the whole day and we can enjoy it.
      The patio chairs are available in many stylish models, good high quality and attractive prices. Instead of being inside of the house the outdoor will be good looking for the patio chairs so that we can spend more of our time outside than inside. The chairs are made up of good quality materials whether in wood or iron metals. During the family parties we can prefer the parties in the outdoor with the chairs and enjoy the moment in that day. The chairs are also attached with umbrellas on the top, it creates a shadow even when the sun is it too hot and when it rains. The umbrellas becomes like a roof with the patio chairs.


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      30.04.2008 00:54
      Very helpful



      A lovely looking set of patio furniture at a reasonable price

      When I moved into my new bungalow last year I decided I was going to make a haven of the garden and would spare no expense to get my outside area exactly how I wanted it. I have always loved being in the garden but when my late husband was alive we only had a lawn and a climbing frame because he was always too tired after working long hours to do anything special with the garden.

      The one thing I have always envied my daughter for is her lovely choice of garden furniture because she just has an eye for things that have their own personality and quirkiness. I asked her to pick me out a nice table and chairs with a budget of about £100 and she came to my house one morning with this beautiful Sienna wooden patio set.

      It arrives packed flat but is incredibly easy to put together. If I am honest with you I made myself scarce while my son in law assembled the table and chairs but I was cheekily watching him though the window and he made very light work of it even though he is a typical man who thinks instructions are there just to pad the box out. It looked to me to be a case of just making sure you have somebody to hold the various components of the table while you screw them together. One sure fire way of explaining how easy it was is to tell you that my daughter was holding the legs of the table while my son in law put them together and there were no rows at all - mind you I think that could also have been because he would not dare start moaning at her while she is holding a hammer!

      It took them about 20 minutes to assemble the table and 4 chairs and as soon as I saw the patio set I fell in love with it. My daughter had done it again and picked out the perfect furniture for my soon to become a country kitchen garden. It is made of hardwood with a natural matte finish and I would say the colour is a very dark honey colour. It looks lovely when the sun is shining down because when it hits my Sienna set it makes it look like it is glowing slightly because it is such a warm colour. The table and chairs are all the same syrupy colour and it is quite unusual I think, but then I am used to army green or white plastic garden furniture so this felt very exotic when I first got it.

      The chairs are surprisingly comfortable because the slats on the seats are placed quite close together to give me a nice even base to sit down on. The backs are the perfect height for me to lean back comfortably and I have occasionally found myself dozing off on these chairs in the sun. I have brought some cushions to tie onto the backs of the chairs because I think it is nicer to have something soft to lean back onto but even without the cushions the chairs are very comfy.

      The table is quite basic I think and this is what makes it look so nice. I do not really like the modern chrome and mesh garden tables because they look like they should be indoor furniture and do not look like they will stand up to the British weather. The table in my Sienna set is a solid top which sits on legs that are very easy to fold up to allow me to store my table against the wall inside the shed when the weather gets too cold to sit outside. I have just had a look at the papers that came with my patio set and the diameter of the table is 90cm and this is the perfect size I think when I look at it in relation to the chairs. I have barbeques most weekends through the summer and last year I found the table to be big enough for all our food and drinks with room left over for my grandaughters Bratz doll who always accompanies her to my house.

      The table and chairs are all very stable. I first had my patio set on the slabbed area of my garden and there was no movement at all from the legs of the tables so I got braver and placed the table and chairs on the lawn. At first there was some slight wobbling while the grass and earth got used to bearing the weight but this settled down after a very short while and the table and chair settled into their new places perfectly. The legs did not sink into my lawn either which I was very pleased about, I think this is because they are quite thick and the bottoms of the legs slope gently which helps to balance the weight easier.

      The tables and chairs are very easy to fold up and it is simply a case of sliding them all shut so they are nice and flat for storage. When it is folded up the table is quite heavy so don't try to lift it on your own, I did not try to lift mine at all and asked my helpful neighbour to put it in the shed for me. He is only 39 and was puffing like an old man when he came back from the shed, I bet he wished he hadn't offered to also carry the chairs afterwards! I also like the fact that the table is so easy to clean and a spray of multi purpose cleaner and a quick wipe with a cloth is usually all it takes to get rid of any food or bird droppings that might have made their way onto my table.

      The only complaint I have is that the set did not come with a parasol even though the table has the hole in the middle for one. This is a little bit annoying because it meant I had go out and buy one separately and I was worried that whichever one I brought would be fat to fit through the hole. I was lucky and spotted a beautiful red and white parasol decorated with poppies which fitted on my table perfectly.

      I paid £80 last summer for my Sienna patio set but I have noticed they have come down a little bit now and cost about £70. I think this is a good price because the table and chairs are solidly constructed and the wood is of very good quality indeed and I think this patio set will last for years.


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    • Product Details

      Sienna hardwood round table with 4 folding chairs in dark brown. Table folds flat for easy storage.

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