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B&Q Colour Changing LED Solar Pagoda Lights

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Brand: B&Q / Type: Garden Lights

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2011 15:10
      Very helpful



      Colour changing LED Solar Lights


      As I don't have a large garden space at home for plants or features I tend to concentrate more on the plot of land my caravan is situated on and have an array of pots and tubs containing all manner of shrubbery and flowers. As some of the pots are larger than others and because I just happen to like the subtle glow a solar light tends to give off on a night time I was on the look out in B&Q recently for something extra to add into the pots and stumbled across this set of LED Pagoda Lights. On offer for a pack of 10 reduced from £19.98 to £14.98 I decided to give them a go and add some extra interest to my collection of pots and tubs.


      The pack of 10 lights are packaged individually, the measure 39cm in height and around 11cm in thickness, they have a domed, almost mushroom-shaped head and the solar panel is located at the very top of the unit. They are constructed of lightweight stainless steel and have a silver finish to them and each comes with a ground spike which is hidden internally up the shaft of the light itself - this is easily removed and once turned around can be re-inserted into the body of the light and can be 'planted' into the ground (or garden pot if you use them the same as me) The shade of the light is made from a ridged plastic material which is transparent and offers some protection to the bulbs inside although would be prone to damage quite easily as it doesn't feel very thick or robust. There are no sharp edges or snags in the construction of these, they feel well made and are easy to unwrap and place into position where ever you choose to have them.

      Rather than just emitting a white light these are colour changing and over the course of a few seconds go from white to red, green and blue and as you would expect from a solar-powered light they gently illuminate a small section of the surrounding area they are located in. Each light has 2 bulbs contained in them (one white, the other coloured) and come as complete units, there is no set up with them other than removing the packaging and turning the spike around and they are, of course, wireless.

      For me these are ideal where I have them but if you had a pathway or area of a garden that you wanted to highlight or illuminate then these, for the money they cost to buy, would make a relatively inexpensive feature which take little to no maintenance. Once they are in place and charged up by day or sunlight they light themselves up when it gets to early evening time and provide around 8 hours worth of light and I have to say, they do look really nice when its dark outside.


      I've had my Pagoda lights for a few weeks now and have found them to be reliable in coming on when it gets to dusk and whilst they're not the brightest light in the world they certainly do provide enough illumination to be seen and admired. I like the fact that they are colour changing rather than just being white and sitting on my balcony at the caravan with a cup of tea or a beer makes for a gentle and relaxing experience watching the lights change colour. They are noticeable but not so 'in your face' that they become a distraction and their gentle glow does highlight the pots in which they are sat. I could imagine that these would be perfect for a garden path if you have no other lighting in your garden as they are bright enough to highlight an area and a number of them together in a line would make for a nice sight to see.

      Build wise they feel of good quality if not a little too light, I can't imagine that they would withstand many knocks to be honest and if you were to put these in an exposed area then there would be a real chance that they would blow over quite easily as the supplied ground-spike isn't that long to get a really firm grip into the soil in which it is placed. For the price they retail for there are considerations to be made, they are cheap for what they are and although don't look or feel inferior in any way I wouldn't say that they appear to be particularly robust or hard-wearing. Placed into a pot or tub they are fine as they do have some protection from the elements, they do provide a gentle glow and do the job they were intended to do and overall I have been very happy with mine and would recommend them to anyone else.

      For £1.50 per light there is little to grumble about as far as I'm concerned, I can't imagine that they would last for years on end but I don't expect them to, if I can get a couple of seasons use out of them then they will have been money well spent for me and overall I am very pleased with mine. These are a B&Q branded product and can be found in-store and on-line exclusively to B&Q although there is always plenty of choice when it comes to garden lighting anyway so other brands will also be available from other retailers. When not on offer they retail for £19.98 for a pack of 10 but often feature in promotions, I saved £5 when I bought mine and B&Q always run discount weekends or money off events so there are savings to be had if you shop at the right time. Even at just under £20.00 though they are still worth the money in terms of what you actually get so I would certainly recommend that these be ones to consider if you are looking for a set of solar powered garden lights.

      ===My Rating and Link to the Product===

      As far as my rating goes I'm awarding 4 stars, their long term durability is questionable but other than that they are an inexpensive way to introduce a little added interest to anyones garden and this set of 10 LED colour changing Pagoda lights from B&Q come recommended by me.

      Thanks for reading my review, please note that this may also appear on ciao under my username.

      Link to B&Q's website where further details can be found:


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