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Gardman Chinese Solar Lantern

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Type: Festive Lights

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2013 23:13
      Very helpful



      Very disappointing indeed.

      My house in on a bit of an oddly laid out estate. There is no road access to the front of the house, as the street I live on is entirely pedestrianised. However, there is road access via the cul-de-sac at the back. As well as meaning I have to take an extra five minutes every time I order a takeaway explaining exactly how to get to me, this also means that takeaway drivers, or indeed anyone that visits of an evening, has to make the way down my sloping back garden and it's steps in the dark. I needed a simple way to light them safely down the garden to my back door, and the pack of six gardman chinese style solar lanterns, which cost £12.50 plus £3.95 delivery, seemed a good idea.

      The box contains 6 lanterns, which are 25cm high x 15cm wide, and in white and red with three of each. Personally, being part chinese myself I really would have preferred that all six lanterns be red, as red is a auspicious lucky colour whereas white is the colour we would traditionally wear in mourning. They are however quite attractive - a sort of cylinder shape , with black trim at the top and bottom and a small hook to enable this to be hung from small branches or, in my case , over the washing line. The hook was only just big enough for this, which was actually a good thing as it made them quite secure on the line, and stopped them all sliding down it to bunch up together.

      Obviously, these take time to charge in the sun, and then, theoretically at least, they turn on at dusk. Now, there wasn't much sun at all the first few days I had them, and therefore no noticeable light at night. However, we then had a glorious day, and I really looked forward to seeing these in action. And I did - four of them anyway. Two of them still weren't on - but I figured maybe they hadn't recieved enough light and moved them to another part of the garden. Sadly, they still didnt work, and a closer inspection revealed that the heat of the sun had actually melted the glue that held the bulb in place. The packaging had said nothing about heat, and I had presumed being solar that these would, naturally be ok in the sun.

      The lights that did work did indeed look very pretty. The light was subtle and quite diffused - certainly not enough to really do much by, but enough to show the path to the door. However, I was quite disgruntled to only be able to enjoy four of the six I had paid more - and even more disgruntled when these fell apart after being caught in a brief spell of rain. I appreciate that paper isn't waterproof, and I wouldn't have expected them to withstand heavy rain, but this was a very brief shower of less than five minutes of drizzle, and I would have expected them to have been able to withstand that a little.

      Overall, these were a complete waste of time. They are great if you have consistently great weather and make sure to bring them in at the merest hint of drizzle. But, if, like me, you're not constantly glues to the weather report, I'd invest in something else. I now have some different solar lights that are doing the trick, but regret the money wasted on these, which I can only award 1 star. A solar product that can't stand up to the sun ? Not recommended


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  • Product Details

    Solar powered no wiring required. Turns on automatically at dusk.

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