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IQ Premier 400 Watt Floodlight with PIR

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Manufacturer: IQ / Type: Outdoor Lights - Security Light / Sensor

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2010 16:07
      Very helpful



      A worthwhile investment.

      A few years ago, myself, and my husband, agreed that it would be prudent to invest in an outside security light to install in our back garden. We wanted a light in the garden for two reasons one being the most obvious, and this was to provide some sensible precautionary security against intruders. The second reason was that having a pet dog who, occasionally, won't venture out in the garden alone at night. This is when fireworks are lighting and crackling in the night sky, and if the weather is stormy. At these times he needs to be accompanied, so a garden light is welcome to the human guardian.

      We therefore purchased a security light from a DIY store. After a few years of having this light we noticed that it had become unreliable and sometimes the light didn't come on at all. My husband decided that this light wasn't up to the job, and decided that we should buy a new one. So we looked around for a new light, hoping for better results this time

      At this time we didn't wish to pay too much for a light. We thought that the 'IQ Premier Floodlight 400 Watt with PIR' seemed to fit the bill. (PIR means passive infrared sensors) Of course it's hard to tell how good a product is from just looking on a website but we did also read a few reviews. We went ahead and purchased this from our nearest Argos store for, I think, the price of around twenty pounds.

      We don't have an outside power source to the back of the garden and so my husband installed a device internally, whereby he fed the electric cable through the interior of the house to the exterior, wiring internally. Now my husband is quite good with these jobs, but if it is an electrical task he will only undertake this if he is confident. This wasn't difficult and he was well up to the job. However, he did ask an electrician friend to check his work as a precaution. I have to say though that laws have changed in more recent years and I think that for some electrical tasks it is now be a legal requirement that some jobs of this type of job are carried out by a qualified electrician. This may not be the case for this relatively straightforward task but it certainly is 'recommended' that a qualified person undertake work of this nature.

      As this was our second security light and therefore the more difficult electrical side of installing an exterior light had already been done with the previous light, it was easy for my husband to install the new light. Very quickly the light was fitted to the wall in the previous light's position. When darkness approached we could test the light.

      The light detects anyone coming near to it and quickly comes on. It then lights up a good area of the garden, although for large gardens I would suggest several of these lights are used and placed strategically around the garden. The light stays on while someone stays in the area. Once the person has moved away the light goes off after a few seconds.

      There is a manual override on this security light so that the light remains on. We have used this function a few times, when we have held a party, and also at smaller family events, when guests have wanted to smoke a cigarette in the garden. Rather than make them stand in the lit corner, it is better to have constant lighting in the garden for a while. We do also have some solar garden lights but these don't provide reliable enough strong lighting for all occasions.


      So far we are pleased with this light. It must be around eighteen months since we purchased it. It proved easy to set up and was reasonably priced. We have this installed at the detached side of our garden where there is a side access. It lights the spot where our dog is encouraged to spend a penny, and more! As I said previously though, the light falls on a good sized area in our garden, although this isn't a large area. The light comes on when humans are detected within its range. Our dog, as he falls well below the detection area, doesn't make it flick on. However, sometimes other animals, such as foxes, make the light operate. I believe they climb over the nearby wall, so are detected.

      I believe exterior lighting is a very worthwhile thing to have as a security measure. For the price paid this must be worth it. The current selling price is £14.99.

      PROUCT DETAILS (as taken from www.argos.co.uk) :

      IQ Premier Floodlight 400 Watt with PIR.

      Pan and tilt floodlight adjustment for improved beam control.

      * Manual override for constant illumination.

      * 180 degree detection range.

      * Adjustable PIR.

      * Bulbs required: 1 x 400W linear halogen (included).

      Additional Information

      Light Fittings:
      All light fittings must be fitted in accordance with wiring regulations from the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and current building regulations. We recommend you employ a qualified electrician and that manufacturer's fitting instructions are followed.


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