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Kingfisher 50 LED Solar String Lights

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2 Reviews

Type: Solar / Subcategory: Outdoor Lights

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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2013 22:42
      Very helpful



      Twinkling Fun

      ~*~ Kingfisher 50 String Lights ~*~

      I purchased these lights after reading the great review by Spiritwood . I paid £4.70 with free delivery from Amazon , and they were promptly delivered 2 days later.
      I wanted them to decorate a gazebo for my daughter's birthday party .

      The lights come boxed and the packaging was smaller than I expected , I don't know why I expected it to be bigger but I did , the box is around the size of a mobile phone box.
      I immediately opened them up and placed them outside to charge to check they worked . When the lights are out of the box but still attached to the inside cardboard packaging they look tiny, you could hold the whole thing in the palm of your hand and I did laugh at myself thinking 1 set would be enough for a gazebo.

      ~*~ The Lights ~*~

      Inside the box are the 50 lights on a string , and a ground spike for the solar panel. The batteries are already inserted , and are replaceable .
      When fully charged they will operate for 6-8 hours. You can wrap them around branches and trees and they are weatherproof.

      The lights are solar powered , there is a small box at the end of the string that requires to be placed in sunlight.
      The first day I put them outside to charge it wasn't the sunniest of days it was rather cloudy, but it was still enough to charge them. I placed them outside around lunchtime and by dust that evening they had automatically came on like they should.
      They lights have 2 settings flashing and on . I personally just keep them on the on position as they are small and fairy like, they are slightly twinkly anyway.
      Pleased that they worked well , they were left on a table until the gazebo went up .
      Once the gazebo was up it was time to put the lights up , much to my astonishment the lights fitted perfectly round the 2 walls of the gazebo with enough string lead to drop down to the floor where we placed the solar panel .
      The size of the gazebo is 2.7 meters square and 2 meters high , so the length of the lights is over 7 .5 meters once they are unraveled from the packaging. Something they don't tell you on the box only ythat it contains 50 lights.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      Wow , after first thinking how small they were and they wouldn't be suitable for the job they were absolutely perfect.
      They work really well , coming on at dusk , tonight it was about 9 pm, and they are still on when we go to bed , just recently we have had some late nights of 3 to 4 am and the lights are still twinkling .
      Just like indoor fairy lights they don't give a lot of light , you couldn't read a book outside with them , but they do give a pretty glow and are perfect for a decorative accessory for the garden .
      We have decided to keep the gazebo up for the rest of the school holidays or until the weather gets bad, once it comes down , I will transfer them to a tree or bush where I'm sure they will look equally as good .
      For less the £5 delivered you can't go wrong .

      5 out of 5


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        27.06.2013 03:34
        Very helpful



        A great set of solar lights for a song.

        My back garden is in danger of becoming a little like a poor woman's Vegas. We just LOVE fairy lights, and as we are having work done in the back garden it seems only right to fill it with things that my daughter loves or I can enjoy. I have limited mobility and due to my big hairy dogs using it as their space, the back garden was in danger of becoming over-run with bramble and triffids. It was recently strimmed back and fires were lit, leaving a blank canvas for me. As I am home a lot of the time I have been desperate to create an oasis of gorgeousness outside, so that I can at least enjoy the sun that we do get. My daughter also wants a wooden gypsy caravan but that is another story....

        The side of my house faces miles of open countryside and that is where we bat watch. That side is already decorated with some solar LED lights around our Rowan tree, and has various chairs and lanterns. The back garden has been neglected for years. No more! My fence panels are be-decked with solar lighting and we are starting to plant out some more trees to carry suncatchers and Moroccan lanterns. I even have some hippy bunting. Woodstock recreated in Wales. Oh yes.

        These lights are one set of many that I own. I have an embarrassingly large collection now, most waiting to go out around the trees and shrubs. These were the ones that I chose to tart up a young tree near the back window where I sit smoking roll ups and contemplating my navel. I have some outdoor speakers that run direct from my living room close by, so they were earmarked for decoration too. Luckily none of my cats or dogs stood still long enough to receive the same treatment.

        I just love LED lighting and have had considerable success with solar lighting, even in the awful Welsh weather.


        Kingfisher are a company who specialise in lighting, both internal and external. They have a large range of solar and garden products and they all seem to be great value for money. I paid £4.70 for 50 of the little sparklers via Amazon, which is an amazing deal when you consider how much a string of just 10 can cost. I was unsure as to whether they would be any good for this price but have been very happily surprised.

        The reviews on Amazon seem to be mixed on these, with several reviews stating that they did not work well. I have had no problems with them at all.

        These lights are perfect for enhancing a feature in your garden, be it a shrub, tree, fencing or pond. They are long enough to provide a dramatic display, and although the LED's are tiny, they twinkle and illuminate the area very beautifully with a clean white light.

        WHAT'S IN THE BOX:

        The lights come in a flimsy cardboard box but are sent well protected. The jumble of cable is tidy in the box (but very quickly gets unruly out of it, like all strand lights) and it is very clear how the lights are meant to be hung outside. There is a generous 9 metres of strong waterproof cable, which seems to be very decently crafted and protects the wires well. As with all solar lighting, you get the battery pack and the little solar panel which can be used via the stake in the ground, or attached with garden wire to a solid wall/fence/tree.


        These were easy to set up, especially if you have used solar lighting before. If you haven't then you will still not struggle as all you need to do is hang them and allow the thing to charge up, making sure that your solar panel gets optimum light. I attached my solar panel beside the outdoor speaker as it gets the most sun and is less likely to get knocked off of the fencing etc by an errant cat. There is plenty of wire free before the bulbs start to show so you can attach it quite high up with no issues, unlike some lights.

        From the speaker I ran them along the bottom of the fence for a few inches and then wiggled them around a hazel tree. The cable was easy to wrap in and out of the branches and they were not so heavy that the young tree could not cope. I twisted them around the trunk for extra effect and then found that there were still plenty of lights left over. The poor tree ended up festooned but I ensured that they were loose to allow for the tree to grow.

        There are two options for the light display with these, flashing and static. I chose static as I did not particularly want to evoke the ambiance of a 1970's school disco. I suppose if you ARE into that sort of thing then the flashing option would be for you.

        The bulbs are squat nosed meaning that they do not have the "Christmas light" look to them, instead they have a blunt almost square appearance on the end of the bulb. The effect of this shape seems to concentrate the luminescence of the lights and they started to faintly glow after around 10 minutes in the daylight.

        Come the evening, the lights were fully up and functioning and they were very bright despite having only been charged for a few hours. They lasted well into the night and were still kicking out when I finally went to bed. The effect around the little hazel tree was really lovely, creating shadows around the scalloping on the leaves that also gave shadows on the fence panel behind it. The lights set created an ambience in the garden which made it even more pleasant to sit out and watch the fields and nature.

        This was the first set that I used in my newly tidied back garden and I was very happy with the way that they performed. I have since put more out the back and still have several other types to go out, to illuminate a large garden mirror, a shrine, a fire pit and more trees. I want to be able to chill with the dogs once my daughter goes to bed and this creates that kind of space. The lights are bright and effective but are not likely to annoy the neighbours, partly because I have 6ft fence panels at the start of my garden, and secondly because they give off a gentle light which is not in your face or intrusive.


        * Static or Flashing light function
        * Excellent fro trees, shrubs, or hanging from houses, garages
        * 50 Bright white LED bulbs
        * 9 metre cable

        I have had these for around 5 weeks now and they work well even on dull days. I recommend them for some feature lighting in your garden. They are also a fantastic price.

        PRICE: Just £ 4.75 on Amazon plus free delivery.


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