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Poundstretcher Solar Powered Buzzy Bee String Lights

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Brand: Poundstretcher / Type: Solar

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2013 15:29
      Very helpful



      A nice addition to my garden.


      My garden has been treated to some extensive pampering lately. This has consisted of new plants, various new pots and planters, plant food, new screening so it can have its privacy and lots of solar powered lights to brighten up some dark areas and to generally add some light and colour to help it to look beautiful.
      I have bought several sets of new lights and one set I have recently purchased was a set of twenty solar powered string lights from Poundstretcher.

      Poundstretcher are currently selling an assortment of solar garden lights. Packs containing twenty stringed lights are selling at the price of £5.99 and these are available in different designs and colours.
      I could have chosen ladybird lights (red) or bee lights (yellow) and there may have been still more, I'm not sure but not really being a lover of bugs I chose the set of pink jewelled flower lights.

      I already have some lights fitted onto the apex roof my small summerhouse but decided it wouldn't look over the top to add a few more twinkling lights, especially as the summerhouse stands at the end of the garden where it is in quite a dark spot as it is sheltered by a couple of trees' branches' overhanging it and also has a brick garage wall to its side.
      I think lighting is a good idea to have in ones garden as not only does it make the garden look pretty and inviting but I believe a lighter, brighter garden can in some way help to deter thieves who prefer to lurk in the dark.

      I don't as yet have an electric power supply running into my garden and so solar illumination is the only available choice at present. I think even if I did have power outside I would still choose solar lighting for this type of illumination as to me it seems to be the most practical; it is easy to install and to use and once the lights are purchased then there is no further running costs and, as long as these lights don't need renewing too often then it must be better for the environment that where possible we use the sun's rays rather than conventional power.

      The lights that I chose are plastic and fairly small and compact. The six individual petals of each 'jewelled flower' curve slightly towards the centre where the tiny light bulb is situated. I think plastic does a better job than fabric for this type of light as it does have some reflective properties and so adds to the brightness a little.

      My husband fitted these flower lights around the roof of the summerhouse. It only took him a few minutes and then he placed the small solar panel on the ground in the best position to catch the most sun. This isn't actually the sunniest spot in the garden but we have a few panels here already and the lights seem to recharge quite well.

      The lights work well. If the day has been bright and sunny then they will shine bright and stay alight for longer. I think they look pretty on the summerhouse roof and they have added that finishing touch. So far they have worked well and added to the other sets of lights and so help to make the garden look quite magical (in my eyes) when the sun has set. I am hoping that our lights don't keep the birds awake at night as we seem to have a few nests in this area. No, I am not serious, I just thought of the nests being illuminated after sun down and the chicks keeping mum and dad awake.


      The lights are from Poundstretcher. I purchased from a local store but I believe these are available for home delivery and can be ordered on-line.

      Web Address: http://www.poundstretcher.co.uk

      I paid £5.99 for the Jewelled Flower lights. The Bee and the Ladybird variety sell for the same price.


      The box contains twenty stringed (wired) LED lights.

      The lights are weather resistant.

      These lights are solar powered and therefore are charged by the sun or daylight. A rechargeable battery is included. This is an AA Ni-MH 1.2v 600mAh battery.

      The plastic flower surround is pink which gives the illusion of a pink light although in fact the centre bulb of each 'jewelled flower' is a conventional white light inside the plastic flower.


      I love garden lights and think they add a little something to my garden. I would say of this particular set that they are worth the reasonable price paid. They are from the cheaper end of the market but I have purchased lights from Poundstretcher before and found them to be good value.

      These lights are easy to install, they work and also give the desired affect that I was hoping for.

      **My lights are the Jewelled Flower version NOT the Buzzy Bee set but a picture of my set wasn't available.


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