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Poundstretcher Solar Powered Daisy String Lights

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Brand: Poundstretcher / Type: Solar

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2013 14:11
      Very helpful



      Worth the price and pretty


      My husband and I decided to spruce up our garden in the spring, although we did think along with most of the country that this year spring would never arrive. We decided, along with purchasing more plants and various other things for the garden that we wanted more outdoor lights to brighten up the garden.
      At the moment we don't have an electricity supply running into the garden and so, until we get around to installing power, we have to rely on solar power for our outdoor lighting.

      Over the years we have owned many different type of solar powered lights which seem to have varied vary greatly in their lasting power and, although some sets have proved to be very reliable we seem to still be buying new sets of lights every year.

      We have this year in fact bought several sets but the ones that I am now reviewing were our first purchase this year and this was a few months ago when were optimistic about having a nice spring.

      In truth I was in a bit of a 'must buy something' mood when I purchased these lights and that partly explains the purchase really. My local Poundstretcher was preparing for a bit of a re-fit at the time and there wasn't at this time a great amount of choice upon their shelves, but I wanted to buy lights so lights I bought although without having a really good look.
      These lights are okay and in terms of price, at £4.99 they won't break the bank but they aren't really what I wanted. But we were rushed.

      The other reason why I purchased Daisy lights was because I was planning on filling a decorative stone plant pot. I had purchased this pretty container some years ago as a gift for my mother (now departed) and had brought for sentiment's sake from my departed parents garden and into my own garden. Well my mum was called Daisy and as I am a soppy so and so I had just bought some Cape Daisies from a garden centre to plant in this container and before heading home had popped into Poundstretcher to buy some plastic containers and solar lights. I think the box having the lettering 'Daisy' on it meant it just called out to me. My Daisy was very much on my mind by now.

      **IN THE BOX**

      The cardboard box shows what's inside with its illustration of daisy type blooms but we thought, foolishly, that the flowers surrounding the bulb were smaller and less showy than they actually are.
      Inside are twelve daisy shaped petal surrounds with a small bulb in their centres. These lights are already assembled and are on a string/wire. The flowers are in a selection of colours; pink, mauve, red and yellow. The petals are of a silky type fabric and I am not sure that this will last for long. I would have preferred plastic really.

      **SETTING UP**

      Setting up is a very easy and quick operation. All that has to be done is to carefully unravel the lights and wire and place the small solar panel onto its stand.

      When a desired location in the garden has been chosen then all that needs to be done is to thread the lights around the trees, bush or fix to a shed or garden building and then simply position the solar panel in the ground facing where it is most likely to be in the sun or at least light.

      At first, we didn't really know where to place the lights as they weren't quite what we had imagined. Finally we agreed that a large shrub near to our small summerhouse towards the end of the garden would probably be the best spot. In front of the shrub is a clear-ish area where the solar panel would be able to face the sun and therefore mean that the lights would be likely to shine brightly at dusk.


      The lights work well and at night they look pretty. During the daytime they show up too with their bright coloured petals and make the shrub look as if it is in flower with heavy blooms. From a distance the lights, when not alight, don't really appear artificial and, as they are placed to the rear of the garden, I feel they look okay. However, if they were in a prime spot I think they could appear a little ostentatious in my garden.

      I am not sure that these solar lights will last for long in terms of appearance of the petals, once the wind, rain, frost and perhaps even snow has got to them, but they could be unwound and stored away for the winter. I might consider this but will probably end up leaving them where they are as I like to see some light in the garden all year round.

      I think the string lights are definitely worth the price that I paid and I cannot complain in that respect at all.


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