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Poundstretcher Solar Powered Fairy Lights

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Brand: Poundstretcher / Type: Solar

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2013 18:59
      Very helpful



      I'm pleased with my purchase


      I suppose I must, like many people, try to improve my garden and most of this will usually take place in the spring or early summer. This year the weather has been cold and spring late but never- the-less my husband and I have put a lot of thought as well as some cash and a lot of effort, though this has been mainly from my husband, who, as well as being my chauffeur and washer upper is also my gardener. I like to think that I am the planner and he is the worker. While he works I am quite happy to supply him with cups of tea or cans of beer and when he is lonely I will even keep him company! But he seems to have attracted the attention of our resident robin who is keeping him company.

      This year so far we have gone quite mad really and spent more than we meant to on the garden. I don't actually regret this as long as we have some dry weather I intend to spend a lot of time in my garden. It is disappointing though in that it is now June and we haven't really had very much opportunity to relax in the garden.
      We have bought many plants and bulbs for the garden, screens and planters and lights. I have just thought about it and realised that so far this year I have purchased no less than five sets of outdoor lights.
      We already had some lights in the garden but some have given up and as we have a small summerhouse at the end of the garden I want lights for that and require the dark areas to be lit up and some areas to be brighter because I want the plants to be seen when dusk is approaching. I want my garden to look welcoming by day and also pretty in the evening.

      I don't pay much for my outdoor lights as I think even the more expensive types can suffer with the rain and the English weather conditions; I would rather not pay too much and then not mind as much if they don't last for too long.

      Our outdoor lights have to be solar powered as we don't yet have electric power installed in our garden.
      Last week I bought lights from two shops, one of these being Poundstretcher.

      We wanted some lights to go in the ground on our two borders which run on either side of our lawn. One side has several working lights from previous years but the other has only two that still work. This has resulted in it looking pretty dark in the evening.

      I popped some new solar string lights into the basket and then looked for some more lights to go into the ground. I didn't see much of this type of thing that appealed to be honest but did notice the boxes of colour changing lights on the shelves.
      I pointed these out to my husband, who turned his nose up, but then this is something he is wont to do quite often, and so I added them to my basket.

      Soon after buying these lights and various other garden goodies, my husband the gardener worked very hard in the garden, stopping only for a late breakfast cooked by the lady of the house (me; I am a lady!) and a beer and a glass of Rioja, at suitable intervals, meaning when I judged he was slowing down an needed a pick me up. He was cutting back shrubs and trees and after a while there was space for some new flowers to be planted and the new lights to be inserted into the borders.

      We had consulted together and then concluded that five of these lights should be put in one border and the remaining four on the opposite side. This was done and string lights were added higher up intertwined in bushes and large plants.

      The lights didn't really look much at that time in the daylight as they aren't particularly stunning in design when not ignited. However, as it was growing dark and I peered out into the garden from the kitchen's French windows, I saw a bright blue light twinkling. I called my husband and he said it wasn't blue, it was green! Soon it was red and so I reminded him that they were actually colour changing lights. Although he had taken them from the box he had thought they were different coloured lights but didn't realise that they were in fact colour CHANGING lights! As we looked it was like a magical garden as one by one these lights along, with other sets, lit up. We were like a couple of kids trying to be the first to notice a new light appearing.
      Soon the garden was twinkling prettily in the twilight. We were pleased with our new solar lights and our garden.

      All the lights worked and gave a bright light, I thought, and they all changed colour.

      I'm not sure for how long they glowed but I have made sure that they have lit since being set up. It is difficult to judge for how long they light and how brightly, I believe, with solar powered garden lights as on a bright day the performance will be better than on one which has been overcast; they charge better on a bright sunny day.


      PRICE: £9.99 from Poundstretcher


      The box contained nine solar powered multi-coloured crystal lights. The lantern part is clear plastic with the hood being of black plastic. The solar pad/panel is situated on the top of each hood/cover. The stem is also of black plastic and there is a spike which push fits into the tube/stem so that it can be fitted easily into the soil.

      The bulbs are LED.

      The lights are weather resistant but I would think that heavy rain might eventually find its way into the lantern part.

      The lights automatically come on in the evening as the sun begins to set.

      Each light has a rechargeable battery (AA 1.2v 600mAh Ni-MH) situated in its lid. This is included.

      Setting up these bulbs is very quick and simple only taking a matter of minutes to fit the parts together. Fitting them into the ground was simple for my husband as he had already dug over the soil but of course how long this task takes is dependent on how hard the soil is.


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