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Revolution BBQ0225 Solar Post Lights

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Brand: Revolution / Type: Solar Post Light

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2012 14:59
      Very helpful



      These solar garden lights provide a comforting evening glow in your garden.

      I had been wanting to buy some solar lights for my back garden for some time and so when I spotted these particular solar lights in a friend's garden one evening as they glowed around the edges of her patio area, I asked her where she had bought them and what she thought of them.
      My friend informed me she had purchased her solar lights from Amazon and at the time of purchasing they were on offer at a reduced price and this was the reason she chose these particular lights from the selection available. She reported that she was happy with them overall, although she had experienced a problem with one of them not working. However, she told me that this was something her neighbours said had happened to them with their lights too, which were completely different from my friend's lights. She said she was happy enough with the three that worked and happy enough with the price paid and had simply been too lazy to return the one which wasn't working.

      I did like the look of these lights despite my friend having one which did not work and decided to purchase some as they were available on Amazon at £9.99 for four lights instead of the RRP of £16.99.
      I thought four would be enough for me anyway, just to place in the corners of my patio area and ordered a set. I did promise myself, however, that if any were faulty I would be sending them back.

      These Revolution BBQ0225 Solar Post Lights are stainless steel and acrylic with monocrystalline solar panel and on/off switches. They are described as being ideal for creating a decorative glow and also for highlighting particular features in your garden or to light up pathways.

      When my lights arrived I thought they looked very stylish and just what I wanted, but I was also surprised at how lightweight they were. I was expecting them to be heavier than they actually are and to be honest they did give off the impression to me that they would be heavy, until I actually came to pick them up. Although they were surprisingly light, they still appeared to be of reasonable quality and I didn't think they were cheap-looking.

      The lights were also incredibly easy to place in my garden. I simply stuck one in the soil in each corner of the area I wanted them to be placed.
      The solar panels on two of these lights were directly in the path of the sun on the sunny day when I first placed them in my garden and the other two lights were in the shade, but I hoped as the day went on and the sun moved around then it would be shining on the other two. Unfortunately this did not happen and one of the lights was in the shade all day thanks to some conifers my neighbour has, which are growing tall and blocking the sun from some of my south-facing back garden. I used to enjoy the sunshine all day long in my garden but these trees are gradually blocking the sun from one side which I am not really happy about. Therefore, I wondered if all my lights would work that evening.

      Sure enough come the evening time, I noticed one of the lights begin to glow and this was followed shortly after by another. Twenty minutes later another light came on, but the final one, the one which had sat in the shade all day, did not. I did move them around the next day, swapping two of the lights over just to check they were all working and indeed doing this proved all the lights were actually in good working order, but they needed to receive some direct sunlight during the day, as the one in the shade never glowed at night.
      I ended up having to move the solar light that was in the shade to another part of the garden where it would receive some sunlight. Once I did this I have found they have all been working fine ever since.

      The lights themselves I am quite impressed with as they give off a bright white-blue colour LED glow which actually illuminates more than I thought they would. I can see these glowing away providing a comforting glow around the patio when I am sitting in the house looking out through my patio doors. In the warmer weather it is nice to sit out on the patio for a while on an evening and the glow from these lights adds to my enjoyment of sitting there. I also think they would look nice if placed along my pathway down the garden to light up the path and so I am thinking of ordering some more from Amazon as they are still priced at £9.99 for four.

      Overall, I cannot fault these solar lights. Despite being lightweight they sit firmly in the soil and have never blown over in strong winds. They look sleek and stylish and provide good illumination for a few hours each evening as long as they have received some direct sunlight to re-charge them during the day and so I am happy to recommend them.


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