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Draper 30 Metre Garden Hose Reel Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Draper / Type: Hoses & Reels

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2013 18:31
      Very helpful
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      a great handy hose

      Our last hose needed throwing away as it had a couple of holes in that we only discovered when we realised the hose was acting more like a sprinkler than a hose pipe! We bought a draper replacement as it is a heavy duty well known brand name and it was priced really well. The hose is perfect for a medium sized garden as it is 30m long and it hard wearing and good quality.

      ==Price and availability==

      I bought the 30m draper hose and spray gun which came with a reel, I find the reel a helpful way of keeping the hose tidy. The whole kit cost me £29.99 which I thought was a really, really good price. You can buy this online or at garden centres; we bought it from a local cheap garden/ household store in the town centre where we live.


      This is a hard wearing, good thick hose. As we have to drag it across stone slabs before we reach the grass, we are wary that the friction could damage the rubber so we need to make sure that the hoses we buy are thick but on the same token, we need to make sure that it is flexible. This hose measures 30 and it is 1.2 cm in diameter with a minimum wall thickness of 2mm.

      The hose is stored on a plastic and metal frame with a winding handle to keep it tidy. The roller moves easily and the stand is good quality. Supplied with the kit are connectors for the tap so that you can hitch it up and you are ready to do. You can use the hose without a spray head but if you want one then a draper 5 spray pattern good is also supplied. This fits without any leaks and forms a tight seal. The spray gun has a plastic head and frame but overall the structure is quite cheap and not very well built, it lets the overall quality down. The trigger is uncomfortable to hold and it does not fit comfortably in your hand as it is slightly too big. The patterns are easy to use and you just need to turn the head, the patterns are flat, jet, shower, mist and soaker. This really just means that sometimes the water comes out finely, sometimes in bigger particles but the overall power used is the same.

      The whole package, despite the niggles with the head is really good quality and the price is good. The thick tube on the hose makes it very good for different garden surfaces.

      ==My experiences==

      So much to our excitement, we have managed to use this quite a lot so far this year. We have kept on top of our plants and used the various gun patterns to water our plants. The more delicate the plants are the lighter I have the mist but I am careful about when I do the watering as I do not want to burn the leaves. This weekend we had a BBQ and the niece brought over a paddling pool, only small in size but we used the hose to fill it up. The water pressure was good and the pool filled really quickly, we then let the kids play with the hose and they had a water slide which I was very jealous of.

      The spray gun and hose has also been used on the car, there is no pressure behind the gun so you can't really use it as a jet wash but you can use it to rinse off the shampoo without damaging the paintwork. After use and you forget just how much the hosepipe comes in, you can tidy it away quickly. I would have no idea where to store the hose unravelled so it is good that you can store 30m of hose so compactly and within a few minutes it is really tidy again.


      This is great hosepipe and it has many uses which I am getting my monies worth out of in the hot weather. I am particularly enjoying caring for the garden and watering the plants and I am pleased that I can get the hose pipe out with ease and unravel it quickly. I would never leave the hose unravelled as I would be worried that it may get damaged, I am a firm believer in looking after my things to get the best possible lifespan out of them. The good thing is that the hose can be wrapped up quickly and then put away out of sight. The only issues I have are with the gun, it just feels a bit cheap but it has a tight seal and neither the tap connector nor the spray gun has leaked at all and this is obviously very important!


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        04.04.2011 16:01
        Very helpful



        Help keep your garden happy in the event of a British sunny summer, (unless there's a hose pipe ban)

        At the end of last summer I had the misfortune of having to replace my long standing hosepipe, due to the fact that I left it unravelled whilst my dog was happily running wild in the garden. When he came across a strange green thing snaking around the grass he instantly attacked it, god knows what he thought it was but by the time he'd finished doing his 'macho' stuff my lawn was covered in little chewed up pieces of green plastic. So, after cleaning up the mess, I had to go out and get myself a new hose pipe so I could be ready for this summers 'heat wave', (that's a laugh isn't it).

        During my shopping trip, which didn't take me far from home, I noticed a sale on in my local DIY store so I checked out the gardening department and came across a hose and a reel, including a hose head with several different settings.
        What really swung it for me was not just the price but the fact that this particular hose pipe kit was from a well known brand called Draper.

        This hose reel kit comes boxed in a 'flat pack' sort of way, meaning you have to put it together yourself, but the easy to understand instructions make this no real problem at all.


        * 30 metres of hose
        * 1.5 metre tap connection hose
        * spray gun
        * 3 tubular metal frame supports
        * 2 frame side plates
        * 2 reel spool ends
        * 1 handle
        * 1 flow through angled hose axle
        * ½ inch hose connector
        * ½ inch water stop connector

        If all those pieces are there then you just follow the instructions on the leaflet and you should soon have a hosepipe which can be wound around a sturdy plastic drum for easy storage.


        This is a matter of following the instructions, with reel casing itself snapping into place and the hose pipe, (the 30 metre section) then being wound home by attaching the connector to the angled connector on the reel and turning the handle until the entire hose is wound up.
        Having to assemble a hose pipe reel kit can seem a little daunting, and maybe a little off putting, but once it's done it's done.

        ** MY OPINION...

        The actual hose reel itself, when constructed, is a tubular steel framed unit, which is both light weight, being around 6 KG and strong, giving the impression that it will last you a few years. The actual 'spindle, the centre part which the hose winds around, is made of a solid feeling plastic, the handle with which helps you wind the hose onto the 'spindle' is made of the same material, and as the grip of the handle rotates you can wind the hose into the unit in seconds without having to let go of the handle once.

        I do remember that when I first got this home and put it together it did leak a little from the connectors, making the water pressure drop slightly, although, after a complete strip down and re-assemble using 'plumbers tape' the leaks were stopped and the water pressure was back to normal.
        As for the hose head which comes in this package, it has a firm plastic grip with a very easy to rotate function control at the front, but sadly it is not very good in itself. Don't get me wrong, it was alright for watering plants with the shower option, but turn it to the jet option and you're feet may get more of a soaking than the garden. But again, this was not too much of a problem as I just connected my old hose head to it, as they are a standard fit, and away we went.

        The hose connectors are all 'snap-on' and have a one way water system fitted as standard, this means that you can disconnect the hose head and the water flow will be stopped by a remarkable little 'plug' that slides into place through the process of internal water pressure.
        It's not a flat hope pipe, one of those that squeezes the water out when you wind it in, nor is it a coil one, and it's not the type that can be easily bolted to your outside wall, so it does take up a little bit of space in the shed.

        As for the price, well, it sells for around £35.00 in many retailers, But I bought mine on a sale at the end of last summer and paid just under £15.00 for it

        Would I have paid the full £35.00 for it?
        No, due to the fact that the hose head is about as useful as a broken water pistol, the connectors don't grip the hose tightly enough without using 'plumbers tape' and you have to put the entire thing together from scratch.

        But, if like me, you can get this at a lower price, say below the £20.00 region, then it may be worth investing in.

        And for all those people with extra long gardens, wanting more than a 30 metre hose, you can either buy a connector and add a few extra metres of newer hose or take this 30 metre hose off and replace it with a longer hose, the side 'plates' will accommodate a much longer hose without any snagging.


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      • Product Details

        "The Draper 30 Metre Garden Hose Reel Set has a tubular steel frame with tough plastic drum with wind-up handle. Flow through design with 1/2"" hose connector. Supplied complete with 30M of 12mm hose and five pattern spray gun."

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