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Hozelock Vortex 2-n-1 Sprinkler

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Brand: Hozelock / Type: Sprinklers / Sprayers

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2011 21:57
      Very helpful



      Water water everywhere... which is good for your dry garden

      I've been doing a few things around my garden over the passed few weeks, mainly due to the lovely weather we have been having, which no doubt won't last much longer.
      Anyway, during the sorting out of my garden I noticed that my usual sprinkler system, which probably dates back to biblical times, had rusted up so much it no longer worked as it should do, more spluttering than sprinkling.
      As I like to make sure my garden lawn gets a good watering without me having to wonder around it with a hose pipe, I decided to replace my now broke sprinkler with a brand new one.
      The only trouble was, due to the fact that there are several sprinkler systems on the market, which one should I choose.

      So, after a quick look around the internet, a bit of a walk around the nearby DIY stores and my local shops, I finally came across on a rather 'funky' little yellow number which would look quite nice in my garden.
      The particular sprinkler I had found was the Hozelock Vortex 2'n1 Lawn Sprinkler, and considering that I had used Hozelock products before I felt that this sprinkler system should last the distance.

      ** WHAT IS IT..?

      It's simply a small helicopter shaped device which spins around using the power of water pressure and sprays your garden lawn with a regular supply of fresh (ish) water.

      ** SETTING IT UP...

      This is a breeze, you just place this in the centre of where you want to water, attach your garden hose into the 'click-on' part of the sprinkler and turn on the tap, standing well clear unless you want a good soaking.
      Then you select one of the two sprinkler options, them being a Jet and a Mist.


      It has four 'arms' with each spray methods using two arms to spray the water around the garden.
      The 'head' is positioned onto two 'legs', if you can call them that. To me they look like the landing 'skids'/ 'runners' on a helicopter, you know, the things that hit the ground first. In fact, this entire sprinkler resembles the front end of a helicopter. I wonder if this was intentional?.

      ** HOW DOES IT WORK..?

      It uses the power of water pressure to turn the rotational arm and spray the water around your garden.
      As I said, it has two forms of spray, these are a jet, which simply sprays water from the device with a bit of force, giving a good 18 meter in diameter coverage, so do make sure your gardens not a window box or you'll make your neighbours a little angry. The jets of water come out of four tiny holes in each of the two heads and you can adjust the actual spray heads to make sure you get your water exactly where you want it and not over your neighbours patio.
      Then there's the second method which is a more gentle 'mist' spray, this is ideal for watering such things as your precious plants.
      To change the choice of spray options is as easy as turning the small, 'Easy grip' button on the top.

      There's no need for any other form of power, just the force of H2O as the pressure of the water flowing into this sprinkler forces the 'paddles' under the arms to turn, thus the arms then rotate as the water sprays out, either in a jet steam or a mist spray.

      ** MY OPINION...

      I've been using this for a while now, even during the 'not so hot' days, just to see how it works and how good it acts as a sprinkler.
      After a few minutes of use I had found the perfect position for it in my garden and had set the spray heads so that the water was aiming at my garden and not over the fence into my neighbours.

      The spray methods are quite good indeed, with the 'jet' spray giving a good spraying scope around the lawn, again this is easily adjusted by moving the spray heads. The jet is not the type to blast anything in its way, it's not a pressure washer, but it is powerful enough to cover your average size garden.
      As for the 'mist' spray, this one is a lot more gentle, as the name mist suggests. I mainly use this one nearer my flower beds so that they are gently watered, thus eliminating any damaged flower heads.

      It's not the sort of garden sprinkler that will stand out in your garden due to it being approximately 175mm in diameter around the stands, so it doesn't stand out too much on the green grass, even if it is made of a bright yellow plastic.

      As for the price, well, it sells for around £15.00 at most stores, this doesn't include the cost of the hosepipe itself, but for £15.00 you can keep your lawn and flower beds nice and moist without the hassle of having to wonder around your garden with a hose in tow.
      Simply plug your hose into the connector of this sprinkler, twist the red knob on the top to set the spray choice and turn on the tap...
      Then let the power of H2O do the rest.

      And as it is made from a high quality plastic it should last quite some time without the fear of rusting away.


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    • Product Details

      Four Arm Rotating Sprinkler Operates Either As A Jet Spray For Watering Turf And Established Plants Or A Mist Spray For Watering Delicate Plants Or Seedlings - Turning The Easy Grip Knob Changes The Spray Mode - Max Area Coverage 254 Square Metres (Max Diameter 18 Metres) - Mounted On Sled Base To Suit All Surfaces

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