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Hozelock Multi Spray Pro Gun

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hozelock / Type: Spray Gun

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    3 Reviews
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      23.03.2015 11:50
      Very helpful



      The only hose head you will ever need. Great product at a great price.

      I really wish I had bought one of these years ago. It's one of those gadgets that does dos many different things that it really becomes indespensable with time.

      At its most basic it resembles a "phasers on stun, Mr. Spock" type of gun. The hose attachment is at the base of the handle and fits almost all socket adapters with a simple click. The handle is ridged for secure grip and is comfortable to hold.

      This gun comes with a handy flow stop attachment: simply slip the red ring up or down at the top of the handle to stop the water flow. Over time, this could lay for itself by the saving on water not being wasted as you go to turn the tap off or move around the garden. The ring trigger also locks to keep the flow open so there is no need to keep gripping as you water.

      There are five essential settings on this model, they are utilised by slipping the spray end around until it clicks into position:

      1. Power Jet: sends a blast of water through the hose for cleaning mud off cars, hosing down patios or jetting everything from the roof of the greenhouse to the gutters.

      2. Spray Fan: sprays a gentle wave of water in a fan shape for rinsing off the car, damping down large areas for planting up or hosing off concrete for setting.

      3. Fast Fill: essentially acts just like the outdoor tap. Ideal for topping up water butts, chicken drinkers and watering cans

      4. Mist: sends a very fine spray of tiny droplets designed to water delicate seedlings without damaging them. Useful for cooling dogs and children off on hot days, too :)

      5. Rose Spray: the setting I use the most for watering plants once they are more mature or established. It's also great for giving new grass seed a daily soak without dislodging it.

      Quite simply, for the £25.99 I paid for this last summer, I wouldn't be without it.


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      09.09.2013 22:45
      Very helpful



      A fantastic little tool to help you with outdoor watering tasks

      First of all, let me say, what a fantastic piece of kit this is. Anyone who is keen on gardening, washing their car or anyone who has a garden - HAS to get one of these. They are brilliant and okay, I will admit it - quite amusing to use. Dowsing friends and family in water has never been so fun with seven different settings!

      Okay, let's start with the appearance. The shape is similar to a gun, but you hold it the opposite way round. So where the trigger would be on a gun, is the spray area and where the bottom of the gun is, the nozzle is on the hose - if you get what I mean. The bottom of the device fits snugly onto the end of your hose and you push the big grey trigger to squirt your car/plants/grass to your heart's content. It is really easy to fit to the hose, you firmly press down so it fits and you will hear a little click noise when it's attatched. Getting it off again is another matter, but I like to think of it as - why would you want to?

      Now let me take you through the different settings - I'm sure they have proper names but I don't know what they are so I will give you a rundown on what each feature does in the best way I can explain.

      1. Tap icon - the tap icon is just like, well - a tap. It's like not having a hose at all and the water freely flows quite heavily downward. I would suggest this is better for watering a lawn or a tree or quite a big plant. I think a rose bush or flower bed would require a slightly softer flow of water, and this certaintly isn't the setting for washing cars as it doesn't cover a wide area and is quite a heavy, hard flow of water.

      2. Multiple spray - this shoots spray outward in vaguely the same area, but not in one solid flow. The spray is much lighter than the tap icon and would be more suitable for smaller plants.

      3. Wide spray - this is a favourite of mine. It covers a BIG area and when held upward when spraying it looks like a fan shape. It delivers a thin, wide area of spray with no gaps, much like a fan. You often see these sprinkling golf courses and this would be perfect if you have a large area of plants or lawn to water or to lightly wash a big car. It's quite multi-purpose.

      4. Cloud icon - this delivers a light mist. The closest thing I can compare this to is in Florida, on a hot day the theme parks often deliver a mist of water to cool you down. This is like these and delivers a pleasant light spray that you could walk through to cool down. I think it's proper use is for small plants and flower beds which only need a light watering. Or perhaps you just want to keep cool on a hot day!

      5. Thicker version of multiple spray - this is a thicker, heavier version of the second setting, probably not great for cars and more suited to bigger plants.

      6. Sun's rays - this is a wide thicker spray area, and unlike the wide spray (no. 3) it's water spray is broken much like a sun's rays. This is good for washing cars and also when you want to cover a large area. In a lot of respects it is much like the Wide spray.

      7. Brick wall icon - this gives a powerful, thicker, faster water spray. I would say this reminds me most of a conventional hose without the extended nozzle on, and so can be used on pretty much anything. It does nothing special and has no fancy features on this mode though.

      That should clear things up a bit, hopefully. I'm no Alan Titchmarsh but do like a bit of gardening from time to time, but I must say my car is looking quite neglected at the moment (time for a wash I think!) I really do like this hose attatchment and maybe it's just because I'm easily amused but it is much more fun and easy to water things, and choose specific settings for specific things. I think anyone with a garden should have one of these.

      I've had a look on the B&Q website and you can pick one up for £25.98. This is an updated version to the one I have, I believe as I bought mine a few years ago. Where the new model has chrome, mine has grey plastic but I believe the settings are the same.


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        09.09.2011 18:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Worth every penny

        Everyone that is familiar with my reviews will know how passionate I am about my garden . My Hosepipe had been bought ,the nozzle on it was worse than useless , like a geriatric dribbler ( no offence intended ) but I wanted an attachment with all the bells and whistles to help me with the watering .

        The Hozelock Multi Spray Pro gun wasn't my first choice , at £10.50 + £4.59 postage and packaging I thought it needed to be gold plated to be worth it .

        I couldn't have been more wrong !

        After the package was delivered I was concerned that I had been sent the wrong item .The box it came in was extremely heavy , surely too heavy to just be a hose pipe adapter .

        On opening the box , inside I found the spray attachment for the reel I had purchased earlier in the year .May as well buy everything from the same manufacturer , at least I was guaranteed that it would fit .

        The gun itself is grey and yellow ( Hozelock colours ) with a bright red trigger , which has two functions , the outer part of the sprayer is reminiscent of a shower head with a few extra adaptions .On the back side of the shower head is a grey grip which you turn to the different settings ( all have pictures ) ,of which there are six , Each setting is for a different use.

        1st setting , called Jet can be used for cleaning cars , its a very strong flow , and not one I would recommend for watering plants with .It could prove useful for cleaning patios though .

        2nd setting , called Fast Fill , can be used for filling up buckets or if you are a parent or Grandparent paddling pools for the kiddiewinks .Again not a setting I would necessarily use for watering the plants because of the heavy flow .

        3rd setting , called the Mist setting , is one that should be used on plants , recommended for seedlings , as it does exactly what it says and gives a very fine mist of water .

        4th setting , called gentle watering , again useful for watering plants this setting will give you the same kind of flow as a traditional hose pipe fitting .

        5th setting , called fan spray , is recommended to be used for washing of suds on cars , I am sure that there are many other uses for it , but not one I would use for watering delicate plants .

        The 6th and final setting is called Fan Spray , This is the kind of setting you will see used in garden nurseries across the country , absolutely perfect for making sure your plants are getting the right amount of water , and the setting I now use most frequently .

        The trigger on the gun also has a flow regulator locking system with two different settings you can choose to lock the water flow at either a 40% or 100 % flow, The 40% flow is terrific for the garden .

        My first impressions of this spray gun were that it was very heavy , and I was concerned that it was going to be uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time .I was delighted to be proved wrong , at 611 grams the gun is heavy but the way it has been developed means it is comfortable to hold . It gives me the choice of how much I water and at which setting , as I have mentioned of the six settings personally I would use three of them on a regular basis for my gardening needs.

        Should I ever need to wash a car the first and 5th settings would be beneficial .

        I have to say that as an amateur gardener I am very impressed with this Spray Gun , and would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade an old hose .

        Yes the initial expense could make you think twice before purchasing but the benefits far out weigh the cost . In my opinion Hozelock have made a product that is simple to use and has a myriad of uses , Worth every penny ,this is One Gun I would say I am Pro .


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      • Product Details

        Feature rich multi-action spraygun by Hozelock with five spray patterns and a lockable rear soft touch trigger. Five spray patterns : Powerful jet for cleaning, Fan for rinsing soap off cars, Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans, mist for gently watering seedlings, high definition metal rose for gentle watering Lockable rear soft touch trigger turns water on and off Easy to use flow control saves up to 50% water

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