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Sankey 1043 Twist-it Watering Can

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Brand: Sankey / Type: Watering Cans

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2009 13:38
      Very helpful



      Not just a gimmick

      My newest addition to my gardening products sitting in my shed, and one I'm quite pleased with.

      This is a watering can with a difference, or you could say, a twist. With most watering cans, you can either use them open spouted, that is, you pour gushing water over things, normally washing away half the soil too, or you can screw or push on a sprinkling attachment. The sprinkling attachment will give much more delicate watering but normally gets lost down the back of the freezer or the workbench every winter, which can be infuriating.

      Well, this watering can has both systems built in, so that all you need to do is turn the end of the spout 180 degrees and you get sprinkling or gushing, depending on your preference.

      What's useful is that even the gushing mode is fairly restrained, so it does actually have its uses in the garden (for example, filling up the bird bath or the pond). I have used it fairly intensively over the last few weeks, carting water from my water butts to where it's needed, and I have to say that it is such a simple and yet such a brilliant idea, being able to instantly convert your watering can's output to how you want it. I have found that trying to hurry things up in sprinkle mode can result in unwanted gushing, as the spout opening for gush mode is just above the sprinkle jets. Not a real problem however.

      That's not all though. This watering can also has a very useful handle which will rotate backwards or forwards, meaning that you can maintain a firm grip of the handle even when you're using the last dregs of water. It again is a simple idea but seems to give much more control over where the water goes, at least, in my experience.

      That extra handle is also very useful when the can is full, as it holds 10 litres which equates to 10kg of weight, a fair amount to carry around the garden. That weight feels even more when the can is in use and you're standing there waiting for those hydrangeas to say 'I've had enough'.

      Now you might look at the price, and the features described, and say "that's a bit gimmicky". Well that's exactly what I thought too, but as my local garden centre had sold out of all the other watering cans, I had no choice, and in hindsight I'm glad I did get this one. I paid £30 in the shop, but it is available cheaper online. Sankey have a good reputation for water-related garden products, and this product does seem to have been quite well thought out and designed. Next time you lose your sprinkler attachment you'll perhaps give this one another look!

      I've been using it on and off for about three months now, and it is tough and well-built, no sign of either the handle or the revolving spout suffering any damage.


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      Black 10 Litre

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